Matthew Oluwapamilerin Keripe
  • 77 years old
  • Date of birth: Dec 16, 1939
  • Place of birth:
    Sagamu, Nigeria
  • Date of passing: Oct 10, 2017
Let the memory of Our Dad and Grandpa be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pa Matthew Keripe

What can I say about my Dad?

Shared by Funke Ogundare on 10/15/2017

A man of God, retiring from Nigerian Army chaplaincy and retiring from the Methodist church, he still kept preaching and teaching and writing devotionals till his last year on earth.

A family man a husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle with impacts in every area.

A man of many talents and all done well, a physiotherapist, a soldier, a pastor, a preacher, a business man, a builder.

An action Man till his last day on earth, he was still working and getting stuff done.

A determined forthright Man, who says what he means and means what he says.

A man always willing to learn new things, he was the first person to challenge me by doing a Master's degree late in life.

A man that fights and does not give up, he was never afraid to tell it as it is, even if it meant being arrested.

A man that set examples by his life and his conduct, no one that was in contact with him does not have a story to tell.

Yes he was very strict, in the early days there was no type of rod that was spared in the effort of not spoiling the child, in the later days it was yelling and punishment but deep within, you knew it was because he truly cared and deeply loved always striving for perfection.  He expected perfection in himself and in everyone around him.

There are people that come through the earth, they live and die their only impact is their family that was not my dad.  His impact his was felt everywhere he was.

Dad, you will be greatly missed!

We can’t wait to read the stories of how his life has touched yours.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Shola Keripe on 10th November 2017

"I have put off writing this tribute, not because I do not know what to say or that I do not wish to say it; the pain and deep sense of loss has so far, restrained me. I cannot begin to express my deep sense of loss and bewilderment at your loss so soon, Dad.

Growing up watching you, you demonstrated your love as an affectionate father; you modelled to me what a true father should look like. Your dedication and commitment to the family was beyond question. You laboured in time of want and in time of plenty to ensure we all had the best we could afford. Your heart and motives were genuine and pure, though sometimes your ways were unrefined.  As I watched your dedication to your wife, my mother, I am determined more than ever to ensure the legacy of good marriage is passed to the next generation. I still vividly remember your 50th wedding anniversary like it was yesterday. I am very proud to call you Daddy!  Your dedication to family certainly gives us all a standard to work towards and surpass if we can!

Your hard work and selflessness was without question. I watched you through the years demonstrate integrity, forthrightness and an unquestionable dedication to service.  As a young man, I watched you stand up for what you believed, even if it meant imprisonment; You stayed the course. Your values and principles were never in doubt, you were never afraid to speak the truth even to your hurt. As a minster you preached the Truth, you were not one to cater to itchy ears. Beyond preaching the Truth, you lived it as much as it laid in your power. You were not a hypocrite; you practiced what you preached. Lots of people look up to celebrity as heroes, but dad you are my Hero. No one can match these admirable, brilliant and remarkable qualities in my eyes.

Over the years, we have become friends, rubbing minds over issues, seeking your opinion over matters and you often sought my perspective on issues that were thorny for you. I started to get some glimpses of the working of your mind and an understanding of what makes you tick! You are a deeply insightful man; my world, no, the world will not be the same without you. You touched everyone around you with your insight, affection and wisdom. Our friendship blossomed even more over the last few years as we discussed various issues and got a lot closer. Your visits are always so welcome:  Oh how I will miss those quiet times we spend together just walking or sitting at the beach!

You model what true godliness is to me; your dedication to the Lord is without question. You spent and were spent for his service. Your life reflected your message, you spared nothing in His service, till your last day you served Jesus. You dedicated your abilities, talents and resources to his service, you had a heart for souls, you modelled your life to fit the His word. You made me understand that godliness with contentment is great gain. Your faith in His ability has impacted by understanding, dependence and dedication to Jesus. Dad you have run your race, you have finished your fight, now a there is in store for you the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to you on that day. Well done Dad, you ran well!

As I bid you farewell, the lessons I have learnt from you, your principles, lifestyle and you Godliness will never depart from me. I am certain that one day I will see you again, in the bosom of our Lord.

Good bye my Daddy, my Hero, my Friend, my Mentor, good bye.

Shola Keripe."

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 6th November 2017

"A tribute to the Late Very Revd Col Matthew Oluwapamilerin Keripe
By Pa Samuel Owonike Ogundare
There goes a man to where all men go, Shakespare - I came I saw I conquered, Yes Baba Keripe came and saw and conquered. A man of adamant courage.  
When we were told on Tuesday October 10, 2017 that you had passed on to eternity, we could not believe my ears and had to run to your house waiting to hear 'Kabo Ana mi' but only to be told your body has been removed to the mortuary.  How are the mighty fallen!
The Bible says,
'Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon lest the daughters of the uncircumcised rejoice...'
The Very Revd M O Keripe is gone never to be met on this planet earth. A soldier per excellence. A man who would speak plainly his mind on any issue at all times, he made me remember a sage in this country ' I would have my say and you will have your way'.  When Baba Keripe disagrees with you he would let you know instantly.  You are given an immediate opportunity to defend yourself and explain, should you have a superior or better argument for your action, a complete soldier man ready to let go.
Baba Keripe was always happy seeing people around him happy.  He wants subordinates around him buying plots of land around him, always ready to assist people forge ahead in life.
Integrity, discipline, self control and fear of God and not man is the Hallmark of Baba Keripe's life. He had a youthful spirit always happy to be with the young ones and the young at heart.
Rest Well my friend, till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 4th November 2017

"On behalf of Ben Taiwo Oremade

Oluwapamilerin, you have alighted at your bus stop!
Our relationship really got started when he enlisted in the Military and when I was serving in the NC Excise, now NCS.  We were able to blend because of his natural discipline, forth rightness and dedication.  He never permitted lousiness or laziness which endeared him to quality relationship in the Military.  He saw and said things the way they were.  His reputation was never in doubt.
Go well and rest well in the bosom of the Almighty God. You served so well.
The Oremade family bids you farewell"

This tribute was added by Temitope Oriade on 4th November 2017

"The demise of  Revd. Col. Olu Keripe (Rtd),Daddy,as he's fondly called was a great lost  for some of us that sees him as a loving father and role model.

It is with a profound sense of loss yet gratitude to God whose will in our lives we cannot question that I appreciate  a life well spent by our daddy.

We greatly valued his counsel ,intervention and we never ceased to be amazed by his concern for the well-being of our family and his emphasis on love and unity .

Daddy was an avowed and highly respected personality ,a bridge builder , fearless man, exceptionally courageous accomplished clergy.

Daddy happened to be a disciplinarian with loving and caring heart,accommodating; no matter your background,you will definitely have something to learn from him. An epitome of love,forgiveness and unity;he has a special way of preaching love and togetherness. A fearless man;prompt you to stand for your right. A manager of scarce resources;with little available he gets the best result.

No doubt daddy was a great achiever,having retired as a military officer, he excelled as a Presbyter at the Methodist Church of Trinity,Tinubu.
The values and virtue of daddy would remain. We love you but God  love you most.

This is a time to celebrate this great man of God.  
May He find eternal rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ,whom he served with all of his
strength. David & Temitope Oriade"

This tribute was added by keripe Deborah on 2nd November 2017

"Dear Rev!. who could believe that the end will come so soon! There in lye omnipotence and omniscience of our God. Our consolation however is that you lived a fulfilled life. "Sun re o" as you join the heavenly Host, ADIEU -
Pa Raphael Abiodun Oyedele father-in-law."

This tribute was added by keripe Deborah on 2nd November 2017

"Dear daddy, I can recall how you used to call me very early in the morning just to pray  and to encouraged me. You were really a father not a father-in-law, strict, tough, but with a caring heart.

Surely I will miss you, but I have a consolation that you are resting with the Lord. Rest on daddy, and may God be with all your children you left behind.
Your daughter-in-law."

This tribute was added by Ronke Oworu on 30th October 2017

"on behalf of Mrs.Elizabeth O. Osilesi
i met him when he visited us at the Diocesan Council meeting of Remo Diocese. he humbled himself on his knees in his Army Uniform to pray along with us to see God's face on behalf of our member Col (RTD) Emma Soda who was then detained with his then boss Gen. Diya by Abacha. As the Chaplain in charge in the Army, he refused to perform the final rites on his member and others who were innocent of the offenses they were charged for.
He prayed with tears running down his face and to the glory of God our prayers were answered as they were all released. A faithful God we serve! The Very rev Col (RTD) , Prince Keripe, a gallant Soldier, and man of God may your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 30th October 2017

"Oh behalf of Victoria Emmanuel (IBF RECEPTIONIST)

Daddy it's so sad that you have to leave so soon, Daddy I've  words alone can't describe you cos you are indescribable, caring, disciplinarian, God fearing and a fearless leader. you left but your memories still remains in my heart. sleep on daddy till we meet to part no more.R.I.P"

This tribute was added by Biola Bakare on 28th October 2017

"Daddy Keripe,
When Funke texted me to tell me that “Daddy has gone home”, I was shocked and saddened by your departure. I met you only once but I remember you as a cheerful, jovial man. Your legacy lives on in your children. You have influenced many lives and I salute you for your influence, ministry, and godly life. I rejoice with you over your entrance into our Lord’s presence yet I grieve with all those you left behind. Rest In Peace, Daddy & say hi to my own daddy up there. I’m sure both of you will have a lot to discuss."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Tunde T.Y. Owodunni (GYM Instructor)

Man with discipline, dignity, honour and a reader. God love you more than we do."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Chioma Obiora

Daddy, you died being youthful. seeing you everyday in front of your house encourages and assures me that there is life and youthfulness even in old age .
Adieu, energetic one!"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Alhaji Adebayo Olusegun

It was a rude shock to me because I left here to Haji in a sound health. I arrived here today to discover that you are no more. I pray the almighty Allah forgive you of your sins and grant you eternal rest."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Mrs. H.M. Akinyemi

We Lost a Gem in Methodist Church Nigeria, whom will "YOUR" shoe fit? "U" gone early we love  but God loves you more, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, till we meet to part no more.
Adieu PAPA."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Fidelis Omoyen & wife

Daddy, we really miss you, the church also miss you, we pray that God grant you eternal rest. We are sure that you are in the bossom of Father Abraham.
May your soul rest in perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Alhaja Kazeem Salawat (GYM)

Baba, you have made it, heaven is sure for you, 'cos you have touched so many lives. RIP"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"Paul Chirst Okechukwu (GYM)

Hmmm he was a great dad with so much wisdom, May his kind soul Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Yemisi (Mummy Divine)

Daddy is a very good man, a man of good heart. I will miss you daddy.
Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Deacon E. O. Ajulo

Baba sleep well in the bossom of your Lord Jesus Christ."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Ajibola Kemi

Daddy you are gone so soon, we miss your jokes and your fatherly advise. I say RIP in the bossom of the Lord, till we meet to part no more"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Alhaji  Ajibade Akintunde

Oh my dad I received the news of your death with a great shocked, baba been a great and nice man.
continue to rest in the Lord sir!"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Adeboyega Adeleke

Baba I received the news of your death with grieved mind, because since the day I met you, you take me as your own son you always pray for me and my family and you are always after we till death take you away, I will surely miss you.
Rest in peace baba Keripe! YOUR SON Adeleke Adebgoyega wil pray to God Almighty to give your family the fortitude to bear the unrepearable lost. Amen"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Ayegoro Catherine (St. Luke's Yaba)

Our great Papa, a loving and a caring father. your life was a testimony to me right from Ibadan, the way you related to everyone.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Alhaja Mujeedat Damilola (GYM)

Baba you treat me like your daughter and I see you like my father too.
You are gone but not forgotten in my heart, you are greatly missed. I love you so much and I will continue to, my lovely dad, RIP"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Okonkwo Grace

Baba you were like a father to all, very amazing man, full of life.
May your gentle soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Doris Ifeyinwa Unegbu (GYM)

Oh baba you were such an amazing man, a man with a great heart, a man of the people, will sure miss you"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Yusuf Momodun

Daddy I know you are in the right hand of God, daddy when I first meet you, you took me like your own son, you encourage me that I should believe in myself, daddy you will always remain in my heart, you have left a good legacy for we the youth to follow. I know right now you are in heaven singing now, watching us how we pray for you.
Daddy I Love you and I will always miss you!"

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Durojaiye (GYM)

Baba, you've been so nice and for to go at this time.
We love you but God loves you most.
RIP Baba in the bossom of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 27th October 2017

"On behalf of Ajiboye Kunle.

You are a with Godly heart/minded. very jovial and kind, you play like a kid. that is what I know you are. R.I.P (Very Rev. Col. Rtd) M. Olu. Keripe. We love you but Jesus loves you more.
Goodnight till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Oyo Jeremiah on 26th October 2017


A man who taught the word of God, the word of truth that gives the people power; the power of love....the love of God! A man who not only hugs the sheep, but touches the heart of his flock. The sheep knew his voice and were blessed by his presence. A man who taught the medicinal benefits of laughter, and the financial benefits of giving. A man whose singing brought light into dark places, and pierced the heart into conviction. A man whose smile actually means "I love you", A man whose eyes said "I'm praying for you" A man whose lessons from the pulpit made one jump up and say I can take on the world, bring it on! A man who everyone heard of, most people knew, who many people wanted, but we had him! Because he chose to stay our shepherd... A man we appreciate and love, and who we are proud to call" Our Pastor!

The Vicar General
Cathedral Church Council and
The entire members of
All Saints’ AHQ Cathedral
Abalti Barracks"

This tribute was added by Foluke Agbabiaka on 26th October 2017

"Daddy, you are an inspiration to me. Your fatherly attributes are so beautiful. I remember one time you visited Funke & Yinka, you made it a duty to see all your children. You shared many words of wisdom with me. I enjoyed working with you on Funke’s project. Akin, my children and I have many memories of how you lived, loved the Lord and the people around you. I looked on my phone & realized I cannot talk with you anymore. I will miss you daddy. Sleep Well."

This tribute was added by Lola Popoola on 26th October 2017

"Grand-Pa as I fondly called you...... You were such a loving being, when uncle Yinka called me around 5am ish on Tuesday morning I was wondering why he was calling me that early and he said Lola please go to the house to Funke, daddy Keripe ti ku. I first thought what was he talking about, I spoke with grand pa recently and his voice was very active, we talked for some minutes, you prayed concerning my upcoming wedding and you said "alafia la wa ni bi".
But Jesus called you to his side in Heaven. A place of God's great beauty. I will continue to treasure the special memories of knowing you.
May your soul continue to rest in peace..........."

This tribute was added by Bukky Osho on 26th October 2017

""On behalf of Bishop Sunday Ogunlere Methodist Church Nigeria Diocese of Lagos West".
As promised me when you were retiring from active ministry in Tinubu, you told me you were going to take care of the smaller Churches in Igando area.  You used your last days in mentoring, sponsoring, and guiding them to grow and expand.
You excellently served the Lord in your last moments.  We worshiped together in Idimu on Sunday, discussed the completion of their new hall.  All for you to go away gently to your creator on Tuesday.  You came, you saw, and you conquered.  Glory be to God almighty.
Adieu Papa! Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Bukky Osho on 25th October 2017

"" On behalf of Hon Shodimu olalekan Methodist Church Nigeria Egan.".Baba you left us unaware but your good work did not leave Methodist
Church  Egan.  Baba Adieu"

This tribute was added by Bukky Osho on 25th October 2017

"" On behalf of The Ogunmeru Obafemi. S. Methodist Church Nigeria Egan".
A man of value to Methodist Church Nigeria, especially Methodist Church Egan.  Rest in peace Baba Keripe."

This tribute was added by Anyafulu Miracle on 25th October 2017

"The few times i spent with granpa in his country home was always funfilled, educative and highly motivating. He was a rare gem and a father to many although a strict disciplinarian. The last time i saw you, you never told me i wont see you anymore. I always look forward to visiting you whenever am in Lagos.
The news of your death came as a great shock cos i never expected it now but i cant question God. I was already looking forward to bringing my baby to visit you but its no more possible. You have left an everlasting impression in my life and dat of my husband. We would live to forever remember you. Love you like kilode. Adieu Granpa, Ije oma."

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 25th October 2017

"On behalf of Demola and Yemisi Idowu

We became close to Papa's family in 1979. We were living in the same  neighbourhood off Adeoyo Hospital, Ring Road, Ibadan. Papa baptised our first daughter Bukky in 1979 at Oke Ado Methodist Church Ibadan, Nigeria. But the strongest link we had with Papa's family is Maggy (Funke). She became to us our adopted first  daughter in whom we are well  pleased. Papa was very humble,  forthright and unassumingly quiet. He was very proud of his Ijebu-Remo heritage which was one of the reasons, I guess, why he took to us on getting to know our pedigree. He was a reverend gentleman but more interestingly a "gentleman" soldier and committed  family man. We pray that the good Lord will grant him eternal rest. Adieu Papa.

Demola and Yemisi Idowu"

This tribute was added by Abby Kerry on 25th October 2017

"I captured the depth of godliness, humility and love that 'granpa' had in just the few times of my adult age I spent with him. He never let go of the strictness and toughness he was made of. I felt this many times. With him, there were no shortcuts. You either do it right or never do it. I'll miss him.

He was always there regardless of the situation and time. He'll never let anyone embarrass or harass his own. He was a big pillar in the extended family and in deed, he'll be missed!

I can't believe this happened. I still had plans of a surprise visit for December and now...

He was a true and real soldier, served our great nation well yet a great father and grandfather that cared for his own. How he played these roles perfectly, God's gift.

I will miss you...and in my heart you'll live on."

This tribute was added by Oyo Jeremiah on 25th October 2017


The news of your death came to many of us your admirers as a rude shock. That points to the fact that "life is a beautiful lie while death is a painful truth".

God brought you into this world, you contributed in your best way as a priest and a soldier to the Chaplaincy (Prot), Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Nation.

Your transparent leadership style, mentoring spirit and great sermons put into practicality "Live as you say", which made you so unique among equals.

Many of us mentored will definitely miss you, though promising to continue with your legacies.

Officers, soldiers, families and the entire Protestant faithfuls will ever remain grateful to God for giving you to us and to you for introducing the Daily spiritual strength (DSS) which is building our spiritual standards every moment.

The "ALAGBA AND POWERFUL" as you were fondly known, REST IN PERFECT PEACE

Brig Gen (Rev) DD Danfulani
Director Champlain Service Protestant
Nigerian Army"

This tribute was added by Oyo Jeremiah on 25th October 2017


The Powerful! Ride on in Glory, Rest in the bosom of the Almighty God, dine with the angels and enjoy your eternal home with Christ our Master. You’re great! You’re Awesome. You’re Magnificent. One of a kind Boss, Mentor and spiritual father.

He was not only my Boss, or Spiritual father, he was also a friend and a mentor. He accepted me and helped me despite of who I was and what I am. His ears were always open and ready to listen and to give advice. He helped me a lot to become what I am now.

I am blessed and thank God for having worked with him. He was wonderful and marvellous servant of God. I appreciate him every single day because of his goodness and love to me.

God knew his heart and He knows how much I appreciate him for being part of my life. I love my boss having been his orderly until his retirement from service as a soldier; he was truly a blessing in my life. He was always there for me to encourage, to love and support.

Adieu Alagba! Relax with the Lord till we meet to part no more!

SSgt Oyo Jeremiah
Nigerian Army"

This tribute was added by Paul Fadoju on 24th October 2017

"I think there is a Chinese whisper going on with our parents calling each other with the good news that existence is better at the other side. It was with sadness that I saw Kayode's post that Pa Keripe is no more with us. A towering man who was ever present in my formative years as we travel to theirs over for Christmas or Easter's meals.

You were one of the few Nigerian Fathers' that I will listen to or admire from afar with the way you carried and conducted yourself. I was privileged to listened to you on numerous occasions as you spoke and taught from the Bible. We had our differences but I respected your tenacity and orderliness,

Thank you for the fond memories...looking at your pictures brought back so much vivid memories of my youthful life.

Adieu Uncle and your demise makes the word Carpe Diem poignant

To the Keripes, our sincere sympathy and condolences from the Fadojus. Our thoughts are with you."

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 24th October 2017

"On Behalf of Mrs Wuraola Ogunnubi

Baba M. Oluwapamilerin Lodo Isokun Omo Oba
Sun Re O"

This tribute was added by Eglwise Ahouanmenou on 24th October 2017

"To our Daddy.
Despite our sadness, we just want say THANK YOU DADDY To havre been in our Lives. We Will miss you. Now you have  joineď our beloved aunt Béatrice and  we wish you  will continue Keeping your eyes on all your children . Rest in parce."

This tribute was added by Temidayo Koyejo on 24th October 2017

"I have sat down for over five hours. I have not being able to get myself to write anything. It seems you are just looking at me and I asking you what do you want me to write.

You were always there for me.

You taught me how to cook and pound yam. The other I could do successfully but the pounding i  find very tedious.

You taught me to be very independent and above to total depend on God

You taught me to be steadfast and forthright

I can keep on counting but above all I am what I am by your training

I am missing you is an understatement. You will forever be in my heart

Goodbye Daddy till we meet at JESUS feet"

This tribute was added by Temidayo Koyejo on 24th October 2017

"I have sat down for over five hours. I have not being able to get myself to write anything. It seems you are just looking at me and I asking you what do you want me to write.

You were always there for me.

You taught me how to cook and pound yam. The other I could do successfully but the pounding i  find very tedious.

You taught me to be very independent and above all to depend on God

You taught me to be steadfast and forthright

I can keep on counting but above all I am what I am by your training

I am missing you is an understatement. You will forever be in my heart

Goodbye Daddy till we meet at JESUS feet"

This tribute was added by Bukky Osho on 24th October 2017

"" On behalf of  Rev. N.D. Ononokpono Methodist Church Nigeria Egan"


This tribute was added by Bukky Osho on 24th October 2017

"" On behalf of The Very Rev. Isaac  Olajire Methodist Church Nigeria Idinmu-Egbe".

Papa your death was too shocking and unbelievable but, to God be the glory for a life well spent. May your humble soul continue to rest in peace..."

This tribute was added by Dara Ogundare Ogundare on 24th October 2017

"Grandpa, I truly do not have the words to describe how much I loved you. From the first time you called me your most beautiful grandee, to the  last, you have always been there to support my dreams, my aspirations and the person that I would like to be. You were always there to guide each of us on our paths in life, with wisdom and the truth of the Word. I will miss you dearly, but I will see you again someday.

With love,
Your (actual) most beautiful grandaughter"

This tribute was added by Debbie Osho on 23rd October 2017

"I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me so I wake from this from dream, I almost cannot believe it.
Grandpa, You are a man of wisdom, humble to the core, a disciplinarian, a lover of people, understanding, devoted and not shy about calling people out when it is needed. You are going to be missed! If I can rest in anything, it is the fact that God knows all and that He loves us so much and His plan for our lives is much bigger than we can imagine and you going to be with Him in heaven, only fulfills that awesome plan. I love you dearly but I know God loves you even more! See you up there.
From your most beautiful granddaughter!"

This tribute was added by Brent Ingersoll on 23rd October 2017

"I had the privilege of meeting this great man of God when he visited Kings Church with Shola and Marilyn. Although I had never met him, prior, you can tell a lot about a person when they successfully raise incredible children, as clearly Pa Keripe was able to do. Shola had told me about his vast ministry experiences, military service, leadership, and the overall impact he had on so many people around the world. It was a true privilege to have had the chance to meet him, and I am thankful for the great race he ran and that he has not only obtained the prize for which he ran but he has demonstrated to those of us still running our own, what it looks like to run with perseverance! On behalf of my wife, Melanie, myself and the entire Kings Church family, we offer our sincere condolences to the family for their loss in this time, and pray that the grace and peace of The Lord Jesus would comfort you all in this time."

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 23rd October 2017

"On Behalf of ND Okoh

Thank God for the fruitful life of our dear father in the Lord Very Revd Colonel MO Keripe. He was a man of great courage, physical energy great spiritual power and an adventurous spirit. May the spirit of "The Powerful man" rest in perfect peace. And may God Comfort all the children. +ND Okoh"

This tribute was added by Funke Ogundare on 23rd October 2017

"On Behalf of Bp & Mrs Bello

The news of the demise of the late Very Rev (Colonel) Matthew Olu Keripe came to us with rude shock. During his lifetime we had the privilege to be in Immanuel College Ibadan as students, we later work together in Lagos.  He was my Director and I served under him as Colonel coordinate at the Chaplaincy HQ. A forthright honest, disciplined and a goal getter servant of God. Those who knew him would always have good memories of him. May his  gentle soul rest in peace. Our condolences to the children, grand children and the entire family of our indefatigable Very Rev (Colonel ) M. Olu Keripe. Rest in Peace Amen."

This tribute was added by Yinka Ogundare on 23rd October 2017

"I am still at a loss for words about what to say about Daddy Keripe who simply treated me like his son.
My fondest memory was sitting on a rock in Minna, Niger state looking at the stars and talking about the future.
As wise and as influential as daddy was, he had a teachable spirit and he was willing to learn from all.

A hard worker who showed by example to not just his family, but every one around him the joys of hard work
I remember my first trip to Ibadan to meet the family, this was a man that had just had a surgery and looked at the hood of my beat up old jalopy and said " A gentleman's engine must always be clean" and proceeds to wash my engine"

Daddy had a Midas touch, What ever you gave him to do, he did with all his might. With the army, with the church, with the business, with his family, with his friends, with his neighbors. He gave his all. Daddy lived with passion.

Daddy was quick with a smile, a hearty laughter, a word of prayer, a word of rebuke and a  word of encouragement. But you can be very sure it was all cloaked in love.

HIs greatest legacy is everyone he has impacted. We have been turned into a better version of themselves, however brief the interaction.
This is a legacy that will continue long after Daddy has gone home . I am fortunate to have been part of that legacy.

.. Thank you for your legacies ....."

This tribute was added by Jeff Clark on 22nd October 2017

"I had the privilege of meeting Matthew on a few occasions when he was visiting Shola & Marilyn and family here in Canada. I recall his warmth and refreshing sense of humour . He had a contagious laugh which I often see in Shola as well.  After reading the  touching memories shared by Funke  above  I have more of a sense of what a great man he was.
Our warmest condolences to Matthew's family."

This tribute was added by bukoladeremi ladigbolu on 21st October 2017

"Daddy Keripe fits perfectly the description of a father . Oh how I hate to refer to you in the past. You were so full of life, you welcomed everyone with smiles on your face. I had no qualms making you the chairman during my album launch few years ago. You were happy and told me how much you could give me and I told you, daddy I didn't make you the chairman because of money. Yes,you did excellently well. You were a good counsellor and teacher of the word. You had zeal for the things of  God and held on to your maker throughout . Daddy I have no doubt you are resting in peace. Jehovah will control your children, family and the church.  Rest in peace  God's General"

This tribute was added by Oby Okonkwo on 19th October 2017

"It was a short period of time knowing you but it felt like I had known you for a very long time. You are a care and loving father not only to your children but also to others. The first time I visited, you made me feel at home and relaxed as if you have knew me for age.
I remember what you wrote on your WhatsApp that really touched me. You wrote"I love my family ". Daddy you are also loved by us and we will all miss you but God loves you more. I pray that you rest in the bosom of our Lord and Savior. Sleep in the Lord until we meet in heaven to part no more.
Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Lilian Ogochukwu on 19th October 2017

"A very action man! Very strict and very hard working man till death. He made me to be very strong and active. I was kind of person very quiet and doesn’t know how to face many people, but grandpa made me to be smart, brave and very active. He taught me many things, how to be somebody in live, he changed my life, he put me where I am today. You took care of my children for me when I was not there. Grandpa is somebody that will pick someone from the gutter, clean the person up, shelter the person and cloth the person, he is a man of dignity, a hero, a helper of poor, a man that doesn’t differentiate, everyone is a daughter, son or grandchild.
Grandpa that very Tuesday I met you in your bathroom, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing until doctor confirmed you dead! I couldn’t believe it either, I was still saying take him to private hospital let them do something, but it was all in vain because they can’t revive you to life again.
But to me now I didn’t believe you are dead! You traveled to rest as you use to do.
Save journey grandpa! I will miss you!"

This tribute was added by Ronke Oworu on 17th October 2017

"I have always known him as my Uncle and that is what i called him for many years until in the latter years when it changed to daddy. He returned from his sojourn abroad on time to give my mother, his only sister the support she would need as if God had already planned it. My father died at a very young age and he was there to support his sister and was available as a father to us. we all lived with him at one point or the other and we passed through his discipline. What can i say about the discipline? the instalmental beating as i call it because he will never give you 10 strokes of the cane straight.when i received the call to the Ministry, he supported me and was there at my Ordination.
he bears an uncommon name, OLUWAPAMILERIN. my Uncle has a very tough look but deep inside he loves us all. i never for once saw him greet my mother standing, even at his age and position he will always prostrate to greet my mother.
just before his death, we had a heated argument, my younger sister, myself and him over the phone and each time the line cut off he would call back even when we volunteered to make the call, at the end of the argument, we were able to resolve our differences and he expressed the fact that he was happy we pointed out his faults to him even at that age and he actually made amends before his death. This makes me so happy. i will miss you and i know that your sister CHRISTIANAH ABIMBOLA will miss her brother Pamilerin. i know you are already with your maker, i am happy that i passed through your discipline because it shaped my life. i hope those who comment that i behave like a soldier now know why, i was trained by a soldier. Adieu gallant Soldier and Preacher, sleep well."

This tribute was added by Imeh Ekasi Otu on 17th October 2017

"Papa it is true nobody really dies. man is matter and changes state. You have move from the earth realm to eternity. I did not know you personally but hearing about you from your daughter Funke makes me say well done sir and may you rest in peace in Jesus name"

This tribute was added by Adamu Ayuba on 17th October 2017

"It was between 1982-4, I met you at your home in Kaduna, till your move to Enugu.  A Gentle Man Soldier, Father, Friend and Priest indeed.  

I learnt respect for self and country from you and the need to look beyond the pages of newspapers, when it concerns people, especially leaders.  

General Buhari was Head of State then, as Colonel in the Army, you said, something that has and will continue with me for life, i.e. "for any leader to bring a meaning full change, he/she should first start with his/herself.  As human's clear any unresolve issues of conscience (with other men and the Divine), then only can he/she start a change that can be a lasting change..." paraphrased.

Your greatness was reflected through your children, from whom, (especially Ruth), I have learnt so many things of Eternal value.  Your Spirit will continue to leave with and in the so many you have influenced for good.

Sir, as you rest in the Bosom of the Lord, may we through the work of the Holy Spirit, find comfort in the fact that you are resting where we all hope to come and part no more.  Rest, Rest Sir, Rest Secured in the Bosom of our Lord.  Adieu."

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