Let the memory of Matthew be with us forever
  • 25 years old
  • Born on February 9, 1986 .
  • Passed away on February 22, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Matthew McEachen 25 years old , born on February 9, 1986 and passed away on February 22, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 23rd February 2018
Another year has passed. Hard to believe it has been 7 years already. Sometimes it feels like a life time. Other times, just like yesterday. Each year on the anniversary of your passing, it stabs us in the heart like you just wouldn’t believe. I feel i cry al day and feel very sensitive almost all of February, Will it ever get easier? I guess each day we learn to live with the grief keep busy and try not to dwell on the past, but you were suc a kind loveling soul, how does one not get angry at life when someone who means so much is just taken from you in such tragic circumstances. I hope you did not suffer Matt, I hope you are waiting at the pearly gates of heaven to greet us one day, in a year, so much happens, sarah has bought a house, and a dog. You’d love the dog, and would probably be living under Sarah’s roof. You woukd be so proud of her. So proud of your Dad and all he has achieved in his plight for justice and accountability for the property manager who did not tell you how unsafe the building was. If he had only done his job - none of us would be suffering like this. You would be proud of me for making your friends, part of our family and welcoming them into our homes. God I miss you Matt. What I wouldn’t give to see you just for a minute. Love you forever my darling. Xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 9th February 2018
Today dear Matti you would have been 32. It often feels like a lifetime since you were taken from us, other times it feels like only yesterday. So much happens in a full year, then other times it feels like we are just bide’ing time until we meet again. The pain Sarah goes through is undercribeable, then your dad, suffers so much but often in silence. And for me, not one day goes by when I dont think of you and wish we were together again. I hope God is keeping you safe warm and loved and i long for the day we are together again. A Mum should never never be apart from her son. Miss you and love you for ever my darling. Xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 9th February 2017
Yesterday Matthew would have turned 31. We had all his friends around for the evening. I sometimes feel I have lost a son but gained many half sons! It is sad to think Matt would have been part of the group, such nice things were spoken of Matt, and I know they were all true. He was a kind gentle young soul, not a mean bone in his body. I will never understand why it was him who was taken, life will never be the same and we miss him more every year. One day dear Matti, I pray we will nmeet up again. Love you always Mum xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 22nd February 2016
Dear matti. Today was the fifth anniversary of your passing. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that we saw you. Other times it drags on and I just want to go to sleep and wake up beside you hoping this is a nightmare. But, that never happens. Our lives will never be the same. We remember you daily and your name is in our conversations all the time. This new "normal" life, will never be the normal that we knew. Our lives and changed forever. We will always remember you, always love you, always cherish your memories. Xx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 9th February 2016
Dear matti, today you would have turned thirty. Wow, what a milestone for you to reach, but it was not to be. No one understands grief like a mother who has lost a son, and you my darling, are thought about every single day. I will always love you, will never forget you, you live on in my heart and there are signs out there that you are close. Please always send me these signs. Love you forever. Xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 22nd February 2015
Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of your passing. My heart still aches more than you can ever imagine. It does not get any easier as time passes. The way I see it is that every day that passes hopefully will be a day closer to seeing you again. I think if you every day, I see your photo around me and I carry one with me all the time. My heart is truly broken and can never mend. Yesterday was another emotionally draining day. I left sun flowers at harewood crematorium, the tree where you lost your life in Colombo street, at the public memorial service and the seat that we placed near our home. I hope your heart is facing the sun, you are happy and warm, and still living the dream like you used too. I love you my precious son. Xxxxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 9th February 2015
Today you would have been 29 and we will never see your glowing face. Happy birthday darling. I always remember when you used to come home you would fly though the door slamming it behind you !!! Hi family, I'm home. I used to love that. Loving you always darling. Xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 9th February 2014
Missing you every day Matt. You would have been 28 today. We will never see you fall in love, get married, have a mortgage ! Or have children of your own. I try to think of the good times we had together, and we had so many of them didn't we ! But I would give my life in an instant if I knew it would bring you back. I would give my life to see you for just one second. I love you matti. Mum xxx
Posted by Jeanette McEachen on 20th July 2013
Matti was the most amazing son anyone could have ever wished for. He was selfless, loving, caring, compassionate and he was everyone's best friend. His talents extended from a barista and a musician to an artist and tattooist. He loved his life. He loved his job. His family and friends were the most important things in his life. In his words, He was "living his dream". We miss you Matt. Xx

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