Let the memory of MaryRose be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on February 15, 1949 .
  • Passed away on May 2, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, MaryRose Dunn 66 years old , born on February 15, 1949 and passed away on May 2, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jerry Johnson on 4th May 2018
Mary, hard to believe its been 3 years already sence you went home to heaven. Things you told us were going to happen just before you passed have and are still comeing true just the way you described them to us! We along with your circle of frends were so blessed to have the privelage of sharing in some small way your life and love. I think of all the good times your haveing with you're mom and dad and loved ones sorry this is late we have been so bussy with work ....just like you said we would..... anyway were thinking of you and wanted to drop a line and say hi, we love you and hope to see you again. Love Jerry & Linda
Posted by Bonnie Williams on 2nd May 2017
We miss and love you forever MaryRose. Love always, Bonnie and TiYahna
Posted by Alexis Vespe on 15th February 2017
HI there i still miss Mary Rose very much and Love her very much she was such an Angel and a Beautiful Woman she was a very special person maybe she will give me messages from Heaven that she is ok and i will be ok this i can't believe it's been 2 Years already where does the time go ? Happy Birthday My Lovely Woman take care always and My Love to you Always You are always in my Heart and Forever more too Sincerely Alexis she helped me out a lot more than you know i hope you know that receiving your Special Love for Me right now .
Posted by Jerry Johnson on 3rd May 2016
Hi MaryRose, This is Jerry and Linda we love and miss you so much! It fills like yesterday we were at your house visiting We keep catching ourselves thinking about what we are going to tell you when we come over for Sunday dinner. Adam is working at the Long Horn just like you told us he would, we are happy in our home and so glad you got to see it before you had to leave. We are so gratefull for the time we had to spend with you and look forward with anticipation to the time we will be reunited. All our love forever your "adopted" children Jerry and Linda.
Posted by Alexis Vespe on 2nd May 2016
Hi i still miss my Mary Rose Wow i can't believe it's been a year already where does the time go my Heart is still heavy for Her i really miss my Very Good Friend she was such and still is a Angel to Me i know for sure she's still with me and guiding me and watching over me and my Life at this time she is still a big influence in my Life and always will be too forever more Mary Rose i wish you were still here with All of Us but you are always in my Heart you maybe gone but never forgotten you have told me thing's that i never knew about me and other thing's and people i needed to know and going into the future Wow you are Awesome i love you for that You will always be my Beautiful Friend take care with all of my Love to you i will see You again someday .
Posted by Ruth Hammontree on 2nd May 2016
My beautiful friend. I believe you are still with me praying and guiding me to be my highest self as you are with all whom you loved. I am so grateful to have known you and to call you friend. You truly enrich my life then and now. Thank you Mary Rose and thank you God.
Posted by Jerry Johnson on 15th February 2016
Happy Birthday to our adopted mother Mary Rose! We miss you and your loving kindness we enjoy your visits when you have time to spend with us you are always in our hearts and prayers. Love always, Jeremiah & Linda Johnson
Posted by Ruth Hammontree on 22nd June 2015
Mary Rose is deeply missed. She was a gifted woman. She helped me through some difficult times and decisions these past 20 years. When I was at my lowest she reached out to me. She suggested I move to Vegas into the home next to hers. I was thinking about it. When I felt alone and abandoned she was always there for me as she was in my joys and triumphs. Mary Rose was thoughtful, kind, generous and beautiful on the inside and the outside. My life is richer for having known her even in her passing over. God Bless you Mary Rose and all those you loved.
Posted by Bonnie Williams on 13th May 2015
My Dearest Mary Rose, I truly believe you are closer to us all - we who love and miss you - than ever before. Your eyes see so much more now that you have crossed into the non physical. We are grateful for your love and the guidance and keep you in our hearts and in our minds as good and loving memories. Thank you for being such a wonderful gift to our lives. <3
Posted by Sandy Vicksta on 13th May 2015
I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Mary Rose's passing. I just visited with her a few weeks ago. She was an amazing and gifted woman. I feel blessed to have known her. She was an angel on Earth and is now one in heaven. All my love, Sandy
Posted by Jerry Johnson on 8th May 2015
I am so heart broken over the passing of Mary Rose she took us in to her life and trusted us to help her every time she moved we would get a call. I thank her so much for allowing us the opportunity of in some small way repaying her kindness. Every time her truck broke down or her washing machine, A/C unit, or house electrical broke down she would call to see if I could come and look at it. I was supposed to be looking at her A/C unit the day she passed and with everything that happened I never got a chance to get it fixed. (You can be sure I'll be there this weekend pulling it apart.) And after every adventure she couldn't wait to see what our cards would say she was just as excited as we were to see what the spirits had to say about us We will miss those visits. But as Artie stated we no longer need an appointment to talk to her she is with us all. Mary Rose was the closest I had to a Mother for the last 17 years and I miss her so I am comforted in the knowledge that she is at peace now. I will always cherish your memory. You adopted children Jerry & Linda.....
Posted by Alexis Vespe on 7th May 2015
Very sad day i just got the news today very confused today very heartbroken and sad beyond all reasoning she was a beautiful woman and friend too may her spirit lead on forever i will always love her and miss terribly it hurts so bad now .Sincerely Alexis not much else to say now i'm in tears .
Posted by Misty Pagel on 5th May 2015
An account has been set up if anyone would like to donate to the cost of the memorial. The website is gofundme.com/MaryRoseMemorial. Anything would be extremely helpful. My mother was amazing and deserves the absolute best!
Posted by Lisa Ahl on 4th May 2015
No words can convey the sadness I feel over your passing. In life we are very lucky if an earthly angel crosses our path. I was one of the lucky few to have you cross my life's path. I know without a doubt in my mind that you were an angel, and if I ever had a doubt, it has just been proven in your passing, and something you've been telling me for the last few months. You would say, "Lisa, it is the new age. Everything must be righted, nothing that doesn't belong can stay anymore." Every time we got together you said this to me. Angels aren't meant to be on earth, and it was time for you to go. It was just as you said, everything had to be righted, and nothing that didn't belong could stay. Even though I know this, it doesn't make losing you any easier. I'll miss your light and positivity. I'll miss sitting on your bed and watching you do your make up. I'll miss the wisdom in your words, and the kindness in your manner. I'll miss lunches at the buffet and sitting at your table with babee begging to play. I'm Just going to miss my friend. My deepest hope is that my friendship gave you even A part of what yours has given me. I love you mary rose Lisa
Posted by Jerry Johnson on 4th May 2015
It is Monday and I'm still trying to process the news of your passing. I am so grateful that I was able to share a small portion of your life and love. In all the visits and times we spent together you had nothing but kindness and love to share. Now that you are back home with the virgin mother Mary I know it's where you belong. Linda and myself have a love for you that is never ending. We wish you well on your new adventure and hope that you will check in on us from time to time as your new duties and responsibility permit. We love you always Jerry & Linda - your adopted children
Posted by Roberta Saulsbury on 4th May 2015
To my sissy, my friend, the person I have shared my whole life with. In the ups and downs, the sadness and tears I will miss you. You have always been there for me and I don't know how I am going to make it without you. I miss you so much now ... there is a big hole in my heart that no one but you can fill. I know you are in heaven and Mom and Dad and all the Angels are around you. I see your bright and shinning light playing in the heaven . You are enjoying the freedom and happiness you never had on earth. My wish for you has always been happiness and love. You have that now. You are missed by so many that you have touched their lives. Mine more than anyone. You were there when I had no one , you were there when no one cared. You are my rock and my Sister. Sissy may you Rest in Peace now . You are loved and missed.
Posted by Misty Pagel on 4th May 2015
Service is Wednesday May 6th at 2pm at desert memorial address is 1111 north las vegas blvd. We are having a gathering afterwards at my mothers house 256 sir phillip st. Please bring a dish to share.
Posted by Misty Pagel on 3rd May 2015
My Mother, my angel, my guardian. You were such an amazingly wonderful women. I will be forever thankful that you are my mom. Taught me how to be a strong and independent women. I love you. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Misty Pagel on 3rd May 2015
Aunt Mary you were amazing I'm so glad that you are part of my family. We will miss you dearly. You will never be forgotten. We love you now and forever may you rest in peace. Your niece Tammie
Posted by Crystal Pagel on 3rd May 2015
Momma you will be missed by many and I'm glad you came into my life but it saddens me that you had to leave so early... Now you get to watch over me on my special day and b in all our heart...
Posted by Misty Pagel on 3rd May 2015
Mary.. I will miss you greatly. You were my best friend and I love you so much. We have been together all our lives and depended on each other growing up. I know you are among the Angels now. My heart is still hurting . I feel as though I have lost an important part of me. Rest in peace and I miss you so much. Your sissy Roberta
Posted by Brittany Hewitt on 3rd May 2015
Mary Rose, I still can't believe you have left us so young. You were always like a mother to me. I have so many memories of spending the weekend at your house and all the fun things you would do for Misty and I. You were an amazing mother and had such a bright soul. I will miss the smile that you always had on. I thank you so much for always being there for me through all of my hard times. I could always call you when I needed to talk and you always answered and gave me advice. I know you are now my guardian angel looking down on me and the girls! I love you! My thoughts and prayers are with your family right now. RIP Mom!!!
Posted by Misty Pagel on 3rd May 2015
Mary, You will forever be such a big part of Sam and I's childhood. The countless memories I have of being at the house for sleepovers, Easter egg hunts, carpools to the skating rink or a school function...my sister and I practically had two sets of parents - our own and Misty's
Posted by Desiree Jimenez on 3rd May 2015
I met Mary Rose in January 2014. During that time, I didn't want to live anymore. She helped turn my life around. I view her as an angel sent to share light and love with many people. You will be missed sweet angel. R.I.P. I love you.
Posted by Claudia Coordes on 2nd May 2015
I am heartbroken over the news the sudden loss of my dear friend Mary Rose today. No words can ease my pain and hold back my tears . I don't know why god called her home and don't understand how such a special woman that gave so much to others and me for 14 years was taken out of the physical world . She was an Angel on earth she gave so much .My heart is filled with sorrow -when someone you Love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure - she truly will be treasured in my heart forever until I see her again . May god have a special place for her in heaven and let her know I miss and love her forever. Mary Rose I will look into the sky to see you shining as a special star upon me . In loving memory your friend Claudia

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