Grand Pap Stan

Shared by Wayne Petro on June 29, 2011

 I don"t remember Pap Newhook, one thing as a child i remember when he passed away was the red ring on his finger. Mom made sure we knew about him and the stories are countless. One was when Pap dressed up long coat & hat and went over to Levan's scared the devil out of Marv's dad they thought he was the Game Warden, back in the day when they would shoot deer out of season. Remember on the oak tree behind the barn there was a set of antlers mom said they were paps. She did tell me about the turkey he shot there out of season.too..Now that she is gone these stories bubble to the top now.

Early deer hunting with mom.

Shared by Wayne Petro on June 11, 2011

Never forgot the morning I was hunting above the house i heard mom yelling to me: there is deer coming up to you get ready i moved a little closer and there they were! Always lookin out for us....

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