Let the memory of Maryann be with us forever
  • 52 years old
  • Born on October 10, 1957 in Rahway, New Jersey, United States.
  • Passed away on October 9, 2010 in Emerald Isle, North Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved sister, Maryann Wyka, who was born on October 10, 1957 and passed away on October 9, 2010. Our lives will never be the same without her. We will remember her and miss her every day, forever and ever and ever.

Posted by Laurie Hasulak on October 10, 2018
Happy Birthday Sis! I miss you sooo much Maryann. I still feel your presence. I love you.
Posted by Tom Kennedy on October 10, 2018
Happy Birthday Maryann!
Posted by Laurie Hasulak on October 9, 2017
Happy 60th birthday tomorrow Maryann! I can hardly believe you've been gone from us for 7 years. We all miss you so much. I love you!
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 9, 2017
My dear Maryann - I can't tell you how often I think about what it would be like if you were still here with us. It makes me so sad that you're not here to see Mark and Ashley get married, to see Adam and Chaya grow up, and to share everything else that life entails. Not fair. I miss you so, so much.
Posted by Laurie Hasulak on October 10, 2016
Happy Birthday Maryann! I miss you sooo much. I know you're looking out for all of us from heaven. I still feel your presence. I love you!
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 10, 2016
Happy 59th birthday, Maryann! Sure hope you're celebrating your final year in your 50's! Do you know how much you're missed? Life would be so different (so much better!) if you were still with us .... how I wish that were true. I love you and miss you.
Posted by Tom Kennedy on October 11, 2015
Happy belated Birthday Maryann:
I know your infectious smile is lighting up heaven. I know it is making me smile thinking of it. I remember how you used to laugh at me because I was so shy and you were anything but. The shyness is pretty much gone but I am sure you could still make me blush. You are very much missed.
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 9, 2015
Happy Birthday Aunt MarMar! You should be celebrating turning 58 tomorrow. We miss you so much ... Think about you all the time. We still call the guest bedroom in our house "Aunt MarMar's room" ... hopefully you know all of this because you can watch us from heaven. I would give anything for you to be here with us. Life would be so different if you were.
Love you so much, Maryann.
Posted by Laurie Hasulak on October 9, 2015
Dearest Maryann:
It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. I miss you sooo much dear sister. I know you are with us all in spirit and that we will be reunited again some day. I love you.
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 10, 2013
Happy Birthday, Aunt MarMar! Hard to believe that you'd be 56 today. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Went to a Zumba class -reminded me so much of Jazzercise! Remember that? We used to go to that and laugh our heads off, we had so much fun ! Wish you'd be celebrating Adam & Chaya's birthdays with us too. We all miss you so much. If only you could come back.
Posted by Judy Karas on April 24, 2013
Once again, while walking on the beach, picking up a few shells, my best friend Maryann, was right there with me, in my heart and in every step I took. Tears fell, and I asked why?  We still cannot forget that terrible day... I know she is gone from this earth, but she will always be part of my life, missed and loved.
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 9, 2012
It's so hard not to cry. I miss my sister terribly and wish there was some way to bring her back. I wish she had taken better care of herself so that maybe she would be alive today and enjoying her life. She so richly deserved to be happy and loved ... she never got even close to her fair share of any of that. If you can hear me now, Maryann, please know how much I love you and miss you.
Posted by Kathy Thivierge on November 28, 2011
Miss you so much Maryann...I think of you everyday..something always comes up and my first thought is to share it with you. You are so missed by all your friends and family..love you and miss you....
Posted by Dave Hasulak on November 16, 2011
M.A. was the constant.. I'll never forget when she showed up on my doorstep in WPB having eloped with Mark.. When she told me I immediately turned into our dad..lol... then realized that she had chosen me to tell first... wow what an honor.. the magic of facebook has allowed many of her friends to share memories with me.. I miss her healing presence.
Posted by Darla Geary on October 11, 2011
Maryann was a great friend and I miss her a lot. I was just thinking about her this week because she would have celebrated her birthday on Monday, Oct. 10th. I am sure she is smiling down on us and had one of her best b-days ever!
Posted by Cathleen Peipher on October 9, 2011
Oh God, has it really been a year? The memories of that day have come flooding back like a tidal wave. I look at her picture every day and still can't believe she's gone, that she isn't going to call or send an email. I love you, Maryann. I miss you so much.

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