Posted by Marlies Wijffels-Vervaet on January 3, 2021
We, Joep and I, met Mary Anne and Alfredo for the first time in 1990.
So we have known her and Alfredo for 30 years. Mary Anne treated us as first cousins (primos), although the family connection goes way back. Meeting her was always fun, lots of laughter but also serious discussions about politics and whatever. She was sincerely interested in our lives. Each visit with The Valencias was an enrichment of our lives. Numerous family reunions at their house, visiting Corbell's winery, walks by the lake, the seaside, in the woods, Christmas together in Florence (Italy), a stay in Yosemite NP are only some of the memories we cherish. We have made a selection from our photo collection. Mary Anne you are one in a million, miss you XX
Posted by Irma Valencia on January 2, 2021
Dear MaryAnne, you were quite a woman! Life dealt you a bunch of lemons (healthwise that is), but you always made lemonade out of them. Your spirit was always ebullient and positive. Your smile and laughter filled the room. You created beautiful art in so many ways, providing loving memories of you and your artistic eye. You loved Alfredo and he loved you; it was always evident even when we were mere kids! The love and devotion you and Alfredo shared and experienced would be the envy of any relationship, let alone one that lasted 51 years. Very few experience that kind of love, even puckering up for a sweet and tender kiss to the end. That love, shared with Lanea and Sabrina, shaped them into the strong, loving, wonderful women they are today. We celebrate you today and always with loving, fun-filled memories. May you rest in peace. 
Posted by Dianne Adams on December 30, 2020
My heart is cracked open with sorrow. Maryanne has been with me on this journey called life from the day of my birth.  I feel unable, at this time, to express how deep my love for my sweet sweet friend has always been.  I will miss her endlessly and for ever more.  Sweet dreams my beautiful sister. 

I always knew this song would be played for one of us - I just prayed it wouldn’t be her.
Posted by Brenda Haas on December 30, 2020
I will never forget this special woman who I met when our daughters were in grade school. MaryAnne & Alfredo always have the best parties and we were always celebrating something :-) After moving back to Sonoma County in 2017, MaryAnne was one of the first friends I reached out to and she welcomed me with open arms. It's as if time stood still and we began again where we had left off. Friendships like that are priceless. We went down to the Women's March in her van with a van load of nasty women. We all dressed up like Rosie the Riveter and had a blast being bad asses. One of my favorite memories is driving around in the van looking at Christmas lights last year with Alftedo at the helm as MaryAnne and I ooo'd and awe'd at the lights with Christmas music blaring....and now she is with the Angels. 
Much Love my dear friend. I hold you in my heart forever. 
Posted by Adriana Torno on December 30, 2020
My heart is broken in hearing the news of my Beautiful Tia Mary Anne passing away. My Tia forever would light up a room with her beautiful smile and laughter. I thank her for all the beautiful memories and long chats we would have through out my childhood years in the 70's into my motherhood years. I will never forget when she let us spend the night back in 1982 and surprised my sister and I to took us to watch E.T the movie.  Growing up I always looked up to my Tia Mary Anne and Tio Alfredo I loved the way they loved each other! Along side of my parents I loved seeing that sparkle in my Tios eyes or how Alfredo would light up when he would tell us a story about my Tia. I'm sending big hugs and lots of love to my Tio Alfredo and my Primas Lanea and Sabrina and fam.  My Tia was always loved...never forgotten...and will be forever missed!  Love you! Adriana
Posted by James Hunt on December 30, 2020
When Mary Anne was born she became the apple of her dads eye. One of his favorite songs was, Mary Anne down by the seaside sifting sand. Even little girls love Mary Anne,,, i love you sissy.

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