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My Angel In Heaven

Shared by peggy stout on November 22, 2011

Matt,today has been 2yrs since you left us.I never got to say goodbye no farewell words were spoken.I feel like I'm still dieing inside.I miss the way you laughed.The smell of your room and you.Forever Missed my Son.I LOVE YOU<3

My son Matthew R. Cross

Shared by peggy stout on May 3, 2010

Matt,was killed car wreck November 22,2009 by one of his friends brother.He was speeding lost control car rolled several times Matt was ejected out 75ft.That day I lost my son and very best friend.Matt changed his life he was gone to graduate this month.He missed his Prom.All his plans with his friends.He was my life.He loved his family niece's and nephew's he was so proud of them.November30th,2009 his sister had a baby Matt wanted her to name the baby after him.She named him Matthew Robert Hyde he would have been so proud.He had a lot of friends witch he loved.He loved playing Basket Ball,Riding his 4-wheeler.My son was amazing boy he was loved by a lot of people. We all miss him so much.He is with his heavenly father.Gods will i'll see you again. LOVE YOU SON

Me and my little brother

Shared by christy miller on May 3, 2010

 Matt was the most cutest little thing when he was born, i had the honor of taking care of him when he was born so, i got some experience early for when i had my own kids.. He was a blessing to me i thought of him as if he was my own. He grew up, sure he was a pain sometimes he had a rough life, he got his act together, then on that awful day in November he was taken from us and i'll never will forget him all i have is wonderful memories that i'll cherish until i meet up with him again.. I Love u baby brother always!!

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