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Time with the Varanis

Shared by Annette Langley on July 31, 2020
...then there was that time that Matt came with us to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to hear a talk about cats in Egyptian art.  

It did not go well because the speaker had fortified her courage to the point that she could barely speak.  

Unfortunately we had taken front row seats, so while the auditorium emptied out hour by hour we stayed put..... 

However we laughed like crazy all the way home to Boulder because Mathew started to recite key phrases from the talk that sent us into paroxysms of mirth. He saved the day.

Lovely Matthew. We all miss you like crazy.

Fond Memories of a Joyful Loving Boy

Shared by Stacey Sherman Lee on August 11, 2012
Another memory I treasure were the times we use to hang out at my house in the canyon and watch movies together - Matthew loved to cuddle with my cat, Mousey. He never wanted to leave. He was also a great hugger - he made me smile inside and out! I have fond  memories of Matthew playing on the rocks in the creek and at the park , Matthew and Donna were like family to me when I was far from home. Forever grateful I remain. Thank you Matt Hugs and Kisses to you dear one. Thank you Donna!! I love you.

Whose Hammock Is It??!!

Shared by Stacey Sherman Lee on August 11, 2012
Well when I knew Matthew he was 5 or 6. Donna Matthew and I use to hang out when I lived in Boulder - we met as neighbors and became friends. So my most vivid memory is when the 3 of us camped out at a local park I had just hung my hammock nicely between two trees and Matthew claimed that spot as his! He hopped in there And I can still see his  face beaming, his smile was grinning from ear to ear - like a child in heaven - he also poured on the charm, there was no way I could kick him out :) needless to say we all enjoyed the weekend!

Memories with Matthew

Shared by Stacey Sherman Lee on August 11, 2012
Matt will always have a special place in my heart. to me, he is very much alive in spirit and in my heart Matthew and Donna filled my heart with, goofiness and laughter - I can't believe that he is gone - I am so sorry for your loss Donna - and for Matthew and any unrest he has suffered. I love you guys--Stacey

Matt's field trips

Shared by Catherine Badura on September 18, 2011

Matt had the best school field trips of all his cousins: snow skiing, going to the mountains with his class, water rafting, etc. His cousins couldn't compete with this as they went to the usual Henry Doorly Zoo and capital at Lincoln, Nebraska.

Matt never bragged about it, but everyone else (including the aunts and uncles) were envious.

Cinnamon Rolls

Shared by JoAnn Hageman on September 11, 2011

Matt has always been a skinny kid that's why it always amazed me how he could eat and eat and eat Grandma's cinnamon rolls.  When Matt came to visit, mom always made sure to have some ready for him in the mornings. 

Sweet Potatoes

Shared by Sawyer Brown on September 10, 2011

Matt tried sweet potatoes and liked them.

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