Shared by M C on 8th January 2019

My deepest condolences to Mason’s family, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling, you will all be in my prayers. There is an article on about coping with grief and the hope we can have for the future, I hope it can bring you some comfort.

Shared by Kathy Loonam on 3rd January 2019

I will not pretend to understand how Mason's family must feel. My hope is that one day you may rest your hearts peacefully.. I know Mason is now free from any pain our earthly bodies endure. For a period of time Mason was in my families' life. He was ALWAYS respectful, considerate, kind, funny, and the first to jump in to help with anything. Even when we saw each other over the past few years he always stopped and spoke, he was truly kind, wished my family well. Rest In Peace Mason!! 

Kathy Loona

Shared by Peter Fitzmaurice on 2nd January 2019

Cristy and Travis, it is sickening to think of what your family is enduring. We are so incredibly sorry for the loss of your beloved son.  It has been so long since we've seen you all.  I remember (and will always remember) Mason as a cute little kid filled with life.  Always with a smile, or laughing, or joking.  God be with you all at this time, and some how eventually provide you with the peace and understanding to carry on. As Travis has indicated, it is good to think of Mason's life now, and the wonderful times you all had with him, including the joy he brought you. I posted just a few photos from back when our families spent some time together. Will always remember your son Mason very fondly.  God bless all of you.  We continue to pray for eventual peace.  

-Peter Fitzmaurice         

had the biggest heart

Shared by Lyssa Thompson on 1st January 2019

I remember the first day I met Mason. I was going through a really dark time in my life, we were complete strangers at the time but he rode his bike an hour to my house to comfort me and make sure I was okay. That alone expresses how deeply caring and loving he was for others around him. His presence brought positivity and nothing but good times. Mason was a very goofy guy, he always played pranks on me and never failed to put a big smile on my face. So many memories I will treasure forever❤️ Thankyou Mason for showing me the beauty in life. Your memory will stick with the many you’ve impacted so deeply and intensely

The best man I know

Shared by Luke Howard on 1st January 2019

I remember when my siblings and I were younger I always was mean to mason, but yet there he is playing around with me teaching me wrestling moves. Although I wasn't around him that much he truly was the best guy I've met. Mason was always happy he always made everyone around him so happy. He was a true role model and I always wished that I could be like him because that's the kind of man he was. If I could be half the person he was I'd be a half decent person. 

I love you mason and I know God does as well, I know you'll be in heaven making God just as happy as you've made me.

Big Brother

Shared by Taylor Worthington on 31st December 2018

Mason will always be my big brother. He’s always looked out for me in ways that were small but substantial. He always made sure that I wasn’t scared. I’m afraid of everything, of the seaweed in the ocean, and of snakes in particular. I remember telling Mason that I was nervous to step on the seaweed leading into the beach (we couldn’t have been older than 12) and I remember him giving me a piggyback ride over the seaweed everytime we went into the water. My family had a chicken coop when we were in high school. We had an overly aggressive rooster, and I was TERRIFIED that there would always be snakes in the chicken coop. Mason always made sure to go in first, and go in swinging. It made me feel safe, and it made me know that he loved me. 

I will always miss my brother, and I will always wish that he could have met my son. He would have been the greatest uncle, he was full of light and fun and happiness. I wish there was more I could say. Words don’t feel like enough for a loss so great. All I can say is that it was an honor to be his sister, and it was an honor to be his best friend for the years that I could. I will miss him forever, and my son will always know of his uncle Mason.


Shared by Bailee Schmuker on 31st December 2018

I remember when I first met you. You were walking from the locker rooms to soccer practice with some of the boys and I had tagged along. Later I became best friends with Taylor and I grew to know you so much more and discovered how such a truly amazing person you are. I remember how we would all play on the trampoline and how you were such an amazing big brother to both Taylor and Ella Grace. I was so happy that you had accepted me and I was able to share memories with you and your siblings. You were truly amazing. Your smile lit up rooms. Your laugh was contagious and heartwarming. I truly loved you and I wish that I could tell you. I have so many memories with you. I wish that I could talk about every single one of them. All of us have been so blessed to have a man like you in our lives, Mason. You have touched all of our hearts in different ways.

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