Hard Working Man

Shared by Johnny Hermosillo on April 6, 2021
I learned alot about you while we worked together. You motivated me to be a better person all around. From your work ethics to how you handled your personal life. You always made sure everyone else was ok before yourself. That takes a genuine type of person to be that way. And that you were. You showed me that life isn't all bad and things can always get better. Your dedication brought the best out of me every single day I got the pleasure to work with you.  I sit and think about all the fun times you, samuel, and I had while we worked together. Times I'll never forget. I actually felt like we were repairing our friendship from the past. Unfortunately God was ready for you to come home! I know your happy and at peace. That's relieving to know that. Life is full of things we don't agree with but it's just the way it has to be because we have no control over our destiny.  Thank you for serving and bettering yourself as a person along the way!! We love you and miss you dearly! I'll see you later brother! 
P.S. The kids love you and miss you! Please watch over them and Visit them in their dreams....thank you for being a great uncle! 

My love my son

Shared by Shirley Skwarczynski on April 6, 2021
My son was the best son and I’m not saying this cause he was mine but because it’s the truth. He did so many things for me and showed he loved me that I’m so blessed to have him and there is never going to be a way I will feel whole again without him. My kids are all I live for

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