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Shared by tanya hall on June 14, 2021
On December 24th 2017 I didn't know that my life would completely change. Then I met you and instantly fell and you told me you did to. On new years eve was the first time we actually hung out and you sat there and said to me that you don't open up easy and everything you love you pushed away so I respected that. But then you asked me to stay up til midnight to kiss me into the new year of 2018. After that you looked me in my eyes and told me you never ever felt this way about someone in your life even though we just started dating a week or so before that. A few weeks go by and you tried to push me away but I didn't let you. After that you completely opened up to me about your child hood, your past. Everything. And in that moment you looked at me and you said Tanya I love you and I'm not saying this just to say it. You looked me in the eyes and you said I really really love you with all of my heart. And after that we grew more and more each day. I had you move in. Yes we had a few hiccups in the road but you never doubted to tell me how much you loved me or how much you fell for me every single day. You always woke up and told me I was beautiful even if I looked like crap in the morning. When my aunt died you held me close. Closer then anyone has ever held me before. You told me I would be okay that you were right by my side to help me get through this. You Always talked about our family to others. You were Always so happy to come home to what you had. You told me that you finally knew what life was about and that you finally found a girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Every single day I fell more and more in love with you. I was yours no matter what happened. I watched you grow into a wonderful human being who wore his heart on his shoulders. I am so glad that I got to be that light in your life. I'm glad that I could be that girl you were waiting for. ❤ Every time I would send you a ring emoji you would tell me "be carful what you wish for because it will come true". We had a very special thing planned this summer and I know that's where you were going to ask me. As you know I would of said yes a thousand times. You truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me other then our little family that we had. I'm glad I made you happy. I'm glad that we spent the time we did together. I will forever miss you. You were my soul mate there's no doubt about that. No one will ever replace you ever ❤. I hope your looking down on me. I know you want me to be happy but my happiness left me when I lost you. You were my happiness. I love you forever and a day. Zane loves you so so much. Until we meet again ❤ You'll always be in my heart. Rest in peace my beautiful angel MGG

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