This memorial website was created in memory of our family and friend, Mavis Celestine Hyatt . 

She lived a full and productive life and is survived by her four children and their spouses, five grandchildren and their spouses, eight Great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and their families, as well as thirteen in-laws, their spouses and families along with many friends and well wishers. We will remember her forever. 

      Memorial Service

 Sunday April 14, 2019 at 11:00am 

  Ephesus SDA Church 

3700 Midlothian Turnpike 

Richmond, VA 23224


George Washington Cemetery

9500 Riggs Rd, 

  Adelphi, MD 20783

                Monday April 15, 2019 

10:00 AM

Posted by Charmaine Rose Hyatt-Hobs... on August 10, 2022
Today you are especially remembered; you are missed. Although you are gone, you are not forgotten. RiP
Posted by Edwin Hyatt on August 10, 2022
Another cherished milestone allows the opportunity to reflect on life and the trainings of childhood that have helped to guide our lives thus far, a tribute to a wonderful mom and teacher
Posted by Bev Hyatt-Allen on August 10, 2022
Today, Mom would be celebrating her 101st birthday. How I miss Mom and the wonderful memories we've shared along life's journey, when she was alert. As I reflect on my childhood, the lessons Mom taught me, and the many sacrifices she made for her family, I thank God for such a wonderful, christian example - one I continue to love and treasure. Thank You Jesus.
Posted by Myrna Hyatt on August 10, 2022
Remembering my dear mother-in-law although resting your council and love will for ever be with us.
Posted by Angie Dixon on August 10, 2022
Greetings Bevey and family,

Condolences once again. Stay strong. Nuff island love and hugs!
Posted by Myrna Hyatt on August 11, 2021
In celebration of mom's 100th birthday I often think of her and her amazing faith in God. She was an example to us all from her diet to healthy living. I look forward to the day when we will see mom never to part.
Posted by Angie Dixon on August 11, 2021
Hey Bevey,

Strength and Power
2 Samuel 22:33
"God is your strength and power and he will continue to make your pathway perfect." Nuff luv!
Posted by Bev Hyatt-Allen on August 10, 2021
Today, August 10, 2021, Mom would have been 100 years old, if she were alive. I think of her often, as I go about my daily chores, remembering the values she instilled in me, especially for morning and evening worship. With all that has happened in the world since she left in 2019, I am so thankful for the strength of her legacy, and for the hope, faith and trust in God, which helps me on my challenging journey. What a blessing she was to our family. Thank God for Mom.
Posted by Bev Allen on March 24, 2021
It has now been two years since Mom's passing. Dearly loved and Dearly missed. Looking forward, with eager anticipation, to our grand reunion in heaven, soon.
Posted by Myrna Hyatt on August 10, 2020
My Dear Mother-in-Law is forever remembered in these warm months I fondly remember picking her up at home and going to Home Depot to buy plants. She always enjoyed that outing. See you soon mom.
Posted by Edwin Hyatt on March 21, 2020
A year has gone by but not forgotten. A legacy that lives on.
Posted by Edwin Hyatt on March 21, 2020
A year has gone by but not forgotten. A legacy that lives on.
Posted by Marlene Evans on March 20, 2020
I cannot believe that it has already been a year since mom passed away. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her. I try to keep her memory alive as I talk with my grandkids about the quiet, gentle spirit of their great grandmother. I am sad that they will never know her but I am comforted that we will all be reunited in the earth made new!
Posted by Rodger Henry on March 20, 2020
Always loved, never forgotten forever missed.
Posted by Delmarie Butler on April 14, 2019
My Darling Cousins, the world is a sadder place without your Mommy!  You all have my deepest condolences and wishes for peace and comfort. I still remember as a little girl in Jamaica, I’d beg Daddy to stop in Spanish Town on our way to or from Kingston, not only so that I could see and play with you four, but also because I knew that Aunt Mavis would always have some sweet treat like a plantain tart, coconut gizzada or coconut drops for me to munch on. ☺️ The home she made was always warm, inviting and full of love and laughter!
Aunt Mavis was a Godly woman, who provided a wonderful example a true Christian wife and mother. Her unshakable faith and the close and personal relationship she had with her Heavenly Father is something that we should all strive for! Aunt Mavis will surely be missed! ❤️
Posted by Doreen Grant on April 14, 2019
This tribute, comes to the family of the late Mavis Hyatt on behalf of Ervin Scott, Dalin Lindsay and myself, Doreen (Daley) Grant.
Mrs. Mavis Hyatt, the then Chief Shepherdess, of the Central Jamaica Conference, with her warm Christian demeanor, immaculate dress, mild mannered nature, and giving spirit, was an example to all. Her work ethics were beyond question and accuracy was the hallmark of her work. Her beautiful penmanship was the envy of many.
We could not close this tribute without mentioning her signature tasty cornmeal pudding—nobody, absolutely nobody did it better.
And so we say to Beverly, Marlene, Edwin, and Rose, our lives have been enriched as a result of our association with your dear mother. 
Having lived her life in Christ, may the sure promise of the resurrection morning brings comfort to your grieving hearts as you look forward to that grand and joyous reunion.
Posted by Barbara and Bisito Philpo... on April 13, 2019
Our sincere condolences to Beverley, Marline, Edwin, Rose and other family members. As you mourn the loss of our dear Sister Hyatt, may you be comforted by the promise and certainty of our Lord's return. She is now sleeping in Jesus until the blast of the trumpet on first resurrection morning.
Posted by David Whyte on April 13, 2019
My sincere condolences to the Hyatt family. As you mourn the loss of your mother, think of the happy times that you spent together and the things she taught you. May God be comfort you all, now and in the days ahead.
Posted by Obie Burke on April 12, 2019
My sincere condolences to the family and friends and especially the children, Beverley, Marlene, Edwin and Rose on the passing of your beloved Mom. The Lord will comfort and strengthen you as you pass through this experience on your way to seeing your Mom again, in the earth made new.
Posted by William Morgan on April 11, 2019
She fought a good fight and kept the faith; The Lord bless her with a long fruitful life. My sincere condolences to the family and extended brothers and sisters in Christ who knew her.
Posted by Johnnie Lyle on April 10, 2019
If the late seventies and early eighties seem like a long time ago, that's because it is...and that's how dated my memories of mother Hyatt are.
Still fresh in my mind's eye is the image of her strutting up and down "parson's avenue" to and from the conference headquarters just next door...impeccably dressed in that orange colored uniform, with her quick, short gait that seemed to get her from point A to B in record time; and if u were lucky to encounter her face to face, you would always be gifted with the most heartwarming smile, blended with a pleasant greeting. Then, there were those piercing eyes.....eyes that always appeared larger than they really were, due, in part, to those very thick lenses that she depended on.
On the rare occasion, I had a front row seat to the following scene: There was this vehicle coming down the "Avenue"...moving at a pace that was slower than 10 mph, but faster than zero. I knew that someone had to be driving it, as evidenced by the cringeworthy sound of stripping gears and a burning clutch, but from a distance, I could see no one. But then, hallelujah, as it got closer and closer, I was able to identify the culprit as none other than Mavis Hyatt, mostly hidden from view behind the dash board of that ancient Austin Cambridge with its huge non-powered steering wheel which she valiantly faught with her famous push n pull technique. (You may laugh here. I still think that's funny)
Back then, for a young, single man on his own, good home cooked meals were sometimes few and far between, but, whenever I was around, mother Hyatt always saw to it that I was well fed. The Friday evenings ritual of a fresh fruit salad that I sometimes helped to prepare, was always a special treat and I've never forgotten it. I will always be grateful to this wonderful, endearing woman, who so often embraced and treated me as a son. Certainly, she was one of God's earthly angels.
Beverly, Marlene, Junior, Rose and every other member of this special family....moments like this bring us face to face with the promise of the gospel...the Christian hope that is always " cheering", which not only "buoys us up" but also "points us to a land of rest....where we shall meet the loved of earth, and never part again".
How about we all plan and prepare to be there. I'm certain Mavis Hyatt will be too.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Posted by Clare Batten on April 7, 2019
To the Hyatt's family
My sympathy is extended, but my hope is in the final reunion when we see our dear sister again. To the bereaved family, I would remind you that you are in God's care and although your mom is gone to sleep, our heavenly father watches and cares for you all. I pray that God will comfort you.
Posted by CERITA BROWN on April 3, 2019
I first met Mrs Hyatt when I was called to work in Central Jamaica Conf in 1975. She was my next door neighbour on Hyde Park Drive (Parson Street). We also worked side by side in The Treasury dept of CJC..Even though we migrated to the States we kept in touch over the years by phone, visits when she lived in Maryland. Her zest for healthy living and lifestyle were things we had in common. If you hadnt tasted her cornmeal pudding you have missed out on the real thing. She has lived a long and productive life . Hope to meet her in the great getting up morning. To her offsprings and family my sincere condolences.  Rest In Peace Sis Hyatt..
Posted by Angie Dixon on April 2, 2019
Greetings to the family!
I first met Mrs. Hyatt when Bevey and I were roommates at NCU.
Kindly accept my condolences. May God's peace and blessings continue to surround the Hyatt family during this time of separation from the Matriarch.
Posted by Joseph Hutchinson on April 2, 2019
Beverley, Marline, Edwin, Rose: Comfort, Love & Hope Forever!
I can truly say, we identify with your bereavement celebrations.
Praying that God will anoint, bless, comfort, heal, protect, sustain and strengthen you through; by His Holy Spirit Indwelling Presence.
Lady Mavis Hyatt, a Great Woman of God, Citizen of Heaven and Earth, will rise to Immortality & Glory when we see her again. Amen Allellujah ‘1 Cor 15: 52-54
Posted by Joseph Hutchinson on April 2, 2019
Joseph Hutchinson
Lady Mavis C. Hyatt and family are ‘Forever Friends’.
I met her with and her amazing family just prior to the organization of Central Jamaica ‘61
Mavis served as the longest First Lady ever of CJC. Always possessed warmth, a great personality, outstanding worker and faithful to God, family and friends.
We have had so much fun. Up in Richmond, Charlottenburg St Mary,
Outings, Camp Segundo - Caymanas, Verley etc.
What a great joy that we will meet again. Praying with the family for a grand therapeutic and God blessed Memorial.
On behalf of the Hutchinson family, we declare; ‘when He shall appear, we shall be like Him’. 1 John 3: 1-2 . Eternal Love, Life and Hope
Posted by Beni Devine on April 2, 2019
Our deepest condolences to Bev and her family. The pictures speak volumes about what a beautiful family both your parents created.  Cherish your memories and be comforted to know that your dear mom is with her beloved husband again and together they will continue to watch over the family.  You are in our prayers. John & Beni
Posted by Ken McIntyre on April 2, 2019
On behalf of the McIntyre family, we extend our deepest sympathies to the Hyatt family at this sad time. We pray for your peace and comfort. Sister Hyatt lived a long and fulfilling life and along with her husband impacted and inspired many. We know that she’s now resting in peace as she awaits that great gettin’ up morning.
Posted by Rodger Henry on April 2, 2019
Heart felt sympathy and condolences Bev, Marline, Edwin Rose and all other family members. My connection to the Hyatt's family go back to Parson Ave, Spanish Town.We were neighbors for over 10 years.My favorite memory of Mrs Hyatt was driving with her to Old Harbor Bay with Edwin to buy fish. May the true comforter Jesus Christ keep you all strong in this difficulty Time.
Posted by Errol Evans on April 2, 2019
Our sincere condolences to the Hyatt’s family. We offer our prayers in your time of grief. May the love of the Lord shine through on her journey to Heaven the better place. RIP.
Posted by Wesley Sharon Bryan on March 30, 2019
Wesley & Sharon Bryan would like to extend their sincere condolences to Bev and the Hyatt's family.....May The Eternal restore joy to you!!
Posted by Myrna Hyatt on March 29, 2019
Myrna Hyatt Daughter-in-law my dear mother-in-law will always be remembered as a loving and gracious mother-in-law. Her counsel regarding healthy eating and exercise as well as Godly living will forever be remembered. Long to see you soon mom on that blessed day. Love you
Posted by Weymouth Spence on March 28, 2019
May the peace, comfort and love of God be your support during this time of sadness. We have this hope that the best is yet to come. My family will keep your family in prayer.
Posted by Claudette Grant on March 27, 2019
In this your time of sadness and joy; sadness because you will not be able to touch, hear, and see your loved one anymore. Joy because your lives were bless with a wonderful mother, sister, grandmother, and aunt. Count the blessings she brought and give God thanks for placing her in your lives. Be assured that the Great Comforter stands at your weakest points to comfort you. Lean on Him. Your are in our prayers.
Posted by Levi Johnson on March 25, 2019
Levi Johnson , President Central Jamaica Conference
Accept our Condolences Fromthe Administrators , Directors ,Other workers and All of our members
Joy comes in the morning
Posted by Levi Johnson on March 25, 2019
The late Lady Hyatt helped in the nurturing of thousands of people in the Central Jamaica Conference .(Manchester,Clarendon,St ANN, St Mary and Clarendon )It was in a Tent Crusade conducted by the late President Hyatt in PortMaria , St Mary that my late mother gave her life to the Lord .Coming front a Sunday Church ,She shared with us as Children the positive impact of the family .Praise God for the Patoral Family . Lady Hyatt was a true Christian Woman, Caring Mother at heart , Community Transformer ,Friend of every one and committed worker in Gods Mission . We mourn her passing and convery to the Family members our deepest condolences ,We hope to meet her one the resurrection morning with all the precious saints of God .
Love and best wishes to All family members
Posted by Wesley Sharon Bryan on March 24, 2019
Sincere condolences to the family and friends of the Hyatt's family!

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Posted by Charmaine Rose Hyatt-Hobs... on August 10, 2022
Today you are especially remembered; you are missed. Although you are gone, you are not forgotten. RiP
Posted by Edwin Hyatt on August 10, 2022
Another cherished milestone allows the opportunity to reflect on life and the trainings of childhood that have helped to guide our lives thus far, a tribute to a wonderful mom and teacher
Posted by Bev Hyatt-Allen on August 10, 2022
Today, Mom would be celebrating her 101st birthday. How I miss Mom and the wonderful memories we've shared along life's journey, when she was alert. As I reflect on my childhood, the lessons Mom taught me, and the many sacrifices she made for her family, I thank God for such a wonderful, christian example - one I continue to love and treasure. Thank You Jesus.
her Life

Her Life

Mavis Celestine Reid Hyatt

Mavis Celestine Reid, the first of four daughters, and the third in a family of seven siblings, born to the late Benjamin Uriah and Agnes Williams Reid, in Fullersfield, near Paul Island, Westmoreland, on August 10, 1921.

Upon graduation from the Savannah-la-mar primary school, Mavis enrolled at Mannings High School. Fresh out of High School, Mavis went to work with the Jamaica Postal Service, stationed at Little London Westmoreland.

Sometime in late 1951 or early 1952, an evangelistic campaign was launched across the Road from the Post Office, with Pastor Owen Holness, and intern Pastor Edwin Hyatt conducting nightly meetings under a tent. Mavis who was a Presbyterian at the time, took her minister’s request seriously, and with another church member, went door to door in the community, warning the residents not to attend the meetings under the tent, as they were a cult, not preaching the truth.

Night after night, Mavis listened to the sermons, as the loudspeaker made it impossible for her not to hear from her residence across the street. At the same time, she vigilantly carried out her minister’s request, and told everyone who came visited the Post Office, not to attend the meetings. 

Around the same time, Mavis' church was teaching about the "New Covenant" and it was her belief that only her church had the true understanding of this subject.  Determined to prove a point ,she questioned the young intern one day when he came for his mail, by asking him what the new covenant was.  She was certain he would not be able to provide an answer and this was confirmed when he told her it would take some time to explain, and that he would get back to her.

Later that day, the senior Pastor stopped by to schedule a  meeting to explain this concept to her.  Since they were not allowed to do so at the Post office the Pastor arranged for Mavis to visit the home of the parish nurse, Noelin Vacianna, after work and on Sundays, after her church services. Mavis took a colleague from the Post Office and went to Nurse Vacianna's home to learn what these strange people had to say about the New Covenant.

After several weeks of watching slide presentation and confirming the scripture passages in her own Bible, without realizing it at the time, she had completed an entire series of Bible Studies.  She was amazed that all the questions she could pose on many subjects were answered directly from the Bible, and that the answers were quite different from the ones provided by her church. 

Mavis was convicted that there was no scriptural basis for several of her church's beliefs, including the Sabbath. By the end of the tent meetings, Mavis was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and about a year later, married the intern, Edwin Hyatt, on December 2, 1953, moving to Lucea, Hanover, where her husband was now a pastoring.  The union produced four children.  

 In 1959, Mavis and Edwin relocated to Mandeville to attend West Indies College, allowing Edwin to complete his Theology degree, while she enrolled in the Accounting Program, later taking a Sabbatical to raise her family.

In 1961, Mavis relocated to Clermont, St. Ann, where her husband, Edwin, pastored several churches. In 1962, when Central Jamaica Conference of SDA was organized, the  family moved to Spanish Town, and she worked at the conference office in a number of capacities - first as a secretary, then as the Accountant for the Book and Bible House as it was called then, and lastly, as the Cashier/ Accountant in the Conference’s Treasury department from 1963, until migrating to the US, in October 1981.

Upon relocation to Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Mavis continued her studies in Accounting earning a Certificate from Wichita Technical School, which provided her with updated skills to continue working in the accounting offices of Price Waterhouse, Sears Department Store, and Arthur Anderson.

In 1997, the couple retired to Miramar, Florida, joining their two younger children, Edwin, Jr. and Charmaine, and their families, and were doting grandparents to their two youngest grandchildren, Ramon and Edwin, III.  They enjoyed several years of sunshine, re-acquaintances with old and fellowship with new ones before her husband’s suffered a stroke in 2003. Unable to keep up with the demanding care of his illness in Florida, the couple were relocated to Silver Spring, Maryland in August 2005, under the care of their children: Beverley and Edwin Jr.,  and their families.

Following the loss of her husband in December 2008, and tired of the cold weather in Maryland, Mavis moved to Garden Grove, California in January 2010, to live with daughter, Marlene and her family. In March 2015, Mavis, at the ripe old age of 93, moved to Dallas, TX, to live with her youngest daughter, Charmaine Rose and her husband, Joseph, moving with them to Richmond, VA in 2018.

She passed peacefully on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, leaving to mourn her four children, Beverley (Neville Allen), Marlene (Derick Evans), Edwin, Jr. (Myrna), and Charmaine Rose (Joseph), Grandchildren: Serena Evans Witter (Dwight), Brandon Evans (Zinga), Sheldon Evans, Ramon Robertson (Haley), Edwin Hyatt, III, and Great Grandchildren: Sianna and Aiden Witter; Abigail, Alana, Avarie, and Aria Evans; Rachel Robertson; nieces and nephews: Marie Brooks, Viviene Raymond, Alda Yvonne Harris, Lorris Holbert, Richard Brooks, Michael Hicks, and their families; sisters-in law: Nellie Newman, Janet Fletcher (Astley), Florence Stephens,  Marjorie Kelly (Albert) and their families; brother-in-law:  John Stevens, several cousins including the Scott and Smith families, other relatives, friends, and wellwishers.

Beyond the Sunset

Beyond the sunset, O blissful morning When with our Saviour heaven's begun Earth's toiling ended, O glorious dawning Beyond the sunset when day is done.

Beyond the sunset, no clouds will gather No storms will threaten, no fears annoy O day of gladness, O day unending Beyond the sunset eternal joy. Beyond the sunset, a hand will guide me To God the Father whom I adore His glorious presence, His words of welcome Will be my portion on that fair shore. Beyond the sunset, O glad reunion With our dear loved ones who've gone before In that fair homeland we'll know no parting Beyond the sunset forever more...

Recent stories
Shared by Stanley Scott on March 24, 2019

Please accept condolences on behalf of the Scott family. We will treasure the memories.

Shared by Junior Warren on March 24, 2019

Please accept our heartfelt sympathies. My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your mother. It is never easy to lose a parent, no matter your age.  We pray the love of God will enfold Beverley, Marlene, Junior and Rose during this difficult time. I pray for your peace and comfort.

Junior and Juliet.