Posted by Andrea Smith on February 27, 2021
I remember the day Matt was born and Donna (my daughter) was in the OR having a caesarian and her ex-husband couldn't handle being in there and he came out and they let me come in....I was there when he took his first breath! Being his Grandmother, they was such a joy! When they held him up for me to see, I was Grandson took his first breath and I was there! Then I got to watch him grow up...more joy!! 

Another memory was when Donna came to visit us in Evans, GA. She came with her boyfriend at the time...Dallas...and they all stayed about a week. I had kids camped all over the house. But, one night Matt was sitting out in our sunroom playing a game on his got late...and I finally told him I was going to go to bed...everybody else had already done that...and I said Goodnight, Matt. The next morning I was the first one up...I poured myself a cup of coffee and went out in the sunroom to have a cigarette...and there sat the exact same spot he was in when I went to bed!! I just looked at him and said "Matt?" He said "Hi, Nanny!" I said "have you been to bed?" He said "ummmm...nooooo?" and I just broke out laughing. He loved his gaming..that was awesome! We talked for awhile...just me and cool! He will be soooo missed! Rest in Peace my awesome are with God now!
Posted by Christopher Danysh on February 24, 2021
I briefly attended college with Matthew at UHV. During that short time, I was able to spend many interesting moments with him while learning more about him and appreciating his humor. One moment stands out the most. He challenged a younger and ignorant me in a way that really shook me to my core. This was just a simple suggestion about how my thoughts are just as relevant as the action whether or not I'm acting - and this helped me overcome some really difficult years that followed in that I became more aware of how my thoughts fed negative realities. His bold challenge was meant as genuine heartfelt guidance since he was the oldest of my peers at that time. This stirring caused me to seriously seek a spiritual path. I had to reach out to him after a few years to express my deep appreciation. I was hoping to visit him again. Please accept condolences. May he rest in the perpetual light. His challenge urged me to find meaning to life, and just for that, I sincerely appreciate having had the opportunity to share in his existence.
Posted by Drina Caran on February 22, 2021
Dear Donna & Family,
This is such a beautiful tribute. Praying these wonderful memories help ease your sorrow during this most difficult time. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please accept my most sincere condolences. 
Love & Hugs,
Posted by Rebekah Wilson on February 21, 2021
"I'm a co worker of Matthew Broderick I just found out the horrible news my condolences and prayers to you and his family he was more than a co worker he was and will always be my friend and will be truly missed the conversations that would always seem to go left or right field lol but when needed he would truly give an ear to listen without judgment thank you for the time that we had 4yrs. working with someone every nite you tend to get to know them especially 3rd shift rest easy brother you will be missed!!"
-Posted on FB by Mark Garcia and copied here (so we can have stories and tributes all in one place)
Posted by DEBORAH GRASSO on February 21, 2021
I remember Matthew as a really sweet boy, very loving with gorgeous red hair.
Posted by Izzy Ketchens on February 19, 2021
I only met Matthew once in person, but in that little time I could see how amazing of a person he was. He treated Kris with so much love and light and that's the only thing that mattered in my book. He was much loved and will be missed. Blessed be to the family.
Posted by Christine Allison on February 18, 2021
Donna – Thank you for sharing Matthew with the world. This is an amazing tribute where he will continue to live in your hearts through your stories and pictures. (BTW - My favorite is “The Smiths (Don't mess with us! 2016)” If there was a movie called the God Mother like the God Father, this would be the picture for the movie poster!!!!) I feel like I got to know Matthew through this memorial and what a fun guy! You were so lucky to have him as your son and he was just as lucky to have you as a Mom. Keep sharing the stories, Keep sharing the pictures, Keep talking about him and he will live on. May God’s newest angel named Matthew be with you always. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – My deepest condolences to you and your family, Christine Allison
Posted by Angee Brooks on February 18, 2021
Matthew always made me laugh. He had such a wonderful and different way he viewed and understood things. A smile was always on his face. He was even smiling when he battled a tree and lost. Glad I got to meet him and he's missed.
Posted by Jason Shankle on February 18, 2021
I didn't know Matthew for a very long time, but in the short time I did know him he made a huge impact on me and I loved him like my own family. He will be missed. I love you man.
Posted by Kristin Holland on February 18, 2021
Matthew was the best person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and loving. He will never be replaced, as he was one of kind, and will forever be missed. There is a hole now in all of us where he used to be, and I just hope everyone can find the strength to go on. I love you all, now and always.

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