Let the memory of Matthew be with us forever
  • 22 years old
  • Born on January 5, 1993 in Willowbrook, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on April 23, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Matthew Stefani 22 years old , born on January 5, 1993 and passed away on April 23, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Susan Drolet on 5th January 2019
Remembering you today on your Birthday, Matt. Sending love and prayers to your parents and brothers.
Posted by Nina And Ron Stefani on 5th January 2019
Stars shine brighter, angels sing sweeter because you are there. Ron and Nina
Posted by Maria Etling on 5th January 2019
Happy birthday Matt. You are missed beyond measure. Your spirit and our wonderful memories live on. Love and Hugs, The Etlings
Posted by Sherri Adams on 23rd April 2018
While today is the anniversary of your death, I want to remember your living. You taught us how to love, laugh and live each day to its fullest. I know you are doing the same and even more in heaven. Jesus loves you and so do we Matt! We will see each other again. XO Mrs A
Posted by Maria Etling on 23rd April 2018
Remembering you today, dear Matt, and sending warm hugs to your family. You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Kelsey Chetosky on 23rd April 2018
Matt -- missing you today, as always, but know that you are looking down on us with a smile. With love, Kelsey
Posted by Kathy Hussey on 5th January 2018
Happy 25th Birthday Matt! I remember having so much fun celebrating every birthday with you and Steve. I love you and miss you. Hope you have a very special birthday today in heaven!
Posted by Greg Davis on 5th January 2018
Happy Birthday Matt! Thinking about you always. Love and miss you man.
Posted by Maria Etling on 5th January 2018
"Happy 25th Birthday, Matt! Sending love on this special day. Marge, Roger, Steve, and Ben - thinking of you today and sending our love and prayers to The whole family. The memories of Matt are everlasting. "
Posted by Fr.Jordan Kelly on 5th January 2018
Happy birthday, Matt! Thinking of you in a special way today and to ask you that from heaven you would send special graces to your family! I pray for you daily and miss you! Love, Fr. Jordan
Posted by Nina And Ron Stefani on 5th January 2018
Happy Birthday, Matt. Blowing kisses and sending hugs to Heaven. Let that wonderful smile of yours send some warmth to us here on Earth.
Posted by Greg Davis on 3rd May 2017
Matt, Countless nights laughing in your basement and joking around in class are among my favorite memories when I look back at my childhood. Your ability to immediately liven any scenario you entered and the effort you always took to connect individually with each person and make a lasting positive impact on them is truly missed. You were a genuine friend with a radiant personality and I'm thankful for the memories to have shared with you. Miss you bud and think about you always. Keep resting easy. Greg
Posted by Lisa Novotny on 23rd April 2017
Dear Matt. We remember you today and feel the light and love you send to us❤️
Posted by Gordon Chetosky on 23rd April 2017
Hi Matt Never forgotten, every time we drive by Katerine Legge we look out to the bench and think of you!
Posted by Kelsey Chetosky on 23rd April 2017
Matt - thinking about you today (as I do most days)...and remembering all the hilarious, silly times we had. Your new bench is beautiful! Miss you lots. Love, Kelsey
Posted by Fr.Jordan Kelly on 23rd April 2017
Dear Matthew, I pray for you daily, and I often preach about you! Today, I contacted your dear Mom and I offered Mass for you. Like another person I love, I still have so many questions what happened as you left us. I love you! You are in the perfect place of peace and delight. From that place, help your family! Love, Fr. Jordan
Posted by Susan Drolet on 6th January 2017
Happy Birthday, Matt! You are loved and missed every day. Marge, Roger, Steve, and Ben, we are thinking of you today and sending our love and continued prayers for all of you.
Posted by Cheri Vilona on 5th January 2017
Thinking of you today! Wish we could give you lots of love and hugs from all of us in Colorado. We all miss your smile and happy face, and think of you often. Missing you very much dear Matt. Love Aunt Cheri and Uncle Jim
Posted by Mary Kate Hussey on 5th January 2017
Happy birthday dude!! I can still hear you yelling "hairy Mary" from across the room and bragging about your countless great white buffalos. You had the biggest heart and I will always admire how open you were. You were like a protective older brother to me and the long hours we would talk about our stupid mistakes or latest drama. I could trust you with anything. I miss your smile and contagious laughter. I am thinking about you today and always. Love your favorite cousin, Hairy Mary
Posted by Lisa Novotny on 5th January 2017
Happy Birthday Matt. Never forgotten. Forever in our hearts ❤️
Posted by Maria Etling on 5th January 2017
Happy Birthday Matt. Your heartfelt presence lives on today and always. You have touched so many lives. You are missed beyond measure. Celebrating your life today brings comfort. Sending our love and prayers to Marge, Roger, Steve and Ben.
Posted by Kelsey Chetosky on 5th January 2017
Happy Birthday Matt!!!! Miss you and love you :)
Posted by Jackson Langham on 5th January 2017
Happy Birthday Matt! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and am thankful for the time we spent together. Love you always.
Posted by Nina And Ron Stefani on 5th January 2017
Happy Birthday, Matt. Loving thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Please continue to send your loving light to those whose lives you touched.
Posted by Rosemary Hughes on 18th November 2016
Marge and Ron-It wasn't until today and I read about the bench dedication that I learned of your loss of Matt. While we have not been in touch for some years I remember so clearly when the boys were born. The years go by so quickly. Please know that you and your family are in my and Jim's thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Ed Calabrese on 18th November 2016
Marge and Rodger I can't tell you how sorry Donna and I are. I just seen this this Memorial I am lost for words except to say that you are in our parys, and we are so sorry.
Posted by Jake Kiser on 28th April 2016
While the memory is a little vague, I can still recall how excited everyone was when we found out Marge and Roger were having the boys. It was exciting to have them living so close to us. Having grown up and gotten out of the house before having a chance to really get to know Matt, it was not through proximity, but through our one weekend a year that I got to watch Matt grow into the great man he was. I saw it in the way that his parents and brothers loved him, how his cousins and aunt/uncle adored him, and how well others in the group got along and connected with him even if for a short time each year. Some of the greatest memories for all of us were of that one weekend every year, and for that we are all grateful. Its always difficult to find words to explain loss, especially because loss means so many different things to so many different people. But for me, it has always been defined with how the memories of those we've lost live on with us on a day to day basis. When passing moments or fleeting thoughts bring us back to a time we fondly remember. For me, and for those I know loved Matt, there are many great memories everyday that live on with each of us. Matt, you will forever be missed, but never gone and always with us.
Posted by Roger Stefani on 26th April 2016
To All Our Wonderful Family & Friends We want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you have provided for us over the last year. We have felt very loved and cared for. We have loved looking at the pictures, and reading the stories and tributes. It has helped us to remember joyful times in our lives that were shared with Matt. It was very healing for us. We plan to continue to add to this memorial, with pictures and stories, and we hope you all will as well. God Bless You All! Love Marge, Roger, Steven, and Ben
Posted by Susan Drolet on 23rd April 2016
Marge, Roger, Steve, and Ben-Today and always, may loving memories of Matthew bring you peace, comfort, and strength. With love and prayers, Sue and Dennis Drolet.
Posted by Jacob Findling on 23rd April 2016
The last time that I saw Matt I was sitting in my room with my door open and he walked out of my sister's room and passed me. He walked past my room and started towards the stairs, stopped, turned around and walked into my room."Hey man ... you want a fruit roll-up?" I said sure, he ran back into Emily's room and grabbed me a fruit roll-up, ran back down the stairs and yelled "See ya dude!" as he was out the door. I am so glad that this is the last memory I shared with Matt because it always makes me smile. Matt was the most caring, empathetic, genuine guy you could meet - and, best of all, he was such a goof. I miss you Matt, thank you for being such a positive influence in my life.
Posted by Mary Stefani on 23rd April 2016
Dear Matt, you and your parents and brothers are always in our hearts and thoughts and prayers. You brought such energy to our family gatherings with your zest for life. Your many thoughts and ideas and warmth and great humor were a joy to experience. Your compassion, vulnerability and sensitivity along with your openness and friendliness were a gift to us all. Your Love and Spirit live on, more strongly than ever. Rest in God's loving embrace. Love, Aunt Mary
Posted by Warren Chetosky on 23rd April 2016
Thinking about all the great times I had growing up with Matt. I remember when he came over to my house when I was going to school in Minnesota and we just hung out and laughed for hours. He was truly a joy to be around and is greatly missed.
Posted by Chris Kiser on 23rd April 2016
I was always amazed by how every time I saw you, Matt, no matter how long it had been, days or months, we could have a conversation like we had been best friends the whole time. There was this familiarity, warmth, and openness to your friendship that always amazed me. It takes a special kind of energy to seek connection when others might be shy, or forge a friendship where some might make small talk. I am still learning from you every day, and I look forward to the next time we bump into each other, I'm sure it'll feel like Espo's weekend was yesterday.
Posted by Tara Esposito on 23rd April 2016
Matt, your unique smile and the sparkle in your eyes when we got together always made us feel that you were so genuinely happy to see us. During our time together at the lake weekends, you were always so happy to be there having fun and connecting with everyone, young and old! We loved your laugh, your spirit, your kindness and your genuine love of life. You left quite a mark on many people and have been so, so missed. It brings such comfort knowing that you are now watching over all the people you loved, especially your Mom, Dad and brothers. You are forever in our hearts. Tara and John Esposito
Posted by Kelsey Chetosky on 22nd April 2016
Not a day goes by without thinking of Matt...so many good times. If Matt was there, it was a guaranteed fun time. Our vacations to Colorado and Wisconsin always ended with all the kids playing cards around a big table with Matt in the center being the life of the party. Some of my favorite memories with Matt are from Mom's weekend and Dad's weekend at U of I. Going to Kams and Matt getting us free blue guys...dancing with Matt, my mom and Mrs. Stefani...playing quarters with Matt, my Dad and Mr. Stefani. I miss it so much!!! Matt would always light up the room with his smile and his laughter. I know right now that he is looking down on all of us, and watching over us. Matt, I think about you everyday - miss you and love you!
Posted by Megan Hussey on 22nd April 2016
Dear Matthew, The world is not the same without you in it. But it also would not be the place it is if you had not touched it. You touched every person you mets life in a meaningful way, including mine. When I was in junior high and high school, I was petrifyingly shy. But every time I saw you, you would give me a huge smile and hug saying “Hey Meggie! How are you?” Although it may have seemed insignificant at the time, every time you did this, I could feel it melt away a little bit more. I looked up to you for how kind, open, and welcoming you are. The way you would stand up for me when MK would tease me taught me how to stand up for myself. You made a life changing impact on every person who you met, purely through your kindness and caring heart. I know you could see a lot more about a person than you let on, and would make them feel as if they weren’t alone, just as you did to me. I know I would not be the person I am today if you were not in my life. Abraham Lincoln once said “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” You touched more lives in your time than most people do in 80 years. You led a meaningful and full life that I hope I’m lucky enough to get half of. Thank you for showing me to be a strong, kind, and caring person. I love you and miss you with all my heart. Rest easy Love, Meggie
Posted by Jane Cushing on 22nd April 2016
Marge, Roger, Steve and Ben, Many loving thoughts sent your way. What a beautiful way to remember your wonderful son and brother. Matt's presence is shining brightly.
Posted by Ian McKenzie on 22nd April 2016
I didn't know Matt as long as some of you did. When I moved to Hinsdale as a Sophomore, I didn't know a single soul. Matt was one of the first people I got to know at Central and he is, without question, the reason I am a part of the pride. He always made me feel welcome and helped me make the friends I will have for the rest of my life. There was never a moment when he didn't make himself available to you in time of need and going out of his way to make someone's day was never a chore for him. Matt, you are one of the purest, kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I pull from the memories we shared together as inspiration to get through life's toughest times and know you are keeping a watchful eye over all of us. Much Love Brother, Ian
Posted by Cheryl L'Ecuyer on 22nd April 2016
Matt, "People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou-
Posted by Cheryl L'Ecuyer on 22nd April 2016
Rog, Marge, Steve, Ben, "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." -From a headstone in Ireland- You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Jackson Langham on 22nd April 2016
Dear Matt, What I would give to spend one more summer afternoon with you spreading mulch and speculating about Game of Thrones. We shared many a great conversations with one another, and I am pretty sure we solved some of the world’s problems from the bean bags chairs in your basement. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you Matt. You were one of the kindest and most genuine souls I ever had the pleasure of calling my best friend. You taught me how let people into my life, and I am a more open, accepting person because of you. Rest easy and know that you are dearly missed. I love you, Slime
Posted by Jad Husayni on 22nd April 2016
Matt, What I will remember and miss the most about you is your irrepressible laughter. It was always heard best after you made one too many comments to Steve about something, right before getting pummeled for your remarks. Your laugh was infectious; it was so distinguishable and vibrant that it could leave you breathless and make the people around you laugh, too. That laughter played such a huge role in what was an incredible childhood for us, and I could not have asked for a better friend. Rest easy buddy, you are forever in my heart. Love, Jad
Posted by Lisa Novotny on 22nd April 2016
Dear Marge, Roger, Steve and Ben, You are always in our thoughts and prayers . We will forever remember Matt's beautiful smile and spirit
Posted by Sherri Adams on 22nd April 2016
Matt- A year later and we are that much closer to seeing you again, my friend. Grateful for your friendship and for the way you cared for my Lindsey. You two were like brother and sister. We both miss you! Roger, Marge, Steve and Ben- I think and pray for you often. I can only imagine how difficult this past year has been. May God give you the strength, hope and comfort to continue to carry you. We love you! XO
Posted by Sharon O'Brien on 22nd April 2016
I have thought of Matt frequently over the last year and say prayers weekly for Marge, Roger, Steve and Ben. Some of my fondest memories of Matt are from our treasured trips to Espo’s Lake house. At our inaugural weekend at Espo’s, I believe Matt was only 8 years old that summer and I felt we began to bond when I initiated the “King of the Raft” game. That year Matt, Steve and Ben were still too little to throw me off the raft. So as a few years went by, Matt only got older and stronger and soon took over the title of “king of the raft”. Which I might add, I never got back! I also enjoyed watching him master the art of wake-boarding, and at each summer weekend celebration I saw him improve by leaps and bounds; getting up quicker and staying up longer. It made him feel really proud amongst the group. Particularly his cousins and peers! Matt also made me feel welcome to hangout around the “bonfire” late into the evening after all the parents went to bed. He always knew whatever stories or feelings he shared were safe with me. He learned over the years that what happens at the bonfire, stays at the bonfire! It was understood that our conversations were “in the vault”. He was never a huge fan of country music; but he did say the one country song he actually didn’t mind was “Wagon Wheel”, by Darius Rucker. I know in my heart that Matt is in a beautiful place under God’s care and guidance. He is at peace and watching over all those who loved him, and will remain in their hearts forever. We will all be with him again one day. Matt would not want us to be sad forever; he would prefer to keep his memory alive by continuing to tell all the amazing stories about him for years to come and smile when we think of him. Love, Sharon O’Brien
Posted by Nancy McKenzie on 22nd April 2016
Dear Marge, Roger, Steve, & Ben Matt brought so much joy to everyone who knew him. His amazing warmth, and infectious smile, will live in our hearts and minds forever. With much love, The McKenzie Family
Posted by Terri Donahue on 22nd April 2016
Dear Roger, Marge, Steve and Ben, I spent a few hours online looking for a poem or quote which would be meaningful as you celebrate Matt’s life on the anniversary of his passing. I just couldn’t find the perfect words of support. As I reflected on Matt’s beautiful funeral Mass and luncheon, I realized what resonated very clearly. Matt was a loyal friend to so many! There were many stories of how Matt made his friends and family feel so special and that he was there for them when others were not! There is nothing more special and important than friends and family! Our Phi Tau couples group shares that special friendship and loyalty. We wanted you to know that we will continue to be there for you and think about all of you each and every day! With love and friendship, Terri and Tom
Posted by Mary Kiser on 21st April 2016
Your smile lit up a room. Your kindness and warmth so natural. You are in our hearts and prayers. You are loved dearly and missed every day. Until we meet again
Posted by Denise Enright-Hurley on 21st April 2016
Dear Marge, Roger, Steve and Ben, What an honor to be able to leave a tribute to a wonderful family for their beautiful son and brother Matthew. Matt, keep on giving your family the strength and courage they need to continue living life here without your physical presence. You are missed terribly. Their love for you is unmeasurable. I love hearing all the wonderful stories about you. Keep on being their guardian angel. Thanks too for hearing my prayers Matt. You will always be my special angel in my heart.
Posted by Myles Purdom on 21st April 2016
For me to pinpoint one story with Matt is impossible. Although we only spent one weekend a year together, he helped me through some very tough times in my life with countless bonfire talks and boat rides; Matt had that ability to impact people by having just one conversation. I think about Matt damn near every day and the times we spent together. This world needs people who are thoughtful, caring and willing to be a friend to everybody. That is exactly what Matt was to me.

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