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Until we meet again....

Shared by Brian Wells on January 12, 2021
Oh Matt.... You will be missed by so many people. Your caring soul and smiling face will never be forgotten. Then news of your passing has hit us hard and fighting back the tears has become too tough. I cry for you Matt and cannot get you off my mind. Those left behind will struggle to understand how this could happen. I will continue to focus not on why, but who. Who was Matt Cvetic? These are the things that I remember.... The many drop offs and pickups at Skate City, the numerous PIHA tournaments that brought our families together, the trip to Florida for State Wars, your desire to ride a bull, wanting to be a farmer, letting you drive my car, the many sleepovers you and Tristen had, lake time with your friends and family, keeping score for you guys at adult league at Skate City, your trash collection business, riding dirt bikes at your graduation party. Most of all I remember your hustle, the way you sincerely cared about people and animals, and your smile. Oh, that smile... There were so many good times Matt that we will never be forgotten. You remain at the top of my list. One of the best. Rest in Peace Matt. Love you.
Shared by Matt Harnar on January 9, 2021
I remember playing against Matt in what seemed like every tournament in the springs.  To me, Matt was my arch rival.  Every time we played against him he'd learned some new skill or gotten better at something else and I could just never surpass him.  Despite this however there was always a friendly stick tap or a head nod between us to signify that our rivalry stayed on the rink, that we were friends again when the last horn sounded.   I only once had the privilege of playing on the same team as Matt at the state wars tournament in Fort Wayne.  Not only was that tournament one of my fondest memories of my teenage years but it was also an incredible feeling of relief to finally see Matt Cvetic on my side of the score sheet.  That was the only year that our team made it past the first round of the playoffs and that is no coincidence as Matt's competitive drive and leadership was one of the biggest factors in our success.  I have had, and I always will have, a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for Matt's character and drive.   He will be dearly missed, and never forgotten.

RIP Matthew

Shared by KariKari Wardell on January 8, 2021
I only knew Matthew for a short time through my grandson, Rieley.  What I do know is Matthew was a very good friend and only wanted happiness for everyone around him.  He worked very hard at his job and taught my grandson the value of friendship. He was an old soul.  The first time I met him I thanked him for taking Rieley on at his job.  Little did I know he was younger than Rie.

No one knows why things happen but we have to believe Matthew will be back in some form and will pick up right where he left off in making the world a better place

For all parents out there - Be parents, love your children and hold them tight.  Let them know how much you love and cherish them.

Be kind and give peace a chance.  

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