A favorite of our Mom's... Chinese Proverb "May you live in interesting times" Let the memory of Marylyn be with us forever
  • 82 years old
  • Born on January 20, 1934 in Canton, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on October 6, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our mom Marylyn Seif, 82, born on January 20, 1934 and passed away on October 6, 2016.  Her brother Frank Stitt has a memorial on this site and we wanted them to be together, here and forever.  Please leave stories, memories, and photos, or just enjoy the fond memories of Marylyn.

Posted by Claudia Lee on 20th January 2018
happy birthday Mom, love and miss you still...................
Posted by Claudia Lee on 7th October 2017
Yesterday was the one year anniversary of moms passing. Spent the day with Joan reminiscing, crying and laughing while walking through the city my mother loved with all her heart. We left reminders of her in places she loved. Happy memories abound!
Posted by Sue Neal on 6th October 2017
Marylyn was my best friend, I relied on her for advice. I miss her every day!
Posted by Claudia Lee on 22nd January 2017
Friday January 20 2017, tonight we celebrated the life of my Mother on what would have been her 83rd birthday. It was all she would have wanted, (minus some friends, and family far away) I am so grateful for stories told, glasses raised and the love and support shown my brother, my self and my family. Time to live our lives as she would have wanted and expected of us. Mom you will always be in my heart and your voice in my head. Love and miss you.
Posted by Claudia Lee on 13th November 2016
This tribute is from Boyd Lee III, Marylyn's son-in-law. Mom (which is what I called Marylyn) and I couldn't have been more different and only agreed when discussing finance, family or when teaming-up against her daughter, Claudia. The later was the trickiest for mom and I to navigate. Even with the differences, there was always a kinship because we were family. And mom was always thinking of family (whether we wanted the attention or not); I know because we received our weekly or monthly care package from mom........usually in the form of magazine and newspaper articles she thought we should read. Marylyn.........Mom, Grandmother, Mother-in-Law, Family, Friend, Wife, Entrepreneur, Chicagoan. You will be missed! Love your son, Boyd.
Posted by Chris Katris on 26th October 2016
I met Marylyn almost twenty years ago when she was a patient at my dental office. We soon became very good friends shorly after that. She would help out at the office many times when an employee needed time off. I will always miss the long conversation we would have about different topics. I found her to be a very beautiful, intelligent,and loyal friend with a good and warm heart. A good example of her warm heart, is her friendship to Eva and her brother Jacob. Two mutual friends of ours. Both had medical issues and Marylyn was always there for them and made sure that they were ok, and visit them often. Her loyalty and dedication to them impressed me greatly and showed me the type of beautiful person she is. I miss her greatly and will always have very nice memories and grateful for her friendship. My she rest in peace and enternal salvation.
Posted by Victoria Angeles on 24th October 2016
My heart feels the pain, I'm so sorry for your loss..I knew Marylyn a short amount of time but she showed to be a beautiful person with lots of wisdom..I met her through Doctor Chris Katris which she worked for many many years...he speaks very highly of her also. May God rest her soul now and may she rest in peace...
Posted by David Zornig on 22nd October 2016
I will forever miss my friend of 20 years, Marylyn Seif. Marylyn and Sue Neal and I met at a DePaul Concert on Marylyn's birthday. We became chums and vowed to get together to celebrate our birthdays and to share good times. I'll forever miss Marylyn's straightforward and self-confident opinions, her intellectual approach to all things -- art, antiques, music, fashion, animal welfare, feminism, politics, the planet! We didn't always agree with each other, but we loved the heated discussions that we shared. I'll forever miss her friendly phone calls and caring ways, her devotion to her family and her friends -- always interested in helping others any way she could. There will forever be a hole in my heart, in my life, with her untimely absence.. Thanx to my son, David, for letting me use his computer to leave this tribute. I am Phyllis Zornig, just one of Marylyn's many many friends.
Posted by Dave Stein on 22nd October 2016
I met Marylyn when she came to visit her brother in Florida. My family adopted him into our family and by default, Marylyn also became family. I would look forward to seeing her when she would come to visit. Marylyn always had a smile and words of wisdom. She was well versed on many subjects and I would enjoy our conversations. I had the utmost respect for such a classy lady. Many times I would go next door to visit Marylyns brother Frank and he would be on the the phone with her. They spoke every day. When he would tell her I was there she always had some kind words to say. Marylyn joined us for a holiday dinner one year and felt honored that she was there. I will truly miss her visits.
Posted by Steven Handwerker on 21st October 2016
I only knew Marilyn for a handful of years through my cousin, Steve Handwerker. She was as thoughtful, gracious, friendly, endearing, engaging, and fun as they come. Marilyn always had a story to share and always remembered the goings-on in your life. I always enjoyed our visits and she'll be remembered fondly.
Posted by Joy Dickens on 16th October 2016
Forty-four years ago when I walked into Sample Example, My Friend Marylyn took me under her wing and introduced me to Mickey and Florence and the singles world. What fun and fantastic memories. For the past 6 yrs we have been visiting Eva and then her brother Jacob weekly. The last time was June 5th. After that My Marylyn fought the battle of her life. Rest in peace dear,dear Friend. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart and prayers. Claudia, Boyd, Morgan, Boyd IV, and Mark our deepest sympathy in the loss of your precious Mother& Grandmother. You are in our thoughts. Love, Joy,Craig, Hal, Sue, & Michael
Posted by Ann Bastermajian on 15th October 2016
To the woman I admired so. Beautiful, loving lady that made such an Impression on me. And always made me feel so comfortable and safe In her home. You will never be forgotten
Posted by Jacquie Hunt on 15th October 2016
At this time, I'm unable to find words. Marylyn and I had a trust that was without limits. We told each other stuff that I didn't even tell my shrink! She paid me one of the greatest compliments....that my first name was Loyalty...spelled in all caps and that I was the kind of friend that would help you hide the body and ask questions later...LOL. We had 40 years of love, trust, shared experiences, and she shared her family with me, for which I am forever grateful. We shared our good friends and we loved each other without reservation. We held each other up during bad times and drank champagne when things were good..and sometimes when they were bad.. We shared an apartment for a year and loved every minute of it. I have a hole in my core that will never be filled. I could go on for a book length but can't tell some of the best stories because they were "our secrets". My admiration and love for Claudia is beyond description...she has been on the front line since this mess started and, due to my own illness, I have been doing this long distance, much to my dismay. So much for me being without words.That's all folks. Jacquie
Posted by Boyd Lee on 14th October 2016
Grammy was an inspiration. She pushed everyone to always try their best and I will always take that with me. She spread love and perseverance to everyone she met and I hope one day I will be as amazing a person as she was. I will always love her and cherish all the memories she created.
Posted by Linda Basa on 14th October 2016
Marylyn and I have been friends for more than 20 years. She was an intelligent, caring and a very thoughtful person. She always lived her life to the fullest. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her. When I was feeling down and needed a friend to lean on, she was there for me. Marylyn taught me the value of friendship. She positively influenced my life in so many ways. I will miss her dearly with all my heart. Marylyn, thank you for your friendship. I will never forget all the time we spent together most especially our last New Year's Eve dinner at Monastero's in 2015. May you rest in peace. Gail Rosen
Posted by Morgan Lee on 13th October 2016
This realization of losing a huge part of our family has hit us all harder than ever expected. Grammy was always so wonderfully sassy, loving and brilliant all at the same time. You never felt unloved when she was in your life. The traditions and laughs we shared will never be lost. She always had an input even when you didn't want one and a huge hug and a kiss when you most definitely needed one. Love you forever and ever!
Posted by Dawn Waarich on 13th October 2016
Where do I start, I think we were 15 or 16 when I first met your Mom. Her presence and personality were larger than life, I was instantly in awe and clung to every word she said. She was elegant, sophisticated, strong and so much fun! She made us watch PBS, she served us out of chafing dishes and we ate sitting on the floor, it was a blast! We went to the finest restaurants and met the most interesting people. All of the beautiful people gravitated towards her just wanting to be in her presence. High tea at the Ritz was a highlight, so happy that the tradition continued. She opened my eyes to so much, but mostly to what a woman’s potential could be and should be was most inspiring. It was my 20th birthday when Mom decided we should celebrate. We started at the Pump room and made our way over to the North Star Inn. We were having such a great time celebrating when your Mom leaned over to the next table and told them it was my birthday. How lucky was I to have Harry Caray and Vic Damone sing Happy Birthday to me. It’s one of my most cherished memories that will stay with me forever. Thank you for sharing Marilyn your amazing one of a kind Mom with me. Love you!
Posted by Claudia Lee on 12th October 2016
My Mother passed away Thursday October 6th 2016, Boyd and I were lucky enough to have been with her that afternoon. I was so not prepared for her to go, but know she was so miserable and anxious and obviously ready for herself. I am happy to say she passed peacefully in her sleep, I will miss her terribly, but she will never leave my heart and mind, and everything I am I owe to her. .

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