Max will forever live on in our hearts ❤️
  • Born on November 24, 1991 .
  • Passed away on August 29, 2019 .

Important Update: Memorial Arrangements

Resurrection Parish
651 Millbrook Ave
Randolph, NJ 07869
Saturday, September 21st
11:00am Mass
12:00pm memorial service in the Community Room
A celebration of Max's life. For those who wish to, please come prepared with your own personal tribute.
We hope to see you there. Please text Jim (862-222-0985) or Janet (973-945-0186) if you plan to attend. Thank you. 
The McDonough Family

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Eleventh Hour Rescue as Max was such a dog lover.

This lasting memory was created especially for you, his family and his many friends. PLEASE see the pictures in the gallery and, just as important, please contribute your pictures, stories, and tributes for all to see. You can do this by clicking the "add photos" button to the right or through the "Stories" tab above this. 

No words can describe our love for Max – a vibrant 27-year-old who flourished in the world in every sense of the word. Kind, thoughtful, funny, industrious, smart and fun-loving. Yes – we are biased, but we believe there is no one reading this who wouldn’t agree.

Older friends and family remember Max as the blond-haired, blue-eyed kid with the perpetual smile – from winning photo contests (really!) to beating older guys in a foul-shooting contest while on vacation. He was a quiet kid – we used to joke at how few words he said in a day. But then he blossomed. Max wanted to be an architect but shifted gears and became a “Hoosier." He graduated Indiana University with a finance degree. Working at prestigious Bloomberg and Blackstone/Reuters (now Refinitiv), Max was on his way up!

He loved living in the Big Apple and roomed with two other (great) guys named Max – creating the “triple Max” of Max, Maxwell, and Maximilian. As all his friends will attest, Max liked a good time, loved to travel, and enjoyed everything the world had to offer. Just recently, he traveled with his longtime friend Pat Johnson for a biking, hiking and culinary tour in Portland, Seattle and California.  

Max was a huge dog lover (and dogs loved him) – the last text we received from Max was the first picture he had taken of our dog Skylar – he was reminded of her while viewing passing dogs at a coffee shop in NYC with his girlfriend Melanie. Max made sure he called or texted us with all manner of topics at least three times a week – he was just so kind and thoughtful. Max was beloved and created a wonderful life not only for himself, but also brightened the day of everyone around him. It was a life cut far, far too short from a terrible tragedy. He was truly beloved; we miss him terribly and always will.
Posted by Mary Beth Johnsen on September 16, 2019
Janet, Jim and Brett~

Our family wants to extend our deepest sympathy in the loss of your wonderful son and brother Max. There will never be any words to ever express this tragic loss. Although we missed out on the opportunity to formally meet Max, we know how much he radiated such life, spirit and love through all the memories Melanie (and you both) have shared over these past months and recent days. We can only imagine how special it was to have Max these past 27 years -seeing our daughter so happy these past months only confirms the amazing individual Max truly was. We are praying Max can give you strength from above and that you heal with your wonderful memories to carry forward in the spirit in which he lived each day. We can never thank you enough for all your kindness and support of Melanie. It truly means so much and just shows what loving parents you both are. You raised a really wonderful son. We will remember Max always in our hearts.

With our deepest sympathy and love,
Mary Beth & Ken Johnsen and Family
Posted by Larry Belford on September 15, 2019
I remember seeing at a young boy who looked like an angel with a smile that made you feel good. Over the years, we were updated by his parents as to his progress in high school, college and in the work environment. It was apparent that he brought that same smile and attitude which made everybody feel good. He will be missed and remembered. Larry and Linda Belford
Posted by Gus Papademetriou on September 11, 2019
My deepest condolences to Max's family. I met Max when he joined the Content Services team at Refinitiv. I enjoyed meeting with him regularly and appreciated his desire to learn and grow in his new role. After I left Refinitiv, he reached out to me to see how I was doing and he was looking forward to meeting up and having lunch together. I am saddened that we never had that opportunity but I will always remember him for the smart, kind and very nice person he was to all.

May his memory be eternal!
Posted by Bettina David on September 8, 2019
We are the parents of one of the „triple-Max“ and would like to express our heartfelt condolences.
We have been deeply hurt by the death of Max. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about your loss, although we did not have the chance to meet him.
Our thoughts are with you and we wish you much strength in this difficult and sad time.
Bettina & Thorsten
Posted by David Oliver on September 8, 2019
So, so sorry for your loss. Didn’t have the pleasure to know Max well but can see how much he meant to so many. RIP; sending all my love.
Posted by Tammy Panetta on September 8, 2019
Our prayers go out to Max's family and friends. Max will always have a place in everyone's heart.

Don and Tammy
Posted by Lisa Bowman on September 6, 2019
With a heavy heart I send love and prayers to Rope, Jim and Brett. I knew Max through the loving stories his Mom told me during our chats.  She was so proud of him and all of his accomplishments. 
Prayers for peace,
Posted by Steven Armieri on September 5, 2019
Max will be missed, I feel sad for all that knew him. My condolences to his family and friends. I will value the moments I was able to spend with him in and out of the office, while we worked together at Thomson Reuters / Refinitiv.
Posted by Jan-Paul Gahlenbeck on September 4, 2019
I had the honor to get to know Max in May of this year, while spending two weeks with the three Maxes. We had a great time together. I'll never forget Max and the many great moments we had thanks to him.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.
Posted by Zachary Poll on September 4, 2019
Max was one of my first friends in college at UA. I was fortunate enough to get to see him in NY twice as well and go out with him. Max was such a positive and kind person he was one of those people that could make a lasting impression instantly. I'll always remember how kind you were Max.
Posted by Peter Sestito on September 3, 2019
Prayers and Thoughts to Max’s parents/family/friends. I am so sorry for your loss.
I worked with Max the past few years at Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv - Max was always smiling, in positive spirits and eager to help and learn.
God Bless…..
Posted by Monique Michowski on September 3, 2019
I am so sorry. My heart breaks for the family. My prayers are with you.
Posted by Muhammad Saeed on September 3, 2019
To Max's Family and Friends...Please accept my heartfelt sympathy at this tragic time. We will all miss you Max.

Farewell, Rest In Peace.
Posted by Catherine Hernandez on September 3, 2019
My prayers and thoughts go out to Max’s family and friends. I am very sorry for your loss.
Posted by Maddie Smith on September 3, 2019
Max and I worked together for several years - he was not only a great teammate, but also a great friend. He was such a genuine, caring person and I feel so lucky to have gotten to know him.

I’m so happy that Max and I remained friends following his time at Bloomberg. Whether it was a quick text conversation or a long chat over Shake Shack dinner in the East Village, Max had a way of always brightening my day and the day of everyone around him.

Max and I shared a love of NYC food and restaurants. Just a few weeks ago, he told me about a chicken sandwich at an EV restaurant that was so incredibly good that it “changed his view on view on chicken (and on life itself)”. His enthusiasm about something so simple is such a great reminder to be present and enjoy the moment you are in, which is something I hope to always carry with me.
Posted by Jay Mani on September 3, 2019
I personally did not know Max but losing a young man is always tragic. My thoughts are with his parents and loved ones.
Posted by Alexis-Leigh Farnish on September 3, 2019
I met Max in college of freshman year at the University of Arizona. We clicked instantly since we were both from the east coast and just could relate when it came to so many things. Ha, I even remember all of the jokes we had based on Jersey and PA and all the differences we saw out in Arizona that no one would get. We stayed close throughout college and every time I saw him or hung out with him it was a good time. I have Halloween pictures still till this day and have other pics from when we dressed up to take pics just because. Always a good time when we hung out. Always was real and someone you could just talk too about whatever. It’s really sad to have heard about this. Prayers are with his family and everyone who knew him.
Posted by Laura Kennedy on September 3, 2019
Max was such an amazing guy. We were friends instantly in college and he was always so kind and considerate. I just have no works for this. I cannot believe this happened to him. He was so bright and so wonderful. I hope he is resting in peace. You will be sorely missed Max.
Posted by Kristen Laukes on September 2, 2019
Max was one of my first friends when I moved to Randolph in seventh grade. He showed me the ropes to the school, the town and helped me make friends along the way.

He had one of the biggest hearts, biggest smiles and kindest souls of anyone I have ever met. I can't believe I will never be able to catch up with him again, share laughs of things we did in the past and of course talk about our college football teams.

Mr. and Mrs. McDonough, you did a phenomenal job raising one of my best friends. He was always a light in a dark place and knowing that he is now our guardian angels is the thing we can take comfort in. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers always.

I'll love you always Max!

Kristen Laukes
Posted by Brittany Caroline on September 2, 2019
I first met Max on the bus stop on the first day of 4th grade. At that time, I had no idea that he would be a part of some of the best memories of my life. Max was such a kind, funny soul. He loved to push buttons and poke fun, but it was part of his charm because there was never any malicious intent. I’ll really miss him and I can’t believe I won’t be able to catch up with him anymore. Thanks for growing up with me buddy! I’ll remember you forever.

To Mr. and Mrs. McDonough thank you for raising an amazing young man. My heart is broken for you.

Brett, please stay strong. Your brother loved you a lot and was always looking out for you.

Love always,

Brittany Grembowitz
Posted by Naomi Ides Jeffrey on September 2, 2019
Jim, Janet and Brett, our hearts are breaking for you all at the loss of Max. No words will provide comfort right now but hoping that your memories of your wonderful son will help you through each day, one at a time. Those memories can never be taken from you. We wish we could be there for you but sending all of our love and prayers your way.
Naomi and Gil
Posted by Jaclyn Macho on September 2, 2019
I have known Max since Kindergarten and he was always such a great friend. I am so incredibly saddened by this news. He was extremely kind and always brightened everyone's day. He will be missed. Keeping your family in my thoughts.
Posted by Michael Morrone on September 2, 2019
My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this unimaginable time. Knowing Max for the few years I did, I can honestly tell you both that you raised an amazing, respectful witty young man. I always enjoyed being around him and I have no doubt that he was starting a successful life. Taken from you much too early, please take comfort that you raised a wonderful young man and I’m sure everyone who knew him would agree with me. Although I hadn’t seen Max for awhile, I will miss him. God bless the two of you and your whole family and thank you for raising such an amazing young man. RIP Max.
Posted by Karen Detmering on September 2, 2019
My prayers are with you Jimmy, Janet and your entire family... God bless....
Posted by Laura Ryan on September 2, 2019
I'm sending all the love & healing that a written message can carry to my cousin, Jimmy and to Janet & Brett. My heart breaks to learn of Max's passing. Love, Laura
Posted by Lynn Livingston on September 2, 2019
Our hearts ache for you. Although we never met Max, we know the love you had for him and always enjoyed the stories we shared about our children.
Our deepest condolences.

Lynn and Herm
Posted by Jane Byron on September 2, 2019
It’s impossible to think that Max is gone. Janet and Jim, your boy was truly special. Brett, my heart breaks for you, too, knowing how strong your bond was with Max. I will always remember his shy smile, which never really changed over the 20+ years I had the pleasure of knowing him.
Posted by Katie McMahon on September 1, 2019
I will miss my cousin Max terribly. Max was fun-loving and kind, with a convivial energy and quick wit. He was a wonderful man, who really valued his family and always seemed to infuse any atmosphere with positive energy. This is a devastating loss for all of us and we will love you forever, Max.
Posted by Mary LeBlanc on September 1, 2019
A beautiful tribute. Our hearts are aching for you - the loss of Max leaves a hole in this world too big to fill. So much love, gone too soon. We will be here for you throughout this sad journey.

With love from David, Mary and Christopher
Posted by Robert Abel on September 1, 2019
My heart breaks for my cousin Jim and his wife Janet and Max’s brother Brett. There are no words to say that make sense. All of the Abel cousins love you all and grieve for your terrible loss. 


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