Posted by Debra Gates on March 16, 2020
Love from Gordon-Pearson family
Posted by Debra Gates on March 16, 2020
To My cousin Donnie and cousins I've never met,
I wanted and tried to come to Dayton and pay tribute to your sister and mother. Due to circumstances beyond my control I'm only able to pen some thoughts and memories...

I remember my first-cousin {we called her} "Mary Alice" for a brief period of time growing up as children in Mississippi before her parents moved to Dayton. We attended The Church of the Living God Pillar Ground of Truth with our parents .My most memorable time was being together was over 50 years later when she lived not far from me in Atlanta GA for a short time and visited with me at my church. It was like we had just seen each other yesterday,her beautiful smile, dimples and trying to catch up. The next memory was at our aunt Irene (Sis) home going celebration when we both let it be known that we felt like we both "look like her" that brought about laughter when she said "now this is the time for the church to say Amen! I learned she was the armour bearer for our cousin and Bishop JoAnn. Although I can count the number of times we saw each other over a span of 60 years, her report card shows she remained true to the God of her childhood and true to her childhood principles of wise womanhood which we learned from our mothers and women in our lives.
We will miss her but the memories of our early childhood and of her later years will remain a treasure.

We will miss her beautiful,loving,hardworking, enduring soul finally rest in peace!
Love all of you and God will keep and comfort you.

Debra "Dobbie"Dianne Gordon Gates
Alline Pearson Gordon Children.

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