Posted by peggy stout on November 22, 2020
Today makes 11 years since I last saw you where did time go ? But yet again it seems like yesterday.. I always wonder what you would be doing if you where here what you would look like. I miss you so much. Everything has changed so much with this virus going on here. I know Heaven is wonderful with Jesus and all your family that joined you. Hope to see you one day until than tell everyone I love them and Jesus I said I thank Him for you that you where a great son I Love you both <3
Posted by peggy stout on September 6, 2019
Hi, Matt it's been a long time since I posted on here I miss you more today than the last time I wrote. Your friend Joey Frye was killed he is with you now we all miss you so much everyone is growing up Peanut is 15 now you know because you keep a watch over us all I see your little signs..I Love You so Much Matt see one day <3
Posted by whitney carpenter on November 22, 2016
I can't believe it's been 7 years without you. I still miss you more than you could ever know. Thank you for bringing so much life into me I'll never forget it. I love you!
Posted by Anna McCloy on April 7, 2013
It's been forever since I've been on here, but I'm always thinking of you. Had Isaacs birthday party today me and your mom were playing and I thought of old times when we used to do the same. I can't express how much I miss you. Always in my heart. I love you.
Posted by sharman martinez on April 7, 2013
It's been 3 years, and I will still never forget the excitement and craziness you brought to my life! You had such a great personality and you were definitely sarcastic, lol. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and I still haven't gotten the courage to visit your grave. I miss you so much and I know you're having so much fun!
Posted by peggy stout on April 7, 2013
Matt i went to the cemetery to visit your grave today.Put some solar light they change color.3yrs have come and gone i can still see you face that day before I left never realized that would be the last time I"d
see you.Never thought I would miss someone so much as I miss and Love you.  <3
Posted by peggy stout on March 20, 2012
Matt,I miss and love you so much.You will always be in my heart forever.We were best friends.And a very loving son.I was so proud to be your mom.You had respect for all the people in your life and loved with all your Heart.All your friends still talk of you and love you so much.Just remember I thing when the day comes when God calls me home I want to see you bis smile.I LOVE YOU,Matt
Posted by christy miller on November 22, 2011
Matt, today is 2 years since you left our lives, i want you to know your always in my heart i miss you so much and i will till we meet again, I Love You Bub!!
Posted by Heather Miller on May 26, 2010
I light this candle in memory of the best brother in the world Matthew Ryan Cross
Posted by peggy stout on May 23, 2010
To my bright and shinning star I LOVE AND MISS YOU,I will see you again one day until then keep on shinning in heaven SON you were my life.(MOM)
Posted by whitney carpenter on May 22, 2010
In loving memory of Matthew Cross, you were the best friend I could have ever asked for and I miss you more and more each day. you will never be forgotten I love you
Posted by christy miller on May 20, 2010
Matt i miss u soooo much it's killing me your all i think about everyday, life isn't the same anymore without u in it, I wish u could be here with the ones who love u.. I'll see u again one day..I LOV
Posted by peggy stout on May 11, 2010
Matt,no words can explain how much I miss and Love you this turned my world up side down the day you passed away.You are my shining star.I LOVE YOU,BABY
Posted by christy miller on May 9, 2010
I light this candle for u Matt. It's Mothers Day and Mom misses u so much we all do, i got her a nice gift it made her cry i felt so bad.I wish u were here to celebrate with us.. I love u buddy!!!
Posted by Jordan Cole on May 9, 2010
Matt I miss you so much. I carry your picture with me everyday at school. I love you buddy. I love out little convo's we used to have at my grandmas.
Posted by courtney halpenny on May 7, 2010
hey buddy just wanted to remind u ur in my mind everyday because everytime i look at my wall in my room i see ur picture ur mom gave me after u passed love ya and 1 day we will meet again, Courtney H.
Posted by sherry rector on May 7, 2010
matthew what can i say i miss you and i know my children miss you too i know we will meet you again someday love sherry, jeremy, and courtney
Posted by melodie manganello on May 7, 2010
"In Loving Memory of Matt Cross" I remember when you were a small boy so cute! Please let your mom know that you are with her always...she misses you like crazy!!
Posted by peggy berry on May 7, 2010
Posted by peggy stout on May 5, 2010
Posted by marissa syarkey on May 5, 2010
i didnt know matt all that well but i know how hard it is to lose someone so special i just want the family to know that they are always in my thoughts and prayers and one day youll see him again
Posted by Anna McCloy on May 4, 2010
Matt we all miss you so much your big smile and your big bright eyes. It so hard to believe your gone. Never to hear your laughter again. I know I'll see you again. We love you so much.
Posted by Becky Varner on May 3, 2010
I light this candle in Memory of Matthew Cross.
Posted by christy miller on May 3, 2010
I light this candle in memory of my little brother whom i miss so much, your always in my heart and mind i love u sooo much!!!
Posted by peggy stout on May 3, 2010
In Loving Memory of my Som Matthew Cross
Matt's Mom gone but not for gotten.I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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