Matthew Lee Jarman
  • 45 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 26, 1969
  • Place of birth:
    Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada
  • Date of passing: Oct 11, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Ellensburg, Washington, United States
Let the memory of Matthew L Jarman be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Matthew Lee Jarman, 45, born on June 26, 1969  Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada and passed away on October 10, 2014. at (Lion Rock )Ellensburge, Washington  USA where people loved watch the stars.  He was LDS missionary in Thailand in 1989-1991.  We will remember him and love him forever. He was good husband and funny person.  I always love him and I miss him very much.  He was my best friend and always my buddy.    

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 23rd December 2017

"Marry Christmas Matt.
You love Christmas and asked me to do things for your family.  I didn't see them this year and it was okay.  I like to spend time with my dogs alone in Christmas'day.  I am thinking of you everyday . You would be with your love one and very happy now. It was no worries again.  Marry Christmas Matt.  Love"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 6th December 2017

"Hi Matt
It is closer to Christmas and you loved it.  I did not buy anything for children because they did not need it.  Matt" you asked me not to forget them, but it is hard to do anything with them when you are not here in the world.  Everyone were busy with their life.  I took time to visit you here each time.  I do not care who visit you, but this is best way to remember you all the time.  We are good friend and love each other with all our heart.  You did not shy to tell everyone that you loved me in front your family. I was surprised  when you said in Thai that you always love me and no one else in front me and all your friend. I was confuse, but now I am not confuse, but Thank you Matt for love me and nothing change.  Thank for being friend for many 22 year. Love     Thank for telling me for 22 year.  Good friend Matt."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 7th November 2017

"Hi Matt
it was long time since you were gone.  Well after you passed away and some people were very nasty toward me.  I did not care and I did what you asked me and showed how much I love you.  I did for you and only for you.  I did not care what other people feeling or think.  I did care only you wanted me to do.  I promised you Matt.  Love"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 9th October 2017

"Hi Matt
I never forget you Matt.  I did promised you to love you forever.  It was sad you leaved me so soon.  I miss you Matt."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 13th September 2017

"Hi Matt
You asked me to tell the world that I love you.  Yes.I did Matt.  You sat in our big rock in your last day.  It was very beautiful day.  I never forget those day when you brought me to Lion Rock Ellensburge, WA. USA.     I am business woman and chemist as you wish.  I did well in my real estate business.  Matt I miss you my friend.  I had all your letter and thank Matt for good memories."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 9th August 2017

"Matt.  You asked me to be part of your family.  I did contract Steve Jarman, Spencer Jarman, Megan dayJarman during holiday time.  They were very nice people.  I did as you wish and continued to do it for you.  You asked me not to forget Jarman's family and I never forget about them.  You asked me to love you forever and I did.  Matt.  You are always my best friend since we met in LDS church in Korat, Thailand.  We had good memories and happy life in Thailand.  You asked me to care for your family and I did.  You asked me to be there when you were gone.  I am very sorry that I was not there.  They did not want me to be there when they did cremation you.  The Steward&William Tribute center director did not allow me to see you or put you in casket.  They must be evil person in the world that I felt that day.  It is only in Ellensburg, WA. USA.  I never see such a thing in my life time when I was travel around the world.  Some people are evil even person was very sad.  I did all your wish and I could feel you Matt.  You were my dear friend and we have very strong love.  You touch my heart and thank Matt.  We were friend for 22 year.  We never forget each other.  You asked me to take care your mother.  I think she hate me Matt.  I would do it for you.  God love us and bless you.  Love you Matt my dear friend."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 24th June 2017

it is beautiful day. I never understand why people are more evil after love one pass away. They deleted your family tree. You have parents and family.  It's sad. You told me to run away and go back to Thailand. LDS in Thailand are very kind to us and love us. YOU told me in Kataya Henry wedding  that you always love me and I always love you infornt everyone because love is strong than anything.  We lived apart and caused us more pain.  YOU pretend or acted happy infornt of everyone,  but it was hurt so bad until you could not take it. You are in heaven and I could feel your love and saw you.  OUR LOVE IS STRONG."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 5th May 2017

"Hi Matt
We all sad and very sad when you were gone.  I was crying and sad.  I sat in front of Steward & Williams Tribute Center, Ellensburg, Washington USA on Monday night Oct13,2014.  They did not let me see you and told me paid $1000 to put you in casket.  I was agree to pay and showed respect to you.  They still did not let me come.  They did not invite me to your celebration of your life at LDS church in Ellensburg, WA. USA.  They are not kind like LDS in Thailand.  This was hurt me so bad because I was promise you and be there for you.  I knew you did not have any note to anyone.  You told me how much you care for me.  Everything was sad when you passed away.  I felt evil inside of me and I saw you crying.  Someone, you knew so well and got so mad and sent me ugly message to hurt me more in my facebook.  She lived in CA.  I never forget this moment the rest of my life.  I felt the evil and darkness of person.  They are not kind to me.  You were only one kind to me and care for me since you brought me here in USA.  We are friend forever and someday I will see you.  I never forget those darkness in lion rock and coldness when we sat there together.  Thank for being there for me forever.  I do thank everyone part of your life and made you smile.  Thank for be there for Matt and love him.  It does not matter one day you met him or date him.  I do thank all your kindness to Matt and gave him with good memories.  He kept everyone picture and wrote good memories about them.  I read with him and smile.  Thank you."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 26th April 2017

"You loved Thai new year and you made me smile.  Beautiful spring and flowers.  You and I loved visit mountain and went for walk to relax. Life was nice. We never hate each other and we were promised to love each other forever during kataya Henry married. You did gave me your life to show me how much you love me. It was very hard to accept because I wish you are here now. MATT. I am sorry I couldn't do for you in funeral.  They didn't want me to be there for you. I didn't break our promise. I wished I could help you and hold you. Maybe someday I will see you. You have no family tree, but you are my family tree with my family.  We always love you with all our hearts.  MATT.  LDS HERE IN USA IS DIFFERENT THAN IN THAILAND. I MISS THAILAND WHEN WE ALL VISITED FAMILY MEMBERS AND FUN. THANKS YOU"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 18th April 2017

"Hi Matt
when my father passed away and he was cover with red blanket.  I saw his beautiful hand and washed his hand with rose water.  I never see your body after you passed away because I was not allow to come close to you.  I was promised you and did not forget my promised to be there when you passed away.  I wished I could lay white rose next to your body or talked to you as my own family.  My dad had beautiful funeral and he missed you.  You cut your hair for me and I never forget about it and kissed.  You are my family forever and never forget about you.  I am very successful in chemistry and my real estate business.  You love to be business man.  I did it for you and I worked very hard.  Life must move foreword and think of you as positive.  Your mother is the best and taught me English.  My English is suck.  I did not like to do much with people, but only for business.  Life is not the same when you were not here.  You wished everything the same when your dad alive.  I did not know much, but I knew he was smart man.  Your dad made us love God and believed family forever.  I never forget your last word "Love" in Thai.  You spoke many time in Thai to me.  Thank you Matt.  This is the best memory about Matt.  I could talk to him and think of him.  I might not be able to do anything for you during funeral because they did not want me to be there.  I am so sorry Matt.  I knew you wanted me too, but you did not here.  Matt never let anyone hurt my feeling, but you were not here.  I did not let negative people cause me pain.  I saw your picture and gave me smile.  Remember your video Matt.  Love"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 10th April 2017

"Matt. My father passed away and hope you see him soon.  You were his little boy and always little boy.  I saw spencer, Magan, steve Jarman last year.  We went to visit you and miss you.  Since you were not here and did not do much with your family.  I knew you want me too and you always wanted me to be Jarman.  Matt, you are my dear friend and family.  I knew you promised my sister and cared for me the rest of your life and next life.  You made me very happy.  Thank you everyone who visit Matt here.  If I asked Matt what he wanted to do with his body and he would say "buried with white cloth with white rose near his body""

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 30th January 2017

"my dear Matt and you are my family forever.  I never forget your promise and you did go to our favor place in your last day in the world.  This is place that I could visit you and said something.  
I will see you soon in Thailand.  I am miss you very much today and Lion Rock is very cold and a lot of snow.  It was our place and no one favor spot.  Next spring will be very beautiful and everyone miss you.  My dad miss you and you were his little boy.  We did new garden for you in Thailand with a lot of beautiful flower, water garden, and hug tree. You will love it.  I will visit you soon and Thailand is the best.  Love Matt my friend."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 5th January 2017

"My family did celebration Christmas in Thailand and We remembered you.  We missed you.  My sister took good care of your ash at my house in Thailand.  They hope you liked Christmas tree because everyone did it for you.  New year was fun and enjoy new life, new president, new hope, new house, good business and many love.  Your mother went back to church and Maggie also went to church now.  I thought you would be so happy because all you wanted.  Everything should be the same when your dad alive.  He was good man and strong in the church.  I wished everyone could do what your dad did in the church.  It was only memories because some did not go back to church or forget about it.  I knew when you stopped and it was hurt you so much.  You were cry and sad.  You missed your dad.  Now he is with you and always with you.  Matt.  I always love you because you are only one and you are my family forever.  I met you in Lion rock first day came to USA and last day you were alive in Lion rock.  It was the place of love and no one love me more than you.  You said all the time and now I believed it.  I always be your friend forever. My nephew got married to Doctor Bo now and she is beautiful doctor.  She worked at hospital and they have their own business as well.  My nephew got you a Christmas tree and everyone wanted you to see it.  They brought you cookies and your favor food.  Humm.....Miss you Matt."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 5th December 2016

"Matt.  we are thinking of you.  It did not matter how sad or unhappy day and you will find the way to show me love.  I called coddle day.  The weather is very cold and looked so sad now.  I kept smile that next day it will be better and thinking of you. Matt sat so long in lion rock and wondering why I did not show up.  I did not go to our favor spot for a long time and I felt lose sometime when all the tree drying near our spot.   The big rock was there and some people move them around for camping.  I did not forget those rock and made you smile.  You told me if you felt very sad and your will return to our favor spot.  I knew someday I will see you and we will have coddle day again.   I knew we always love you and care about you until today.  I told your sister in law that you loved to go to our favor spot on Sunday morning at 8:00am.  You could see Ellensburge and watnachee same time.  Your loved very strong and thank you Matt for loving me."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 16th November 2016

"I miss you Matt.  Holiday is coming and loved your jokes.   when I visit our favor spot in Lion Rock.  Lion rock had many death tree and felt empty inside.  It was our place and our happy place.  I never forget those moment.  I had deeply love you and respected you as my good friend.  I never forget you cut your hair for me to remember you forever and I did."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 7th November 2016

"Hi Matt
I knew you love thank giving and holiday.  It is amazing that I could write to you or visit you from internet.  I learned to be very strong when I did not see you anymore.  You were my friend and family in USA.  I felt more happy to see your picture or see your family growth up.  Your mom went back to church and it was so much joy.  I felt more happy to see your mother more active in church.  Life without you it is hard, but everyone do their best.  I went to Lion Rock and I knew you were not there.  Your gave me good memories about you and I never forget those day in Lion Rock.  It was special place.  Sometime I did not remember because the tree now dying from fire.  I hope it will be beautiful next spring.   Amazing Margie now is joying the church. I think you would love it and happier about it.  I could not go to church, but you were in my heart every moment and everyday.  Many love to my dear friend Matt. I hope someday you will pick me up as your promised.  I will be very strong woman and being smart.  I knew you like me to be smart and strong."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 25th October 2016

"Hi Matt
I went to Lion Rock with your family and said "hi"  It was the place that you asked me to marry.  The trees was dying from fire and it was sad.  I knew it was so green and beautiful when you went there.  You told me that was your favor place and happy place.   I saw the small sunset and beautiful view of both place the same time.   I knew that you were wait for me and I knew I will see you again.  It was happy place and still remember those word.  It was the most happy day of your life and we saw beautiful stars. We felt very happy and enjoy good time in the mountain.  We saw the beautiful yellow flowers and purple."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 30th September 2016

""Matthew Lee Jarman " you were my family tree forever because you taught me and promised each other that we will be family forever.  My family loved you and respect you.  They took good care your ash and pray for you.  Now Matt ash is in my home Thailand.  I felt that Matt in peace now and being happy.  This is his wish to go back to Thailand."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 21st September 2016

"Thank you foreverMissed website to help me grieve and help me move on with my life. I felt stronger when Matt was only my family in USA.  I will make Matt dream come true. I knew Matt as Amazing man.  He was my best friend.  I do Thank God to bring him to the world, so we had sometime with him.  Well Matt I knew you for 22 year.  I never forget your smile and your jewelry that you made it for me.  I had it all the time."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 16th September 2016

""Charles P. Jarman," Matthew Lee Jarman dad.  He loved his dad very much and his mother.  He loved Christmas and enjoy his time with his mother.  He showed me picture of his family when his father still alive.  It was amazing picture and he missed those moment.  He wished everything the same as his father alive.  He looked forward to see everyone at his father's house.  Now he was with his dad and travel around the world as he wished.  Matt was amazing man and amazing voice.  He loved his mother sandwich when she melted cheese perfection.  Lois F Jarman was amazing lady and she took good care of her family.  Matt and her loved classical music.  We all miss you  and remember how Matt loved to listen his classical music when he went to bed.  Just miss you."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 12th September 2016

"I will visit you at Lion rock soon.  It was magical place that we could see Ellensburge and Wanatchee.  We loved this place and we loved to see beautiful stars.  We sat on top giant rock, looked out the beautiful tree surround.  It made us so happy. Always remember those moment.  Thank for sharing with me."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 10th August 2016

"It was amazing to see many people visit Matt and care about Matt.  I was his best friend and we were better friend than couple.  We could talk and sat down with funny joke.  Thank everyone to visit Matt. You asked me to bring you back to Thailand in September, 2013.  I did bring you back to Thailand in May, 2016  It was promised.
I talked to Wendy and she miss you.  I met many missionary who knew you so well.  They also miss you.  I wished I could help you and find love one for you.  Sometime it was hard.  We always miss someone who was not here with us. God will heal your heart.  I wished you was in temple clothing and garments when you passed away.  I think God heal your heart and put on garment for you.  Thank you for love me as your friend and thank for love me forever.  We were good buddy.  I hope love one passed away that bring everyone closer, but end up with hate.  It made me sad sometime and it was not Matt want it. Matt love everyone.   It does not matter what Matt wanted and I would accept it.  Sometime we made better choice or bad choice.  Matt knew what best for him.  Maybe this was best for him and I did not know."

This tribute was added by Susan McKiernan on 27th June 2016

"It would have been one birthday celebration missed, instead memories still awaken.  Matt knows that his friends and family love and think of him and his time on earth always.  It is a legacy when one is still thought off by others even when not present.  Matt taught all of us to live our lives with legacy for sure no matter what it will be."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 10th May 2016

"Hi Matt
I will bring you back to Thailand and stayed in my beautiful home.  It is new house and beautiful garden.  You asked me to bring you back to Thailand and I will bring you back.  I hope you will enjoy beautiful house and beautiful room.  My family love you and they miss you.  You asked me many time about my family and now you will be with them.  Now Korat build LDS church and you will love it.  This is your wish and I want this wish come true for you.  You had good memory about Thailand and many things.  You loved help people and taught book of Mormon in Korat where we met.  Family is forever as you told me.  I do thank Tracy who made you laugh so hard and enjoy many good life with your friend.  She was so funny and beautiful woman.  I saw many of your friend and they miss you.  Everyone in LDS church miss you.  God be with you and always with you. Love"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 6th May 2016

"Hi Matt
If you were here and you will had fun with your mother.  Well Matt I miss you and wish I will find her for you soon.  I will do it for you and you were my best friend and always.  Love Matt"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 19th February 2016

"Hi Matthew
All your friend since you were 13 year old and they miss you.  Ali loved you since you were 13 year old.  It was so sweet that someone love you. Valentine was sweet because your friends miss you.  Your high school friends asked me why did not have funeral service and celebrate your life  we were celebrating your life everyday and love you.  It was hard, but they loved you and miss you very much.  We loved your joke.  Matt, you were good person and always love you.  Sometime it was hard to deal with this matter, but someday I will see you and give you good hug.  Many love."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 27th January 2016

"Hi Matt
I had many of your picture and you kept my picture as well.  We always were friend forever.  You loved rain and now we had so much rain.  I miss you and miss your smile.  You made good brownie and everyone in Thailand loved it very much.  They spent amazing time with you.  I will bring you back to Thailand and stayed in my house.  You will enjoy amazing home and very beautiful place.  Everyone miss you.  I kept my promise to love and take care of you until one of us die."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 11th January 2016

"I wanted to write to you until I am over 90 year old.  I made homemade cinnamon roll as your mother made it for you.  Lois F Jarman made the best sandwich and made you so excite to come back home in USA.  You loved how she melted the cheese and perfect sandwich at lunch time. You were amazing son and had amazing mom.  I had many story to tell you and hope you were enjoy praying.  Love your smile Matt."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 15th December 2015

"Have wonderful holiday Matt and we always love you.  Matthew wanted to be love and hug him.  We sent Matt many hug and beautiful smile.  We love you.  I will bring Matt back to Thailand where he wanted to be.  This was Matthew Lee Jarman Last wish and went back to Thailand.  Many of his friend in Thailand and LDS member who love Matt could come to visit him.  Love is not selfish and love is caring for someone wish."

This tribute was added by Susan McKiernan on 11th October 2015

"Be braved to say goodbye, so you can be blessed with a new hello.

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 7th October 2015

"Hi Matt
Well we all miss you and remember your good laugh.  You had beautiful smile and we all love you.  Just wanted to say I love you Matt.  I never forget your promise and last word you told me.  I will keep it in my heart and we meet again."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 7th August 2015

"I wanted to leave a note that I love you and always.  Do not forget enjoy life in Heaven.  Many people love you and always.  Matt did not leave any note to anyone, but we wanted to let you know that we love you."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 26th June 2015

"Happy birthday to you Matthew Lee Jarman.  I always remember your love and your time with me.  You always wanted me be part of your family and your life.  You're my best friend and my family."

This tribute was added by Susan McKiernan on 15th May 2015

"I was so honor to be a maid of honor for Matthew and Song's wedding.  I am sad to hear the news.  I know he was always loved by many, and will surely be missed.  I want to leave my condolent to Matthew's family, and especially Song.  Like the song said;  " I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explaination that I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around.  Your love put me at the top of the world."  I know Matthew would have said that too, and he would always love those who loved him.  So, chin up  and keep praying!!!"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 20th January 2015

"It was hard that he was not here.  He told me last word that he always love me and no one love me more than he love me.  Every time he looked at me with his eyes and I knew he love me very much.  He told me how much he loved me before he pass away because I could feel him in my arm."

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 6th January 2015

"Matthew L Jarman wrote this for me
"And I love you so
And I love you so
The people ask me how
How I lived till now
I tell them I don't know
I guess they understand
How lonely life has been
But life began again
The day you look my hand
And Yes I know
how lonely life has been
The shadow follow me
and the night won't set me free
But I don't let the evening get me down
now that you around
And you love me too
my thought are just for you
you set me my spirit free
I am happy that you did
The book of life is brief
and one page is turned
All but loved is dead
That is my belief"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 21st October 2014

"He was good missionary in Thailand and love Thailand very much.  His dream go back to live in Thailand.  He was very happy to help many Thai people and they love him very much.  He was good LDS member and we are honor him.  He was in better place and he is with God now.  Let send many love to him and  we see him again.  

Elder Ballard said, “I believe the Lord will consider each case separately and judge the circumstances of each individual. I have sincerely sought direction from our Father in Heaven to help me understand the nature of those in these circumstances. And I have come to know, as well as anything else that I know from God, that these people have a place in the kingdom of our Father, and it is not one of darkness or despair, but one where they can receive comfort and experience serenity.”"

This tribute was added by Somsong Jarman on 16th October 2014

"I always love your smile and laugh.  You love Thailand and it was the place you fell in love. I always remember our love and our happy forever.  You are the love of my life and you are my first love.  I will see you again in Terrestial Heaven.  I wish you dress in Temple clothing.  See you soon Matthew Lee Jarman."

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