Maurice Aaron Crane
  • 87 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 6, 1926
  • Place of birth:
    Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 1, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    East Lansing, Michigan, United States
Let the memory of Maurice be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maurice Crane, father, husband, grandfather, great grandfather, teacher, leader, intellectual giant. and funny, funny man.  We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Bernhard Wichert on 22nd June 2017

"The years go by so quickly. Yet his voice an still be heard- Maurice's recollections of Robert G.Vincent  can be heard online:
Bernhard Wichert/Germany"

This tribute was added by Beth Cafagna on 7th June 2017

"We think of Maury often, and send our best wishes to the family. I've been concerned about how Elayne is doing now. Maury's smile was a joy to see. I remember how pleased we were that he came to my dad's memorial service at Edgewood United Church. I can still see him in the social hall, talking to my mother and me. Love, Bethj Greer Cafagna"

This tribute was added by pat taksen on 6th June 2017

"Remembering my beloved brother -in -law on his 91st birthday.
I loved the way he sprinkled his comments with Yiddish. I still remember the beautiful wedding of Elayne & Mush & how happy I was to have him in my life."

This tribute was added by Donald Gochberg on 1st June 2017

"Maury was a magnificent teacher, inimitable wit, and a delightful human. I treasure his memory, especially when we taught Humanities together in the London program many decades ago.  Maybe we shall meet again.  That would be a great gift to me."

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 1st June 2017

"I love you grandpa.  I miss you."

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 1st June 2017

"Dad, in life you were larger than life, louder than Muzak and loved beyond   measure. Three years after you passed, I  can't say you are still louder than Muzak, but you remain larger than life and loved beyond measure."

This tribute was added by malakai crane on 23rd April 2015

"Grandpa Maurice was the best man I've ever known. I just wish I could say goodbye"

This tribute was added by Bernhard Wichert on 23rd April 2015

"Just by accident I saw the news of the passing of Maurice.- I first got in contact with him in the early 1980s for a possible exchange of sound recordings. He immediately replied in a very nice, friendly and positive way. And that was the beginning of a very long and fruitful exchange. Although I have never met him I can say that he was a very enthusiastic collector and a good friend. R I P
Bernhard Wichert, Roetgen/ Germany

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 18th December 2014

"love you grandpa.  thinking of you.  glad i got to see you one last time."

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 25th November 2014

"During this season of thanksgiving I give thanks for so much laughter that my father brought to me- some, I will admit, at him, but most of it with him-as I sit and ponder I can envision his face alight with delight as he was engaged in a story or a song- and I have caught myself singing "whose your Pappy" loudly in the shower-with tears and love dear dad"

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 21st November 2014

"Hi Grandpa, I love you."

This tribute was added by Jane Ryan on 20th October 2014

"I was saddened to learn of old Gunson Street neighbor's (in the early days) passing while reading the MSU Alumni magazine today.   Maurie was a dear friend to my parents (William and Isabelle McCann) in the
1950's+   He spoke in tribute to them at their memorial services for which I was very grateful.   I've been able to keep in touch with him and Elayne on occasional visits to EL and always enjoy reliving (and replaying) music from the Geriatrics era.   I will be playing one of my albums tonight and reminiscing in my mind about life on Gunson Street.   My condolences to Elayne and his children and extended family.   The East Lansing/MSU community has lost a true treasure!
   in Marquette,   Jane McCann Ryan"

This tribute was added by Ellen Passman on 19th September 2014

"Funny how you remember things. As I read the loving tributes....his line was " how may I make you happy" not can, because we all know he  can make us all happy. Seems I remember the line being " how may I make your life  more wonderful" it's what I remembered after 45 plus years  and of course he did make everyone one's life more wonderful. It's nice to know he leaves an international fan club from Japan to London to good old MSU. You will be forever remembered in my heart."

This tribute was added by Ellen Passman on 19th September 2014

"Over the years, from  time to time, Maury Crane came to my mind.
I smiled and always reached out to find him. I called the very old number that I had but, there was never an answer... But I kept trying....always feeling that grand and glorious spirit..."how can I make your life more wonderful"....I joyfully learned that life lesson almost 50 years ago and it works in my life today. And then he shared lessons about comedy, and love and loyalty, jazz, humanities and about being human.....back in 1966 when the kids were little and  Elyane "kvelled" at what a stunning and wonderful man she shared her life with. Your marriage was an inspiration to an impressionable college girl who just adored this wonderful teacher and sterling human being.
Today I found out why I could never say hello or goodbye....I am still crying like all  of us whose  heart and intellect he touched and inspired us to be all we could be.
My sincere condolences to Elayne and the many generations of Cranes and the extended family you send Maury created. Were my college friend and sister in law, Elaine Ryan Passman alive she would send her
Condolences and love as well. We were all so fortunate to have known and loved him; thank you for sharing him so generously and graciously.
He will never be far away from us ...........
our very dear M.A. Crane Professor.

With love, Ellen "Sam " Passman Justin Morrill College Class of 69"

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 11th September 2014

"Missing you, debonair grandpa."

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 2nd September 2014

""Don't bug the Moose!""

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 20th August 2014

"I went to a training on dementia and I want to offer my joy and thanksgiving for my father and the man he was and my lamentations for how little I knew of caring him through his dementia.  May he be at peace"

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 12th August 2014

"Hi Grandpa, I am missing you today.  I love you.  You have been very important.  it is very noble to leave your body to science."

This tribute was added by Rich Panter on 2nd August 2014

"For some reason Maury popped into my head this morning.  Googling him, I was saddened to learn of his passing two months ago.  My condolences to all his family, especially to Abby, whom I once met while she was a freshman at Wellesley.  He was simply one of the finest people I've ever known.

I first knew Maury in '67 as my favorite MSU prof., and, like so many others, I loved his humor,wisdom, and humanity. Like so many other students, I felt he saw us a colleagues and fellow travelers.   As a jazz drummer, I also knew him as a friend and musician.  Working in MSU's film unit in the mid-70', we re-connected and occasionally jammed together with other musicians .  As a documentary filmmaker in the 80's & 90's, he often provided me with some great historical audio from his
second incarnation as director of the Vincent Voice Library.  It was a pleasure to introduce my wife and daughter to him in '96, the last time I saw him in."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Crane on 16th July 2014

"To whom it may concern:
I recently cleaned out some book shelves and came upon this paperback from my favorite college professor, Maurice Crane. That prompted me to look him up on line and discover to my sadness, that he
had recently passed away. I am certain that he would not remember me, but all these years later, he is the only professor that I remember by name from my years at MSU.

The dreaded four, three-term classes required in those years for freshman and sophomores all were survey courses covering many topics. The one exception for that dread was the Humanities classes
taught by Dr. Crane. Once I found him, I took these only from him. My love of the Humanities, Art, Art History and the Classics all were born in those classes with him. He not only knew his topic but loved it
and brought it to life.

I did not have the heart to put this in the Goodwill box. This book may be something that already exists in his papers. But, in the off chance that this is something that might be of value to the University in his
memory, I am sending it to you for safe keeping. He was quite a guy, gentleman and scholar, and it was my pleasure to have spent time in his classes.

Condolences to his family and a salute for a life well lived and remembered by a grateful student.
Jill Johnson Norman"

This tribute was added by Molly Allison on 13th July 2014

"I have already given Guinevere and Abby my love, but I want the rest of the family to know my memories of Dr. Crane as well. I'm a college friend of Guinevere's. Any visit of any friend's family is a joy to a student, I think. Maurice and Elayne were always lovely to spend time with. I remember Dr. Crane's sense of humor - always quick with a joke to get everybody comfortable in his presence - and how much he made us all feel like intellectual peers. I never felt condescended to, and over time I have found more and more how much I appreciate that, both from him and others in my life. He will be missed from this little corner of Alabama."

This tribute was added by robert barfoot on 4th July 2014

"I first met Mush in 1940 as a fellow clarinetist in the ACHS Marching Band, I was a Junior, Mush was a Freshman.  In my Senior year Mush was lst chair-1st clarinet, I was 3rd chair-1st clarinet, between us wa another good friend, Beryl Hoffman.  We all became very good friends outside school  as well as in the band. Among his many accomplishments he created a humor column in our school page in the local Atlantic City Press newspaper which devoted a page in the Saturday Edition, it was titled "ACHS On The Cob"
Mush was a remarkable, one of a kind, man.  I will miss him, but will not forget him and wish to express my sincere condolences to his beloved Elayne and their family."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Crane on 25th June 2014

"Yeah.  I am having dreams.  Nothing too spooky --just walking around with Dad being alive."

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 23rd June 2014

"three weeks and a day nothing  clever to say beyond measuring the days in coffee spoons-i am sad, i am surrounded by abundance and love and i am sad missing you Dad"

This tribute was added by Diane Gartung on 17th June 2014

"My connection with Dr Crane goes WAY back.....pre-birth actually!  My parents, Bob and Sylvia Gartung lived at 1027 E Grand River shortly after they were married.  This was next to?  near?  the Cranes.  Before I was born my parents relocated to Durand Street.  
     Many years later, I started MSU and was wondering which prof to choose for Humanities classes.  Mom said that Dr Crane was very interesting and funny, so I signed up.  After class the first day, I went up and introduced myself.  This began a friendship that I treasure.  When I would be in the vicinity of the MSU library, I would stop in to say "hi",  or maybe see him in Geriatrics Six  Plus One.  
         Not only was he an excellent, funny, interesting professor, but a great person too.  Miss him!  Diane Gartung"

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 15th June 2014

"It's Father's Day. I find myself reflecting on the many joys you passed down to me, the newest and most unexpected of which is seeing you through other people's eyes when I visit this site. Love you Dad."

This tribute was added by Tess Tavormina on 12th June 2014

"Dear Elayne, Abby, Greg, and all the rest of Maury's family --

Maury made all of us so happy, all the time.  He was one of the earliest, warmest, and most collegial of welcomers to new faculty members at MSU when I returned to East Lansing in 1978, a splendid story-teller, passionate public intellectual, and fantastic "amateur" (in the full sense of "lover") musician.  And his laughter and his zest for living to the full enriched the lives of everyone who knew him.  We miss him with you."

This tribute was added by Mary Ann Kiesler on 11th June 2014

"I was always so delighted to run into Dr Crane and as he put it "his beautiful wife".  He was still so in love. What a wonderful man he was, so bright, so talented and very giving and fun.  What a loss this is, but so glad I knew him."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 11th June 2014

"the music's stopped,hasn't it?
and darkness has descended.
everybody's gone to sleep.
no need to tread softly,you won't wake him.
but be very quiet,you might hear him."

This tribute was added by Terry Link on 11th June 2014

"A gentle giant has moved on, but his memory still nudges us to see how WE "might make others happy". Dr. Crane was a true joy who shared his boundless energy, enthusiasm, broad and deep knowledge with all. He did it with compassion modeling a life dedicated to making the world around him a little better everyday. He did that for me for many years and I'm a better person for having him as a colleague. I can only hope to pay it forward half as well. My sincere sympathies to those closest to him. Be warmed by the countless fond memories that live on."

This tribute was added by Christopher Jenkins on 10th June 2014

"Sending my condolences to the Crane Family.

In my youth, I remember Dr. Crane was such a kind and caring man / father. I also remember he tell us (me and my friends), never forget to get an education...without it...where will you go?

Please know that he will always be a part of all of you...in your hearts and know my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours and although your Father is at peace...God is watching over him from a distance."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 10th June 2014

"I am truly touched by the outpouring of love in tributes,cards and calls.
Wish we could go around again one more time."

This tribute was added by Joan Gochberg on 9th June 2014

"Dearest Elayne,
It was always such fun being with you and Maury.  Remember that wonderful, wacky summer of 1992 when Don and Maury taught the Humanities in London program?  I have uploaded 5 photos from that amazing adventure.  So many happy memories of all the connections we  had.
With much love to you and all the family from Don and me,

This tribute was added by Jim Oliver on 9th June 2014

"I always will remember the way that he answered the phone when I called him. "How may I make you Happy". He always was there to help."

This tribute was added by Beth Cafagna on 9th June 2014

"Thank you for the lovely obituary in Sunday's Lansing State Journal. And we very much enjoyed reading the family history that Maury wrote years ago. Fascinating history! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Marcia Tanner on 8th June 2014

"In the early 1960s, young Dr. Crane was my humanities professor -- and I loved every minute of his classes.  I kept two notebooks -- one for his lectures notes, and one for his jokes.  I have no idea what ever happened to those notebooks, but my memories of his classes are still vivid.

He used to join a group of us in the Wilson grill after class.  We'd talk, laugh, read the Peanuts comics in The State News and do a collective crossword puzzle.  He became not only my professor, but my friend, and a few short years later Maury and Elayne graciously attended Bruce's and my wedding.

Over the years we have enjoyed re-connecting periodically, whether with the Geriatric 6 +1 or at a random garage sale or at the Vincent Voice Library or a social event, and he has always held a special place in my heart and mind.  I did not know he was ill, and I was very saddened to read his obituary in today's paper.  The tributes on this site have softened some of that sadness because they have made his wonderful spirit alive for anyone who reads them.

The best piece of advice he gave me when I was an undergrad was, "Choose something to do for a living that you would do anyway, even if you weren't getting paid for it."   He will be missed -- and continue to be remembered and loved."

This tribute was added by carol neff on 8th June 2014

"On  April  23rd  1958 ,  Mush  , my brother  in law  , sent  me   typed  written  letter  which  is now  aged and yellowed  with time . I  have  kept the letter in a  bible as keep sake .
I was 10 years  old at the time and had just  lost  my father . The  family was  making plans to move from our wonderful  Atlantic  City  NJ  home and  lay  stakes in Harrisburg Pa. I  guess , that  I  was  pretty  upset about  the plan. Mush 's  letter was  a  loving and  kind Pep  talk . He  wrote  that " Nobody  likes  to leave  home and he added  that the  person who gets the  biggest  Bang  Out of life is the  one who finds happiness where he is  instead  of where  he isnt '.'
He was telling my 10 year old crushed  lil spirit  that  I could make it  and he added , that  he and  the family  believed  I  could  make the adjustment .
Thank you Mush  for  taking the time  to care about your  kid  sister  in  law ."

This tribute was added by sandy bryson on 8th June 2014

"I first met Maurie when I worked in the Study Aboard Office and he took the first Humanities class to London in 1968. His video - with background music from the Geriatric Six Plus One - followed, which was a great recruiting tool for the program. He loved his work and students as much as anyone I have met."

This tribute was added by Daniel Moss on 7th June 2014

"Dear Jennifer, Elayne, and the rest of the Crane family,
We offer our deepest condolences to you for your loss. Maury was such a very wonderful, bright man as so many people have attested to already. We in the Moss family are continually blessed by Jennifer, who carries the marvelous hallmarks of both her parents. I'm sorry that my wife and daughter did not get to meet Maury and I wasn't able to see him in the last few years. May the memories of this incredible man continue to shine bright for the family and world.
Love, Daniel, Ching Li, and Leah Mei"

This tribute was added by Jonathan Crane on 7th June 2014


This tribute was added by saralee howard on 7th June 2014

"Maury was unique, passionate and a true teacher. When in the mid-1990s I was working on an exhibit for the Michigan Historical Museum , On the Air, a history of radio and television in Michigan, he was amazing as he helped with ideas, resources, and caring. Because of him and the remarkable voice library he built, thousands of visitors got to hear and see authentic portrayals of pivotal moments in Michigan's 20th century. I can in my mind hear his voice to this day. To life, to Maury."

This tribute was added by Beth Cafagna on 6th June 2014

"Dear Family: I forgot to mention that Maury was a professor of Humanities, my father's department at MSU. They spent many years together, teaching and doing political activism for peace and justice.
All those professors had a profound effect on general education at MSU and they were all a part of my growing up, like extra parents. There were no finer people than Maury and his colleagues."

This tribute was added by Beth Cafagna on 6th June 2014

"Dear Family of Maury: We send our heartfelt condolences to your family. I had planned to visit Maury, and he was in my thoughts for the past month. He was a dear man, a beautiful musician who brought such joy to all who heard the Geriatric Six, a generous donor to MSU, a brilliant scholar and teacher. I'm so glad he touched the lives of so many students, and especially my family, the Greers. God bless you."

This tribute was added by pat taksen on 6th June 2014

"I remember my beloved brother-in-law with so much love on his birthday. He was so handsome and so bright and I can still remember his beautiful wedding to my sister. I always wanted to be smart because of him and still cherish my time at Michigan State where he served so honorabley Rest in peace dear Mush."

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 6th June 2014

"As one who carries hope, on Sunday morning, June 1st, I purchased a birthday card and so it is - i thank you for giving an example of both quality as well as quantity of life-happy birthday to a life well lived"

This tribute was added by Missy DeBerry on 6th June 2014

"Although I did not get to meet him in person, I know that he was a giant of a man.  His light still shines.  I have glimpse of him through his daughter, Jennifer.  Jennifer, I  am holding you and your family in my heart and thoughts."

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 6th June 2014

"Happy birthday grandpa."

This tribute was added by Harry Crane on 6th June 2014

"6-6-26 --- Happy birthday"

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 6th June 2014

"you would have been 88 today.i was going to bring you cake.you liked sweets.love you."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Crane on 6th June 2014

"Happy Birthday Dad"

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 6th June 2014

"Missing you on your birthday."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 5th June 2014

"to linda schleider,he told his yugoslavian aide at hi assisted living facility that his name was maish whereupon her eyes brightened and she said "oh,mischa,little mouse.""

This tribute was added by Linda Schleider on 4th June 2014

"I'm very sorry to hear about Maurice's passing.  To those of us back East,  he was Maish.  My mom , Fay, was his first cousin from "the old country". His parents, Will and Luba were wonderful people  and clearly from all I've read here they had a terrific son.  Of Maurice, Bob and Fred, the only one I remember from childhood was Fred who stayed in AC.  I'm sorry I never got to know  Maurice, but may I offer sincere condolences to all who loved him.  Linda Schleider Davis"

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 4th June 2014

"On more than one occasion during his final week my father turned to us and said ow, i hurt, i am going to say ow now - Me, too, dad i hurt and am going to say ow now"

This tribute was added by Amy Rogers on 4th June 2014

"Sending my love and prayers to the Crane family.  Jennifer is a dear friend and I have heard her speak so often over the years of her Dad as one who was brilliant and such a wonderful role model.  Much love and care to all of you in this time of loss."

This tribute was added by Laurie Petersen on 4th June 2014

"We don't always know our friends parents well, but we know all their great qualities through them.  Dr. Crane and Mrs. Crane and the entire family we know you through Jennifer and her amazing beautiful self and we thank you for it."

This tribute was added by Donald Gochberg on 3rd June 2014

"Maury was the first colleague to introduce himself to me on my first day in Bessey Hall in the old Department of Humanities of blessed memory. His friendliness and enthusiasm were contagious and  he became an instant friend.   In fact, he played a great jazz clarinet at my daughter Lisa's wedding.  Remembrance of his wit and spirit will remain with me."

This tribute was added by Doug Collar on 3rd June 2014

"Maury was my mentor, teacher, and friend for almost 50 years. From undergraduate days in the '60's to the Gunson-Cornell neighborhood in the 70's through my Ph.D., Maury was there.

Thanks for the memories, the laughs, and the great jazz! Keep swinging my friend!

Doug Collar"

This tribute was added by Robin Nowak on 3rd June 2014

"Missing you very much today, grandpa."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 3rd June 2014

"i love this site.it makes me feel closer to him."

This tribute was added by dusty crane on 3rd June 2014

"MAC made my world a much more interesting place. He also showed me what a great Dad looks like. Thanks for the memories they were wild, fun and sometimes a little crazy. Will miss the jokes. Love always your daughter-in-law."

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 3rd June 2014

"My wise brother Jonathan suggested that I use this site to pass along the following:The Lansing State Journal will run two death notices, one on Wednesday, June 4 and one on Thursday, June 5. The Sunday paper has the broadest circulation, so Sunday, June 8, the Lansing State Journal will run the longer obituary"

This tribute was added by Diana R on 3rd June 2014

"I love Dr. Crane.  He knew when times were tough for me and always found a way to cheer me up.  His "How can I make you happy?" always did; from making me the 2nd-in-line heir to that couch he gave Joe Natoli to the day he hugged me at the back door.  I had just started coloring my hair.  He hugged me in full embrace, bringing me close in to him and from on high, he looked down on my head and said "my dear, I see you haven't decided on a color."  Whenever I saw him, I'd point at my hair and he'd wink knowingly.  I'm sorry he's now only in my memories."

This tribute was added by Suzanne Levy on 3rd June 2014

"I will never forget his outrageous holiday post cards.  Always set the perfect tone for the absurdity of the season.  And playing his clarinet at all the library socials.  A truly gifted gentleman and scholar."

This tribute was added by Leslie Behm on 3rd June 2014

"Maurie was such a major part of the MSU Libraries and the music that was created by the Bookmen's Holiday. Always enjoyed talking with him. Remember fondly the times when I was walking in the mall in the morning and stopped to chat with he and Elyane.
He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Rick Peiffer on 3rd June 2014

""How Can I Make You Happy?"  is how Dr. Crane always answered his office phone at MSU's G. Robert Vincent Voice Library.  Working closely with him there for over 20 years, he made us all smile every day.  It's such a privilege to have been one of his students, co-workers, and most of all, close friends.  I learned so much from him.  We will miss our dear friend very much.  Love to all, Rick & Diane Peiffer"

This tribute was added by Kenny Crane on 3rd June 2014

"Aunt Elayne and Cousins Jonathan, Harry, Jennifer, Abigail and families:  We mourn along with you the loss of this larger-than-life Uncle Maurice who I only met when I  was a small boy, and then again by way of a couple of phone calls before and after my daughter Elizabeth sang at MU a few years back.  I truly wish I got to know him.  We should have taken a trip out to Michigan.  I've read every word that you folks put on this web-page today - enjoying learning of this wonderful family that I sprang from.  Thank you.  Maurice left a wonderful legacy in how he loved his wife, children, grand children and great grand children.  We Western New York Cranes would love to get to know you guys.  We pray that God would comfort you in your time of mourning.  Thank you again for sharing all of these stories and the biographical texts from Maurice.  I love the insights into the love of music that the three Crane boys had back in AC - that were passed on to me through my father....and then on to my children.  We would love to be in touch with you folks and see you.  God bless you.
I am at:
3222 W. River Road, Olean, NY  14760

This tribute was added by jennifer crane on 3rd June 2014

"I have been trying to get a mourners kaddish cutted and pasted on here and so instead I will leave a prayer from Rabbi Rami Shapiro- "We are embraced by arms that find us even when we are hidden from ourselves.  We are touched by fingers that soothe us even when we are too proud for soothing.  We are counseled by voices that guide us even when we are too embittered to hear.  We are loved by an unending love.  We are supported by hands that uplift us even in the midst of a fall.  We are urged on by eyes that meet us even when we are too weak for meeting.  We are loved by an unending love.  Embraced, touched, soothed, and counseled, ours are the arms, the fingers, the voices; ours are the hands, the eyes, the smiles; We are loved by an unending love."
When I was a child I thought my father was Maurice Sendak, because with childish thought they were both Maurice and the most amazing men and story tellers, when I grew up, and put away childish notions I still held on to my father being the most amazing man and story teller-and I love learning more of him from reading these tributes particularly learning what a fabulous grandfather he was to my unique and beloved nieces and nephews."

This tribute was added by Denise Nutt-Beers on 2nd June 2014

"I did not know Mr. Crane but I know that he was a fine man. I know this because of the many stories I've heard about him through these many years. I know his is because for the last 28 years, I was honored to call his beautiful daughter my friend. He and Mrs. Crane raised one of the most amazing women in the world. Because Jennifer is who she is, I know that her father completed one of his greatest works in creating her. My love and prayers extend to the entire Crane family. This is a great loss for you all, but please know that a great cloud of I witnesses surrounds you with love and comfort. When Jennifer is here with us in Tennessee, we will care for her and hold her in love and healing light."

This tribute was added by Eric Faunce on 2nd June 2014

"I will always have fond memories of watching Maurie and my father having great fun playing music together in the Geriatric 6. I also enjoyed having him as a professor at MSU. Our thoughts and prayers to out to the Crane family."

This tribute was added by Sam Crane on 2nd June 2014

"Another thing that ALWAYS comes to mind for me when I think of Grandpa is one of his hilarious jokes. Why did one bee get mad at the other bee? Because he stole his honey and necked her. Such a great joke – his humor will be missed.  "

This tribute was added by Sam Crane on 2nd June 2014

"One of my favorite memories of my Grandfather was the last time I was in Michigan for the family reunion at Macinac island. We had just arrived at 666 Gunson street after a 3 day drive and the four of us were experiencing that awful mix of being tired, excited and restless all at the same time. I remember after all the hugs and kisses and I missed yous and I love yous, we all planted ourselves on that lovely sun porch in the back. It was about an hour or 2 before sundown, and the backyard was glowing green and gold. The four of us just sat there, sweating and enjoying the chance to relax. Then Grandpa came out, and smiled, and took a seat in front of us, and without saying a word he started playing his clarinet. He played a beautiful tune, it was so laid back, and I remember thinking it was exactly what we needed at that moment. He played for about 5 minutes, then he silently folded his arms, crossed his legs and smiled. I could tell he was so happy to have us in his home. It was a really beautiful moment that I will never forget."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 2nd June 2014

"he never lost his new jersey accent,evident when he answered the phone at the voice library with his signature"how may i help you."?"

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 2nd June 2014

"we said our "i do's",he stomped a glass on march 26th,1950.we were young and in love and so innocent.we plunged into a magical mystery tour that lasted 64 years."

This tribute was added by Guinevere Dorado on 2nd June 2014

"My Grandpa always said, "I can only do this for another hour" every time he hugged me.  I'd like to claim that hour, now.  Though he is free from pain, we have now entered it."

This tribute was added by Harry Crane on 2nd June 2014

"My father was the smartest man I knew and gregarious in this. He was not just a professor, he was a teacher; it was a rare and precious gift, a passion to instill critical thought into generations of students. He was a man with a great social capacity, could work a room, make people feel better about themselves through intellectual discourse treating everyone as a  peer.

It’s probably too soon for me to wrap my head around his passing. I can say the trite things people say to make the grieving family feel better; He’s at peace now, he’s in a better place, my thoughts and prayers go out. It’s my bias that sort of thing  it’s disrespectful albeit with good intention. I loved my father, I loved him for who he was not his accomplishments, or what he modeled for me as a boy and as a man. I loved him too for his flaws.

I will write a eulogy when I’m not feeling quite so raw. Today, less than 24 hours after his passing, I feel relief and I feel it in the profound sense that those trite saying mean to convey; he is at peace, he no longer suffers. I am grateful that his wishes were followed; it’s a question of respect. He was at peace and died in his sleep.

I still don’t understand Dementia but over the past few years peace was a rare commodity. I clung to the lucid moments, and the not so lucid moments that were filled with song. I don’t know if that was an expression of joy but I choose to think of it as one. It’s not death that that makes loved ones wince, but suffering. I believe he suffered very little, I believe he was able to accomplish through his life a sense of accomplishment, to make a mark on the world in the way he thought was most noble; encouraging young minds to embrace critical thought as a cornerstone and the inherent morality that critical thought carries.

These are raw impressions, a bit stilted, in time memory, sentiment, and the cold realization that I will not hear a joke, a lesson, a song from him again will sink in  and I will add something more like a tribute. There is a sense of the unreal right now, though we had seen his decline over the years. I didn’t expect yesterday to be the day. I mark the day and gather wool. I believe the kindest and most effective tribute is to remember the man as he was and why I loved him. It took me a lifetime to know him as he was and to love him and I am ill prepared, today, to take twenty four hours to sum all that up. I loved him as much for his flaws as his virtues."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Cardwell on 2nd June 2014

"Dr. Crane was such an eloquent communicator that any words I can offer as a tribute pale by comparison, so I will simply say that he was a larger than life figure and will be remembered for years to come. I am grateful for the gifts he shared with us. My thoughts and prayers are with his family."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Crane on 2nd June 2014

"Got to mention the music.  He played clarinet like a slumming angel.  You didn't sense a man fingering the keypads.  You sensed man and horn were one.  Like Pan perhaps.  And Joy.  Such joy spilled out when he played."

This tribute was added by Kerry Joseph on 1st June 2014

"I feel inadequate to offer a tribute to Mr. Crane, as nothing could compare the to wonderful, witty comments he came up with so effortlessly.  He brought much to many lives and seemed to enjoy himself royally while doing so.  Love to all the Cranes."

This tribute was added by Abigail Barr on 1st June 2014

"My earliest notions of God were modeled on my father. I was fortunate to grow up with a God who was taller, smarter, more handsome, and more generous than I deserved. He was a deep fount of unconditional love and possessed a wicked sense of humor. How wonderful it would be to say I was created in my father's image."

This tribute was added by Harry Crane on 1st June 2014

"My father passed away in his sleep this afternoon, June 1, 2014."

This tribute was added by Elayne Crane on 1st June 2014

"He is a veray parfit gentil knight."

This tribute was added by Harry Crane on 1st June 2014

"A few years back I asked for autobiographical words from family members,  this  was among the things my father sent me;

I never met any of my grandparents. I think my dad's parents died in Europe.
My mother's family was upper middle class. Her father owned a small department store in
the Black Sea port city of Odessa. Fleeing both radicals and anti-Semites in l902 they came
to the US, where they settled in Meridian, Mississippi.  I think my  Uncle Ban and Aunt Molly
were both born in Mississippi. There were four sisters (Molly, Mary, Celia, and my mother,
Luba). There were three brothers (Mike, Charley, and Ben). Mike and Charley were in the
Navy in World War I; Ben was just a boy. Sometime before World War I they moved up North.
My mother worked as a waitress and cashier in a retaurant whose name I never knew, but she
says that the composer Victor Herbert was a steady customer, so it must have been in
Manhattan.  My fasther came from dirt poor farmers the area of Belitza. The closest city
to make it onto the map was Kovno, sometimes in Russia, but mostly in Poland. He and his
siblings came to the US one at a time in the first decade of the twentieth century. A sage
and a scholar and an extremely smart and good man, he found work as a plumber and helped
lay the sewer line of Hartford Connecticut at what was then the princely sum of a dollar a day,
six days a week.He put his kid brother. Bernard, through the University of Michigan medical school.  Days after we entered the First World War he enlisted in the 101st machine gun battalion of the 26th (Yankee) Division, along with many othrerrash youngsters, many of trhem undergraduates
at Yale and Trinity College, Hartford. When these aristocratic guys came as middle aged physicians
and attorneys and businessmen to conventions in Atlantic City, they often visited Bill Crane, who had
honeymooned in AC, and when my mother compared it favorably to Paradise, pulled up stakes
in New England and moved there. It was a boomtown, and Freddy (born in '22), and I (born in '26)
and Bobby (born in '28)  all graduated from ACHS, and went on to snappy schools like MIT and Princeton, although none of us were as sharp as our parents, who never finished high school. Your
mom's great aunt Harriet left her 10,000 dollars for college, which bought her a Bachelor's from Penn
and a Master's from Chicago, two good schools. I don't have a BA but I had a war and I earned an MA
at Chicago in '50 and a PhD at Illinois (where I started teaching college) in '53.Somewhere in
there I attended Villanova, which was the luckiest break of my life, because I ran into your Mother
on a bus going from Philly to AC. We have four marvelous children, whose names I forget, plus
five grandchildren and a couple of beautiful greatgrandchildren, all of them really nice people. In
March we'll celebrate Mom's 80th birthday and our 58th anniversary. We'll probably buy a couple
of Big Macs to help celebrate the fact that we have helped populate this earth with some genuinely admirable folks.

My Dad's brothers were Harry, Bernard, and Max. Harry's children were Herbert (Skippy), who welcomed you and Beth to the Great Northwest, Sidney (Smokey), Florences (Flossie) and Miriam (Mitzi). Herb was a combat infantryman in Europe, Sid flew bombers in the Pacific. You went to a party at Flossie's house in Margate. You don't know Mitzi at all. Herb does a lot with opera in Portland. Bernard had two daughters, Phyllis (whom you've met) is a  court stenographer in Portland, Ruthie is a
concert pianist and author and ex-professor in San Antonio. Her husband, Sam Friedberg, taught
for years at Duke Medical School. He was a navy doctor in the Korean war. Their son Michael was
an attending physician in El Paso when I went to see my brother Bobby for the last time. He's
pretty sharp. Max had one son, Milton Crane, who taught at Harvard, Hunter, Wm&Mary, Chicago,
and George Washington. He wrote a lot of books; I read only three, "The Roosevelt Era", "The
Sins of New York", and "Shakespeare's Prose," which ALL doctoral candidates in English have
to read. Milton was section chief in the OSS during the war, and consulted with the CIA up until his death.You and Jon visited hgim in DC in '73. His son John blows oboe with the NYU Philharmonic. His son Peter, an attorney, lives near you. (Seattle, Maybe.) Milton's wife Sibylle was a holocaust survivor and a genuine linguistic genius..I went to U of C because Milton was there. Mom went because
I was there. Montel can't use any of this but I thought you'd like to know. If you need more send
me specific questions.

I’m sure I’ll have more to add, personal reflections. Call me superstitious but I find it unsettling to speak dead of the ill."

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