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Action Film Siblings

Shared by Hannah Smith on February 23, 2021
I remember when this photo was taken like it was taken yesterday, (and I wish it was because that would mean Matt is still here). We were taking our family photos at some place at Memorial City Mall, and much like the usual Matt, he arrived last out of all of us. I don't know if the photo is posted on here yet, but this was the family photoshoot where we looked like we just walked off the set of one of the Godfather movies. Since Matt was always the one to arrive fashionably late to every family event, we all highly anticipated his arrival, but I like to think that I anticipated it more than anyone else because anytime I got to see Matt was like waking up on Christmas day, it always got me so excited. I remember on this day, we were all sitting inside the little photo studio, waiting for a text from Matt that he was there, and when we got the message that he was close, I was the first one to dart out of my seat and book it out to him. He wasn't even right outside the studio, he was at the other end of the main mall hallway (practically), but I still ran all the way to him and gave him a big hug, like I always did, and like I always did too, I almost made him spill whatever drink it was that he was carrying. This photo shows us walking back to the studio together, looking like the bad bitches we are, almost like there should be a Michael Bay explosion behind us or something. I like to think that Matt and I are much like Team Rocket: prepare for trouble and make it double!


Shared by Rebekah Wilson on February 21, 2021
We have this running joke in my family (at least among us kids). Who is mom's favorite kid? I won't go into the reasons behind why we thought each kid was the favorite, its much too personal. But it was a constant joke. "Oh, of course she answers when MATT calls. He's the favorite." To which my mom would say, "Stop it!" I'm pretty sure she hates this joke but it will absolutely live on. Sorry, not sorry, Mom.

Walking me down the aisle

Shared by Rebekah Wilson on February 21, 2021
You might notice that Matt and Josh walked both my mom and me doing the aisle at my wedding. While planning my wedding, I tried to think of who I wanted to walk me down the aisle. Josh or Matt, Josh or Matt. I thought maybe Josh, and Matt could walk Mom. Or the reverse. I couldn't decide. I never feel right about picking one sibling over another. This is something that my mom definitely instilled in us. She loves us all equally, and I think, all us kids are the same way. No favorites (though there's a story there, too). 
SO. I picked both Matt and Josh. It was quite funny on the wedding day. Matt and Josh walked my mom down the aisle, then ran back to me (which was quite a ways away, should be able to see this in other pictures) and walked be down the aisle. It was awesome. 

Matt meets Stella

Shared by Rebekah Wilson on February 21, 2021
Matt first met my daughter, Stella, when she was 4 weeks old. We were visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I was a first time mom and everything was very new to me. I wasn't comfortable nursing and pumping around my in-laws, so I went to our bedroom to nurse and pump. Matt arrived and knocked on our bedroom door. I told him he could come in, but I wasn't decent. He said something about how he didn't care, probably cracked a joke about me pumping and nursing at the same time. But all I specifically remember is how comfortable I was. I didn't worry about covering myself or holding Stella in a way that could hide my boobs or tummy better. I just nursed. That was really cool. Its really hard to feel so comfortable nursing when the baby is so little. She was still learning, it was still a little uncomfortable, and it was just awesome how wonderful Matt was. 
(There's a picture of Stella and Matt together right after this. I'll caption it referencing this story so you know which pic.)
Shared by Michelle Mitcham on February 18, 2021
Matthew was always the sweetest and always made it a point to say hello anytime we ran into him. He always made our days pleasant when he came into dollar tree with his wonderful sense of humor and just all around pleasant attitude. He is and was truly loved and will greatly be missed.

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