Let the memory of Matthew be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on June 11, 1972 in Medical Lake, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on July 19, 2012 in Eagle River, Alaska, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Matthew Del Rosso 40 years old , born on June 11, 1972 and passed away on July 19, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 9th November 2018
I miss you.
Posted by James Kurth on 20th July 2017
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 18th June 2017
Happy Father's Day pops. I love you and miss you more than anything. Just know you were the best father and best friend I've ever had
Posted by James Kurth on 31st March 2017
Hey Brother. Just wanted you to know I think about you often. Ran into a guy, Nate (or is it Nick?), that knows you from TKD in Eagle River. We had a heart-warming conversation about you and your family. It felt good to talk about you and have a little laugh. Wasn't it just yesterday we were kicking each other for fun?
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 4th January 2017
Hey dad, it's 2017 crazy right. My New Years resolution is to finally forgive you for leaving. I love you
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 25th December 2016
Hey dad, it's the 5 Christmas with out you and I really just miss you so much. Why'd you have to leave? I miss you and wish I didn't take our last Christmas together for granted. I love you. Merry Christmas.
Posted by Gabriel Perry on 19th October 2016
Well, somehow I've found myself here again. 4 years later, Mr. D, and people still remember your legacy. It's quite evident Tia loved you very much while you were here... Couldn't help but tear up at all those tributes she left for you, as well as many of the other's. What can I even say? You've made an enormous impact in my life, an unforgettable imprint in my mind of your leadership. Always humble, and fully competent. You understood that although attitude isn't everything, it's most important; you portrayed that very well in your everyday life. You weren't burdened by us young'uns (a bit younger at the time, anyways) desiring to talk to you, joke with you, work with you, ask you questions, etc. Your fellowship was always a treasure. You were continually willing to lend a hand, even when it may have been quite inconvenient. I can't forget the story Master T. told about you--upon receiving his phone call requesting help with his car problem in the early morning of winter--immediately heading out the door to go help. You taught me many truths about life that I still hold to today: "Practice doesn't make perfect... Perfect practice makes perfect." "Not being able to become completely perfect just means you can always get better." "Champions are always ready for one more [ready for that extra push, just in case]." When I think of all your kindness, your spirit, and your love for life and people, I always remind myself it's just the tiniest fraction of the love of Jesus... And that's what your experiencing right now... The presence of a perfect, loving, righteous, joy-filled, awesome God. Sometimes I'll tear up when I think of you and I'll ask God about why you had to go so early. Maybe that was His way of passing your baton onto the rest of us. I don't know. There's a lot about death that I don't understand. One thing I know is this: Your legacy will carry on. I sure do miss you. A part of me wants to kick you in the rear whenever I see you again for leaving us all so soon, but I'll probably just end up giving you a big hug. Thank you, Lord, that this man has blessed my life, as well as so many others. May we continue to carry his torch. Rock on, Mr. D. Rock on forever.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 20th July 2016
dad, four years down and a lifetime to go. four years ago today we were standing over your dead body and I thought to myself why. why you. why does my dad have to die. I still do not get why but I don't think I ever will. I'm sorry. I took you for granted while you were alive. I wish I could go back and cherish every moment we had together. to hold on to the last things you said to me, to hold on to the comfort of your hug. all I want right now is to be watching the news with you like we used to and listen to the beat of your heart. to hug you and tell you how much I love you. it hurts knowing I will never be able to see your face or hear your goofy laugh or lame jokes. memories of you seem like a really good dream and then i have to wake up and face the world with out you. i love you dad.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 11th June 2016
Hey dad, it's your birthday. You'd be 44 years old today and we'd probably be camping like normal and I'd probably try to make you a birthday cake in the camper and we'd have a good time as a family, but you're not and it is so hard still. It's been almost four years and I still just can't believe you're gone forever. It just feels so surreal that I used to have you to call dad and you're not here anymore. The memories I have feel like a life time ago and I wish that wasn't all I had I wish you could still be here and comfort me when I'm stressed over something dumb or push me to be a better version of me. I miss you and wish you were still alive so I could say this in person.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 21st July 2015
Hey dad it's been three years since you died and I can honestly say I've never ever ever missed anyone or anything more than I miss you. You were my best friend and I never could imagine growing up with out you. Everyone says it gets easier but honestly it doesn't it just gets more normal. Which is weird I can't believe I can't play the last hit game or jump on your back or just watch a movie laying on your stomach while you sleep. I can't believe all the things I took for granted and wish I could go back in time to relieve the best 12 years of my life. I need my dad here to help raise me and I know you're here but I just wish you could see all my acomplishments and celebrate them with me in person like most dads do. I hope I make you proud in everything I do and I try to live my life like you would have wanted me too. I miss you and I love you so very much.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 19th April 2015
Dad, I miss you so much and more everyday. I miss watching the news after school with you and taking a nap while you watch it and I miss the last hit and playing games and going camping and just knowing that if I messed up you would still love me and be my dad. I still can't believe you're gone. I still ask myself when your coming home for dinner and then have to remind myself that you're not. I wish I had a chance to say bye to you and I wish I had another minuet with you. It's been over 2 years and this hasn't gotten any easier.I miss you so much and I love you.
Posted by Kevin Krumanaker on 19th July 2014
I cannot believe it has been two years. I remember the times we went fishing. Those were great time I will not forget. I was so blessed that you were our wedding. God Bless, my friend. I know you are in a wonderful place and we will be meet again.
Posted by Cheryl Norton on 19th July 2014
My thoughts are with the DelRosso family today. I am sure it is a hard and sad day for everyone. Stay well and strong.
Posted by Kevin Krumanaker on 11th June 2014
Matt, I was just thinking about you and here there is a email about your birthday. You are missed, but yet I have comfort knowing that you are with the Heavenly Father. Happy Birthday my friend.
Posted by Kristi Martin on 11th June 2014
Mr D. We miss you terribly. Your loss is still felt strongly. Trevor still grieves you. Ethan thinks of you first on his birthday. I have tears still as I type this. Wish you were here but know you are in a place much better than we are. Happy birthday. We love and miss you.
Posted by Suzan Del Rosso on 1st April 2014
It's been almost 2 years since Matt's passing and some days I feel invincible and other days I feel quite the opposite. I still find myself looking at the spot where he lay and I can see the scene all over again in my head. I still can't remember conversations I had even months after his passing but I'm sure God does that to protect us. I bought a Bronco for Ty to fix up and drive-something Matt always wanted to do. As I start packing for our move to another home, I'm flooded with memories. The kids are so terrific and I am so overwhelmingly proud of them. We done good, Mattie.
Posted by Melissa Payne on 20th July 2013
Matty, I can't believe it has been a year already. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, mom, and Danny. I know you guys are cheering me on to finally graduate from college!!! I will have my AAHCA in September and my BAHCA two years from now. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and my family. Until we meet again.. I <3 u!
Posted by Cheryl Norton on 20th July 2013
My thoughts are with Matt's family. I think it would be nice if all of Matt's friends and family performed a random act of kindness in his memory and honor. I think he would like that very much. Making the world a little better in Matt's honor, how cool is that?
Posted by Cathy Cazares on 19th July 2013
I cannot believe its been a year since Matt passed. I'm praying Suzan and the kids are doing as we'll as can be expected and Melissa you are wonderful for keeping Matt's spirit alive. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...
Posted by Suzan Del Rosso on 19th July 2013
It's hard to believe that a year has already passed. We miss you and I'm sure we always will. We've made a lot of memories and have shared a lot of laughs. Tyler and Tia are such wonderful kids and I am so thankful that they have such great memories of you. We talk about you all the time and will always love you.
Posted by Tia Del Rosso on 19th July 2013
I can't believe it's been a year. Dad I miss you with all my heart and I know it will get better, it has, but a day doesn't go by where I don't think of you and shed a tear...I miss you so much and not having you here is the hardest thing in my life. I hate the fact that you won't be here when I grow older and I wish you would be. I love you!
Posted by Kristi Martin on 19th July 2013
Mr D... There is so much I could say. We miss you. Your presence. Your laugh. Your infectious personality. You made us better. Some people leave more of a mark than others. You left a big one which leaves us a big hole. I hope you are bouncing like tigger and kiaping wasabis for Jesus. Ethan having his birthday as your passing day will always connect you both. Missed u at nationals.
Posted by Brenda Ursel on 1st August 2012
Suzan, Matt was an amazing man and I am forever grateful of the impact he had on my children . Jess and Jaycen were heartbroken to learn of his passing and Jess remembered him as the one who made TKD fun and always helped her not be nervous during testing. We remember him fondly and miss him greatly. Prayers to you, Tyler and Tia.
Posted by Gabriel Perry on 30th July 2012
Mr. D, I thank God every day that he brought me to TKD, and that I got to know you. I'm thankful for all the things you taught me, and that you became a part of my life. More, I'm glad that you chose to spend time with me, and I've never had a better friend and instructor. I know I'll see you again in heaven; I can take comfort in that. RIP.
Posted by Karen Perry on 25th July 2012
Mr. D, You have blessed our family in the short time we have known you. We will forever be grateful for the impact you have made in our children Laura and Gabriel. You were loved by them beyond all words. You had a gift of teaching and you used your talent well for the glory of the Lord and blessed many, many lives.
Posted by Cheryl Norton on 24th July 2012
I remember when Matthew and Danny were born. While I live on the East Coast, I only saw them a few times but always kept contact with Cathy and Bob through the years and knew about their lives. I am so sorry for the entire family. I will pray for Matthew's family. Matt was a good family man and made his mark in a short time.. Mission accomplished.
Posted by Renee Hammett on 24th July 2012
Mattie- There are no words to say how much I will miss you and what an impact you have made on my life. Your smile, your kiap's, your big bear huggs...no one will ever fill those shoes! Memories of Senior Nationals and TKD...you were an inspiration to us all. We will love your family and keep them in our care. Till we meet again. HDawg
Posted by Steve Hill on 24th July 2012
Matt, my friend for 22 years. I sit here still in shock knowing your no longer here but I have grace in knowing that I did know you. You were a great dad, husband and friend. I'll miss you more than anyone can ever know and promise to not let life slip by anymore as I live in your shadow! I love you brother!!!
Posted by Tyler Del Rosso on 24th July 2012
Dad, I always loved you. You were always there for me. I'm going to miss you more than anything else in the world. I know now that every time that you punished me or pushed me harder than I thought I could go it was only for me. You always were about others and I will mess you a lot. I love you.
Posted by Dongho Kang on 24th July 2012
▶◀ Oh my god! I am facing the news is really true? I can hardly believe it. How did this happen there? This vivid memories with you, but ... Suzan, Tyler, Tia With your family and you will not want to shame the reality is.
Posted by Dongho Kang on 24th July 2012
Matt you are always in the hearts of my family is alive. We pity the heart of the family, Susan and their families will have to understand. Susan! Look forward for your family, keep your head up. I love you all.
Posted by Cornelia Coty on 24th July 2012
Mattie, Working with you in LifeGuard, we all had our ups and downs. At the end of the day you were always there to talk to & or call on for whatever. I will never forget your smile :) We were all family and now a member of our family is gone & will be missed. Say "Hello" to John, Lance and Cameron. My prayers to your family! God Bless Mattie!! You are a Angel in the Sky!
Posted by Machelle Adams on 24th July 2012
Matt, work will never be the same. You were a great friend and co-worker. Whenever I had questions you were always there to answer them. You were a great teacher, wonderful with patients, and a great person who will be missed. Thank you for being there for me when I was concerned about Sam and checking on him to see how he was doing. It meant so much to me. I miss you my friend.
Posted by Suzan Del Rosso on 23rd July 2012
Son, brother, boyfriend, husband, daddy, nurse, instructor, Master D. Lots of titles but you were always my Superman. It didn't take me long to fall in love with you and know you were the one I was to spend the rest of my life with, raising children and growing old with. We almost made it. Our children are amazing and we adored you so much. You will always be my endless love.
Posted by Cheri Hume on 23rd July 2012
Susan, Tyler, & Tia I am so sorry for your loss. He was an amazing man. Matt was always there for anybody that needed help, support, or just to talk. He will be missed greatly! Matt will always be in my heart, and missed dearly!
Posted by Melissa Payne on 23rd July 2012
This is from Sonny Payne, Matt I will miss you so much, I looked up to you even though we were the same age. I have tried to raise my children the way you raised yours, with love, care, and teaching them how to have fun. I will keep trying to raise my children the way you raised yours in honor of you. Mucktuk Matt I miss you, say hi to mom and danny.
Posted by Allison Babcock on 23rd July 2012
Matt, You were one of my best friends. We grew up together, laughed, cried and got into trouble together...always good times. We spent hours sitting in that big tree by your house in Medical Lake. We also loved to give your Big brother Danny a hard time. I suppose you can do that for the both of us now. You will be missed my friend.
Posted by Cathy Cazares on 22nd July 2012
Matt, may you now be in the loving arms of your mother Kathy and brother Danny and continue to look down on your beautiful sister Melissa and great brother Michael. You were quite an amazing young boy when I met you and your family living on Elmendorf AFB in the early 80's. May god keep your wife and children in his loving arms till you all meet again. You will be missed dearly Matt.
Posted by Cheri Williams on 22nd July 2012
My heart is broken with the loss of this sweet man. I've known Matt since his early teens. Kathy was my best friend for many years and I mourned the loss her and Danny. Now I mourn for Matt. My son, Jason, will never find another buddy that he enjoyed as much as Matt. I pray that Matt is dancing with Kathy and Danny in Heaven. What a sight. LUV U Matt.
Posted by Jeanine & Tom Brauer on 22nd July 2012
Sweet Matt. You were a sweet young boy and grew into an awesome man. You were kind, funny and full of spunk. I know that you love the Lord, and that gives me the joy of knowing that I will see you again in Heaven. I love you! Aunt Jeannie

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