Posted by Telena Martin on December 3, 2021
Happy Birthday, we love you so very much and are thinking of you always. On this day, know that you are on my mind and I will be baking a cake in honor of you. The holidays are so very hard on your family but we are getting through them by staying busy. Please know that you are loved and I am proud of the man you were becoming. I know you had your issues, but you were learning and growing. I miss you always and will see you again. Love Mom
Posted by Telena Martin on December 3, 2020
Happy Birthday, I miss you so very much and I think about you everyday. A lot has changed in the time you have been gone. This little man that I am raising, that carries your name, reminds me so much of you. Except the fact that he is scared of everything, fear is something that was not a part of you. You were so fearless and I think that played a huge part in our losing you. I pray one day I see you again. I love you so very much and know that you are worry free in heaven. Love you so very much and miss you, Mom
Posted by Telena Martin on December 4, 2019
Happy Birthday baby boy, life hasn't been the same without you. I try to stay busy so that I have less time to grieve. Your namesake keeps me busy as well. It has not gotten easier since we lost you. It is actually harder with every passing day. But we will keep on keeping on while holding you in our hearts. I love you, I miss you and one day I will see you again. That is what I hold onto. Love Mom
Posted by Telena Martin on November 21, 2017
It has been 8 years today since you left us. We miss you so much and there is not a day that goes by that we do not think of you. I try to stay busy raising this little one that carries your name but sometimes even that is rough. Know that you are with us no matter where we go. I love you so much, Love Mom
Posted by Maygan Stover on March 24, 2017
Hey its been awhile since I wrote..
Guess what your sons 7 years old gahh were has the time gone
I miss you so much...
It still hurts today then it did 7 years ago!
I love you so much
Gage watch's your memorial CD
An he just Cry's says he just misses you so much an wants to see you!
What do I say I always get lost forwwords!r
Posted by Telena Martin on December 3, 2015
Happy Birthday baby boy. It hurts my heart to know that you will always be Forever 22. You are my love, and i miss you with every beat of my heart. Please know that you are in my heart and on my mind, not just this special day but every day. I love you and pray that we will be together again someday. Until then I love you my sweet angel baby. Love Mom
Posted by Telena Martin on November 21, 2015
Dear Matt, it has been six years today since you left us. I miss you, i miss you with every beat of my heart. They said it would get easier with time. It doesn't. It's is still as fresh today as it was then. I stay busy, I don't think as much when i am busy. I sometimes feel like a chicken with my head cut off. That is how i cope. This little one I am raising, your namesake, keeps me going, busy, and that makes it easier to deal. I find some comfort in the thought that you donated your heart to someone and it still beats with every breathe he takes. You were one of a kind and so good. Awww you weren't perfect at all in making decisions, but who on this planet is? You were perfect in loving people more than you loved yourself. I am proud of whom you were becoming. You still had your whole life ahead of you. No one will ever know what you would have accomplished. I used to regret the way i raised you because well I was young and stupid and should have made better decisions. I to wasn't perfect. But I loved you and I would have fought to the death to protect you. I do have one regret, and that is "I wish I had held on to you so tight that even God couldn't have pulled you away".
Posted by Telena Martin on April 4, 2014
I love you. I miss you. A mother should not have to go through this.
Posted by maygan maddox on July 13, 2012
Ur sons birthday is comin soon he will be three n it still breaks my heart that ur not here to see ur grow up to be an intelagent y boy i will never truely understand y god took my true love from me n gage he knws who u r and hes growin up to look jus like you!ily matthew martin
Posted by maygan maddox on March 16, 2012
well its 3 am an i wide awake thinking bout u!! i miss u so much that it hurts still people dont realixe what i go through but i hold everything in i wish u was here so u could hold me an i cry an you tell me everything is gonna be okay:'( its really hard doin this with out you!I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AN I STILL DO!! gage is growin so fast reminds me of u everyday! ily bby
Posted by maygan maddox on January 13, 2012
Hey i havent been on in awhile an i jus wanted u to knw that i still think about u an love yu till this day!! u really mean the world to me ann i jus cant believe your gone:( gage is growin up so much an he looks like u everyday. it bring a blessing to my heart that i have apart of u in my life.gage means the world to me an i knw u watch over i us everdaY.I knw u loved me an gage.well ily:
Posted by Telena Martin on November 11, 2011
The holidays are coming you are on our minds everyday in every way. Got your babies stuff out of layaway. Shipping the 2nd week of December. They are doing well. Hate the thought of them growing up without you.ill talk to you soon and will be back on November 17th. Love you, Mom
Posted by Telena Martin on April 3, 2011
Its Sunday and someone posted on your site,thats what brought me here.Crying like crazy right now. Missing you like crazy. I guess your looking fown from Heaven and thinking mom has lost her mind and i would say thats true. Love you
Posted by just someone on April 3, 2011
Hey matt,
it's been awhile, a long while lol. i don't know if you want to hear from me or not but i just wanted to tell you that i missed you ... you were a great friend and i am sorry for everything that happened throughout the years.....
Posted by Telena Martin on December 3, 2010
Happy Birthday baby, I love you and miss you, I am thinking of you on this day and wish you were here with us all. Love mom
Posted by Telena Martin on October 28, 2010
Having a hard time here, missing you like crazy. Seeing a counselor and I guess its helping, idk. Sitting at the library on your page of course. Love you so much.
Posted by Telena Martin on September 15, 2010
I dont come here often, I can not stand to think of you as gone. The anniversary is coming up and I get worse everyday. I miss you soooo much and life is not the same without you. Your sister misses you to, everyone does. I am working with the AHA this year. Your mom is shining in her work, just like you are shining down upon us. I have never loved anyone as much as you and Jenn, Love Mom
Posted by April Byron on May 31, 2010
Sleep tight sweetheart, look down on your special family keep there hearts safe god bless xxxxx
Posted by maygan maddox on April 10, 2010
hey matthew i jus want you to knw i miss you so much and i love you!! i knw you will always be with us love your wife maygan
Posted by Talina suminski on March 13, 2010
RIP Mat I bet your tearing up heaven from what your mom has written.
Posted by Jennifer Witt on January 24, 2010
Hey Matthina~! J/K! I love you and miss you alot even though it still after two months doesn't seem like your gone. I guess you really aren't. You are still with us and I know you are. We love you!
Posted by Telena Martin on January 23, 2010
Hey baby boy, I love you and miss you terribly. I know that your at peace in heaven. Your troubles and trials are over. I can not wait to see you again and hold you in my arms.

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