Perhaps my time seemed all too brief. Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your hearts and peace to thee...God wanted me now, He set me free.
  • 35 years old
  • Born on June 26, 1975 in Vernal, Utah, United States.
  • Passed away on March 7, 2011 in Henderson, Nevada, United States.
<p>This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Mathew J Johnson who was born on June 26, 1975 and passed away on March 7, 2011. He is survived by his soul-mate and wife Kimberly Johnson, sons Zachary Johnson and Keaten Kraft, parents Vaughn and Deanne Johnson, brother David Johnson and many who loved him. This website is to honor his life and to share the love we have in our hearts for him. We will remember him forever.</p>
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2017
Happy Earth Birthday my Love. I miss you. Thank you for the sign you are still arou me. Xoxo
Posted by Judy Collins on 26th June 2017
Happy Birthday, Matt Another year has passed, I know Kim thinks about you, for you are her true love now and forever!!! Some day you will be together again ❤️
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th November 2016
Happy Anniversary Babe. Love you heart & soul. Always have, always will. Soulmates for eternity ❤
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2016
I wish you were still here with me to see try & make your birthday special & all about you. This day was & always will be a celebration of your life here, never shared. Love you heart and soul. Miss you. Xo
Posted by Judy Collins on 26th June 2015
Happy Birthday Matt, the big 40! Kim would have been getting together a great big party for you on this earth. Now you two will do all the missed parties together later when you're together again, sorry but that has to be much later. You are thought of from a lot of people Matt, love you, Judy
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2015
You would have been 40 today & we would be having this huge Birthday blowout party to Celebrate it. I know I can get upset because you left me way too soon i still love you heart n soul and miss you deeply. ~until we are together again xoxo ~
Posted by Kim Johnson on 21st June 2015
Happy Fathers Day. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams last night. I promise to look into Texas. ;-) I love & Miss you. xoxo Heart & soul
Posted by Frances Hamada on 26th June 2014
Matthew...I feel like I know you. just wanted to say we are taking good care of your Kim. She adores you so much and has shared many stories with me. By the way no more elevator games....
Posted by Judy Collins on 26th June 2014
Happy birthday Mathew, you are Kim's love which you will be in her heart always . We, loose our love ones but your in our heart forever ! Love you if only for a short while. Your cousin, Judy
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2014
Hard to believe you would have been 39 today. Not a day passes where I don't miss you. I love you .
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2013
Happy Birthday love. How I wish you were here so we could celebrate like we use too. You are my heart and soul. Love you forever my penguin. Xoxo
Posted by Kim Johnson on 6th March 2013
Not getting any easier without you. Miss you more than anyone can fathom. Love you penguin.xoxo
Posted by Kim Johnson on 25th December 2012
Merry Christmas love. This day will never be the same without you. I get through the holiday's by remembering the holidays we shared, the fun traditions we started & the love we shared. Forever in my heart & soul.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th November 2012
Happy Anniversary. I love you heart & soul. Miss you, even when you show me your still watching. Eternal love babe.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 22nd November 2012
Happy Thanksgiving my love. Your heavy on my mind and heart this time of year. So many great memories. Our Anniversary is just days away. Love you throughout eternity.<3
Posted by Keaten Kraft on 26th June 2012
Your still flowing through my thoughts, happy birthday, love you dad.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2012
Happy Birthday babylove. I invision the sky filled with beautiful ballons to celebrate your time here with us. I miss you and love you even more! xoxoxo ~ untill we are reunited~
Posted by Kim Johnson on 17th June 2012
To one of the 2 best dads on earth! Happy Fathers Day. I love you & miss you every minute of the day, but I suspect you already know this. Today is our favorite movie and Ben & Jerrys cheesecake ice-cream in your honor. Love you my Penguin <3
Posted by Kim Johnson on 7th March 2012
I cant believe a year without you has already passed. My heart will never be the same. I would give up everything I have to spend just one more day with you. As we always said, Heart and Soul Forever. You are and always will be the great love of my life, my Soulmate...
Posted by Kim Johnson on 24th December 2011
Merry Christmas my love. Only you would make sure I would know you are still with me. I miss feeling you, hearing you, but you got my attention! I love you.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 4th December 2011
Hi baby love. I know u know the significance of today, I smelt u here. Soulmates 4 ever pook!! Matlover for ever.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th November 2011
Happy Anniversary my love. I miss you very much. Soulmates forever!
Posted by Kim Johnson on 17th October 2011
I know you can hear me everyday when I talk to you. Thank you for the signs that your listening. I miss my best friend. I miss my soulmate, I miss you.
Posted by Brenda Armistead on 26th June 2011
I love and miss you my son. Happy Birthday, may you and Clifford be enjoying peace and happiness in Heaven
Posted by Susie Cloud on 26th June 2011
Happy Birthday Mat!!! Today we celebrate you. Although you have left us in this physical realm; the laughter, the love, the friendship you gave us lives on forever in our hearts. Toksha Friend...
Posted by Brittaney Chavez on 26th June 2011
Uncle Matt I had some jack n coke and it was quite interesting. Very particular taste. I kept making faces I hope you enjoyed watching me suffer cause I did complete the whole glass just for you!! Happy Birthday Uncle Matt.
Posted by Sheri Gordon on 26th June 2011
Dear Mathew: Happy Birthday~! Wishing you were here to spend it with Kim, Zack and your friends! But knowing you are looking down with God and knowing how much you are missed. Please let Kim feel your presence today if only for a minute.
Posted by Kim Johnson on 26th June 2011
Happy Birthday Baby Love, My heart and soul is forever yours. I Love you.
Posted by Jim Sanders on 1st May 2011
I feel so sad to lose a good friend. I use to live next door to Mat and I'm still in shock he is gone. I can't imagine how his wife and kids feel. Kim, if you need anything call me. Rest in peace my friend.

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