The Loving Son

I am leaving this chapter of Mathews life open for his parernts to share their love and stories. I can not speak on their behalf and look forward to posting memories and love they have for their son. However; I can share what Mathew shared with me. Mathew always expressed to me he loved his dad and mom very much.


The Hard Worker

Mathew had an admirable work eithic. He began working at the early age of 14. Mat had a strong beleif that a mans charachter was based on how hard he worked.

While he had several jobs as a young man, his career path began when he went to work for Interstate Brands Co. While he started by working the lines, he began crawling the ladder by making it to lead mixer and eventually to a Sales Representative. While Mathew was working full time, he knew he wanted more out of life so he began going to college at the University of Phoenix. He knew that furthering his education would help him achieve his career goals. After working with IBC over 10 years, he knew it was time for him to put the education he aquired to use and further his career.

In 2007 he began his career Journey with Ecolab. From the first interview he had at Ecolab, he knew this was a company he wanted to grow with. He told me he knew they had the oportunities he needed and was excited to find a company that he was going to work hard, grow and eventually retire with. Mathew gained so much more than he ever expected working for Ecolab. He gained new friendships, which was not unheard of because anyone who knows Mat knows he is a funny, yet dependable friend you could always count on. Mathew also gained confidence. His career gave him the oportunity to share his opinion, ideas and knowledge. Mathew loved to help his coworkers and clients. Most importantly, his career gave him respect. Ecolab is the type of company that shows how much they value thier employees, that alone gave Mat more ambition to do his best and achieve his goals. One of Mat's proudest days was when he was offered a promotion as a Teritory Sales Manager. He loved it so much that each evening before bed, he would take his time to select which shirt and tie to wear so that I could have it pressed and prepared by morning for him. For Mathew, to have a career to wear a tie everyday was an acheivement. He felt that ties represent respect an honor. I must admit he looked his best clean shaved and 'suited up' as he would call it.

All of Mathews hard work had taken its toll on his spine. With three desentigrated disks in his lower spine and two buldging in his neck, he was advised by doctors that they could help him, but at the cost of his job. In order for them to help him would mean that his spine would be fused, he would have limited mobility and would no longer be able to work. Mathew did not consider this an option. His work ethic was so strong that he would rather suffer with pain and working than to not be able to work. Not being able to work was not an option at all to Mat.

Mathews work ethic was one of his many admirable attributes, as any one who knew him would agree.



His wicked sense of humor kept everyone on their toes and laughing, usually after he was walking away with that 'got-em' smile on his face. Always there for his friends, of which he had many, without hesitation. Mat touched the hearts of those who knew him well with trust, loyalty and true friendship. He is and will be forever deeply missed, but his friends are filled with a sense of gratitude for having the chance to have known this incredible man and are honored to have called him friend. There is a piece in all our hearts belonging to him, that no one can ever replace. 

Loving Father

One of the things Mathew shared with me was the first time he held his son Zachary in his arms. Mathew said it was the first time he fell in love with another soul unconditionally. Mathew was a proud father of Zachary. He wanted to show Zachary by example instead of the ' do as I say, not as I do attiude'. Mathew cherrished the times he got to bring Zachary to work with him. Not only to show Zachary that hard work pays off but it allowed Mathew to introduce coworkers and clients to his son whome he was very poud of. Mathew was the type of dad that spent his evenings helping with homework and when it was time for fun,Mat would be the first to 'bend' a few rules. Rules like playing ball in the house,or watergun battles, even if it risked breaking a lamp or having wet floors. Mathew focused on teaching Zachary that speaking the truth instead of lies makes you a better person, choosing to love instead of hate will bring you happiness. The health and well being of his son was always his first priority.

As a stepfather to Keaten, that started with several challenges as any stepparenting would be when the child who comes into your life is a young teenager. Like any good parernt would do, Mat stood his ground but always made it clear that he would aways be there for Keaten. As Keaten grew into a young man, he realzed Mat was always here for him, keeping his word. They began building thier relationship, a bond that grew stronger everyday. Mathew took time to talk to him about matters a father teaches his son like work ethic, fixing a car and girls. There was a time Keaten left a heart felt note to Mat and had called him dad. Mathew was so touched, he posted the note on his desk wall, like any proud parent would do. Their bond became one of a father and son. 

Dad, For being such a fine example of what it takes to be a good man...Thank you

Husband, Lover, Friend

 I feel so fortunate to have met my soulmate, Mathew. We met August of 2004 and we both knew the moment our eyes locked that there was something we have never felt before. A feeling so powerful it couldnt be ignored. Eight days later Mat had confessed he was in love with me. I have never forgot that moment and never will, because I knew, I was completely in love with him. I had never felt so in love with anyone before him. On December 15, 2004 he suprised me on bended knee for my hand in marriage, without hesitation I said yes knowing he was/is the one and only love that I want to spend the rest of my life with. We married on November 26, 2005.

He was a very passionate loving husband that made sure there wasnt a day that went by where he didnt show his love for me. Whether it was leaving me love notes, bringing me home chocolate, not because I asked but because he knew I had a bad day, or by just wrapping his arms around me and running his hands through my hair. Mat always made sure he showed me he loved me not just by saying the words. Like any marriage, we had challenging times, but we took on every challenge together and never questioned our love for each other. We were not only husband and wife and lovers, we were best friends. Friends and family who knew us, knew us as one. Some questioned if we were ever going to grow out of the 'honeymoon' phase while others knew thats just how we were together and always would be.

My heart has been shattered by the fact I dont get to wake every morning by his beautiful smile and his tender touch. There will never be a love in my life as great and beautiful as the love we shared together, but my soul knows that one day, I will be with my soulmate again. Until then, I will miss him more than anyone will ever know.