His Life

Remembering Matt

An update on Sept 30,2011:  According to the police report, there were two Russian nationals who saw Matthew jump from the bridge.  There two were the people who picked up Matt's wallet and then walked to the end of the bridge (from mid-span) to notify police.

Matt's backpack and wallet were found near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on September 2, 2011. He is officially listed as a missing person by the police.

A gathering to celebrate and remember Matt's life will be held at 10:30am, Saturday November 19 at the Unity Church of Boulder, Colorado, at the corner of Folsom and Valmont.


On his father Kelvin's side of the family, Matthew was cherished as the only grandchild. Although he saw his grandparents Kate and Johnnie Fedrick and uncles Barry and John in Oklahoma infrequently, Matthew was strongly supported and loved by them.

On his mother Donna's side of the family, Matthew was a member of a large, close tribe. Matthew visited his 13 aunts and uncles and 14 first cousins in Nebraska at least once a year. Matthew had 10 male first cousins who were older or younger by about five years, so family gatherings always included a posse of boys and then young men playing games and goofing off. Sadly, his cousin Joe Badura passed away in January, 2006 at the age of 16.


Colorado State University

The only college Matt chose to apply to was Colorado State in Fort Collins.  He made many close friends during this time and majored in English.



New Vista High School

Matt chose to go to New Vista High School because that was where his buddies Brant and Kayne were going.  This group of friends were soon joined by Conor Clarke. Matt became interested in writing, literature and meditation at this time. He was known to be very sweet and very quiet, yet encouraged goofiness with a ready smile. His good friend Brant Clark took his life in January of Matt's senior year; Matt was deeply saddened by the loss of his good friend.

Elementary and Middle School

Matthew attended Horizons K-8 school.  He was easy going and well liked. He liked to read, play video games, and was especially excited when he got his first computer and X-Box.  He made many friends during his time at Horizons, including Brant Clark, Kayne Priest, Kipp Johnson, Riley Daniels, Broidy Richards and many others.

Coming into this world

Matthew Vincent Sueper was born on January 27, 1989 at Boulder Community Hospital to Donna Sueper and Kelvin Fedrick.  His due date was Valentine's day, but he came early, and he was a little skinny thing at 5 lbs 1 ounce.  His middle name was Vincent, after his maternal great grandfather, Vincent Zach Jr.  Matthew was a sweet, good baby who could sleep through anything and was especially cute.  He attended the Rainbow Center preschool where at 4 years old he was the male lead star at their Christmas program.  During this time at the Rainbow Center he was engaged to be married to at least one little girl.