Let the memory of Maureen be with us forever
  • 92 years old
  • Born on August 27, 1922 in Portland, United States.
  • Passed away on March 1, 2015 in Milwaukie, Oregon, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maureen Rowe 92 years old , born on August 27, 1922 and passed away on March 1, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Mary Rowe on 2nd March 2016
It is hard to believe it is already a year since mom's passing. I still miss our daily talks and hearing about the latest book she read or the SkipBo games. She dearly loved all her grandkids and family. Love you mom.
Posted by Debra Jones on 1st March 2016
Sending love to my grandma this day and always. I miss you and think of you often. I am forever grateful for having such a kind, sweet, loving grandma like you that I have such wonderful memories of. I am one lucky grand-daughter. Love you grandma, Debbie XOX
Posted by Mary Rowe on 15th March 2015
Sharing of my mom from her memorial service: First off I want to thank the amazing caregivers at the Clackamas Springs. When my mom had to give up her house it was really hard on her and she thought the Springs would never be her home. After awhile though she came to call it her home – not because of the physical location but because of the love and caring she received from the caregivers and the friends she made there on staff and with other residents. It was heart warming for me to be with my mom 24/7 the last few weeks and see the care she received and hear the stories from the caregivers about their relationship with my mom so to the Springs staff and residents here - thank you for that. This is tough being up here to talk about my mom. How to sum up 92 years of stories in a few minutes – where to start? She was an extraordinary woman living a very ordinary life. She did things in an unassuming way. Maureen Rowe – lovingly known as Moe by family and friends That name started because a young co-worker dubbed her that saying it was a cross between Mom and Maureen. That was over 40 years ago and it stayed with her. When I was growing up and my mom was caring for me she thought I was stubborn and then during the last 11+ years of her life when the tables were turned and I was caring for her through her health ailments, I thought she was the stubborn one. During her last couple of weeks of life I was staying in her apt. with her. I went to check her mail one day and I found a valentines card she sent me but it was returned because she got my address wrong. In it she wrote how much she loved and appreciated me and that she enjoyed “most” of our conversations. I laughed to myself about how even when dying and unable to speak for a week she was able to have the last word with me. but the one thing that was constant is my mom was a best friend to me and my “go to” person and we loved each other deeply, and knew each other better than most people do. Except for my college years we had practically daily contact with each other and even then we would meet for a meal or to visit after she got off work. Little things my mom did that not many people knew about included when she worked downtown she baked cookies for the homeless youth at Outside In and delivered them on her way to work. That is just the kind of thing she would do for people. She kept a full cookie jar in the kitchen, and would welcome anyone to stay for dinner and she took in another teenager to live with us when she wasn’t getting along with her parent. She walked every where and after she retired I would get “moe sightings” from people telling me all the places they saw her walking. She didn’t go to college but she was one of the most well read people you could meet and always kept up on current events. She was an extraordinary woman just leading an ordinary life. Two things that my mom loved passionately were her family and her church here at St. Johns. She started coming here in 1959 when my parents bought their home in Milwaukie. She never left St. Johns. She volunteered in the office for years, and as a lay Eucharist minister. She also was on alter guild for the weekday service. She had many wonderful friends here. The first friend she met was Betty. They were instantly like sisters. Betty became like an aunt to me and I can still hear them laughing. Betty’s daughter and I were talking recently about how St. Peter better be prepared because when those two reunite in the afterlife no one will get a word in for quite some time. They will have a lot to catch up on and a lot of laughter will be had. There are so many other wonderful women she knew here but one I want to especially thank is Zee for her faithful loving friendship and daily visits to my mom for the last 8 years. As I said the other thing my mom loved dearly was her family. The happiest time in her life was when she got to retire and watch her grandkids. She adored Thomas, Matt, Maggie and Sam as she did the other grandkids when they came over. She watched my children when I was at work. I would come home to find some cool project they had worked on – drawings with Thomas, a cookie factory with Matt made out of cardboard complete with having baked chocolate chip cookies coming out of the factory. She would have Thomas and Matthew days where she would take one at a time for a special outing. Then there would be these 4-8 week trips to see Maggie and Sam in Mt. I know Bob and Melanie really cherished those visits. We in Oregon missed mom and dad while they were gone. Matt helped me navigate taking them on their last trip to Montana. They were happy to have one more visit. As the grandchildren grew she was so proud of each one of you. When the great grandkids came along she was so thrilled. First Aiden, then Kaleb and Emily. By the time they came along her mobility was limited and she lived for the times when we would have a family gathering and get her over to my house or out to Matts, or Matt and Angelica would bring the children to her. She would read to them or when they were little hold them to feed them a bottle. We have a video from just a couple weeks before she passed of her sitting on her chair with Kaleb perched on one arm and Aiden on the other as she read a picture book to them of Marley the dog. Where my mom’s faith and family came together was not only in her actions but in prayer. When she would tell me in her later years that she didn’t have a purpose anymore I would often tell her that it was her prayers that were the glue that held our family together and got me and my kids through tough times. I always thought she had the direct line to God with her prayers. Mother Rebecca referred to her as a “prayer warrior” and that she was. She told me this past year that she said the Lords Prayer and the 23rd Psalm every night after she went to bed and then prayed for each of her family and then all the children in the world. And that was my mom –She didn’t need or care about taking big trips just going to the beach and Montana. A good day to her was being with her family and if that happened to be at the coast that was a really great day. And if it was at the beach it included multiple walks on the beach which made it a really really great day. She loved to cook holiday meals and feed people. She loved her church and family and quietly prayed for all the children of the world.
Posted by Sally Mueller on 11th March 2015
Moe was gracious, smart, funny, and strong. We loved her visits to Montana, the wonderful letters she wrote, the love she shared with us and the world. Rest in peace Moe.
Posted by Debra Jones on 10th March 2015
I have so many fond memories of my grandma, spending the night on Friday nights, making chocolate cookies, stirring the gravy for Thanksgiving and eating that delicious homemade stuffing every year. NO one could come close to grandmas stuffing. Grandma never missed a birthday, an Easter or Christmas my entire life, and i looked forward to her cards and to see her beautiful handwriting. My grandma was a strong, loving, caring woman. I will miss her but feel so fortunate that I got to have her here for almost 50 years of my life. I love you Gma! XoX
Posted by Gillian Butler on 8th March 2015
Moe loved my dog, Marley, and we loved visiting her. I treasure the time we had; the conversations and books we shared. We miss you, Moe, but are confident that you are wrapped in arms of love, with every pain removed.

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