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Volunteers are the golden sunflowers in the garden of community.

Shared by Mary Anne Jaedicke on May 16, 2021
SEESA Volunteers, we have appreciated every minute of the 700,000 hours of time you have given since 2000.  This is why Volunteer Appreciation is a sacred holiday at SEESA.  Over the years it has been fun trying to please your hearts of gold.

Community for Life

Shared by Mary Anne Jaedicke on May 16, 2021
I miss too many of you to mention, however when it comes to my time at SEESA I would be remiss not to mention Gordon Block.  Gordie and I meshed as soon as we met and he hired me and stood by me with quiet support.  For 6 years we led the team together.  
Leadership: Encouraging a group of which one is a member to get things done and at the same time maintain good relations within the group; organizing activities and seeing that they happen.  That’s Gordon!  Supportive, Reliable, Confident, Grass Roots.  
To this day I see it….
Herb Johnson, Bill Lawrence, John Bannister, Walter Klepachek & Gordon Block sitting around the cafeteria table drinking coffee and dreaming up a building expansion.  A sight to see most mornings, a more practical & knowlegable committee a gal couldn't wish for. Only for adding Phyliss Johnson which we did.  In order to get her say in the plan, Susie kept the coffee flowing.  With Allan Thomas to manage the money, we had Charity of Choice donations from Herb gave a $60,000 legacy gift and memorial donations came on behalf of Bill and Walter.. The crown in the golden crown was Steve and Susie's eager friendliness and influence.  We had the base of an awesome team.  Mix in so many ambitious volunteers, SEESA donors, strong membership, supportive governments(all levels) and a friendly staff.  We had it all.

We have it all!

Shared by Mary Anne Jaedicke on May 16, 2021
As the Fund Development Director on the Community for Life Committee and together with a bunch of wonderful volunteers and donors we raised 3.1 million dollars for a 5733 sq. foot expansion.  Clarke Builders completed our 3 phase renovation in September of 2010. First we added the Ottewell Room, Strathcona Room and Edmonton Room, first aide room(now the Fitness Centre) and a accessible bathroom.  Phase 2 was the expansion of the kitchen and cafeteria; they were both in the area of the kitchen until then.  Phase 3 was the offices and the parking lot.  The ground was broke in August 2009.  We started the Community for Life Campaign in 2008 and successfully obtained funds from 3 levels of government and many donors, mostly SEESA members.

Golden Years

Shared by Mary Anne Jaedicke on May 16, 2021
Since then we have enjoyed our building.  Hosting over 100 programs and events annually.  We have it all...great accessible parking, full commercial kitchen,  gym seats 150-300 with stage, bar, sound and light system including hearing loop. bright cafeteria seating for 100 and smart tv and sound system table clothes all the pretties including china tea cups and wine/champagne flutes.  CHEERS!!!!!

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