Shared by Naina Lal on September 4, 2019
I had never met Max, but had heard so much about him from Jim. Jim and I would share stories about our kids all the time at work, and take pride in all their accomplishments and laugh at their silly stories. I just heard the news and I feel like someone has just stabbed my heart. My heart goes out to Jim and his family. May his soul rest in peace and may God give strength and peace to the McDonough family at such a tragic time in their lives. Prayers and condolences.
Shared by Yardena Wolf on September 4, 2019
I met Max through another member of the (in)famous “Triple Max” trio, Max Mangold, who I dated for two of the three years they lived together, and thus spent a lot of time first at their East Village apartment and then at the new one on the Upper East Side.

I wasn’t so sure about Max when we first met – my first impression of him was the second time I was ever visiting the East Village apartment with Max Mangold. We were leaving a concert late on a week night and walked all the way back to East 9th only to find that Max had deadbolted the front door and fallen asleep, rendering us stranded for the evening. Although he quite literally shut me out before we had even formally met, he quickly became the one to let me into the apartment if I arrived before Max Mangold, solidifying a friendship beyond just my boyfriend’s roommate.

Max and I shared laughs, dating advice, and too many onion rings from BurgerFi. We planned different ways to make the apartment better (starting with removing the lazy boy recliner – another one of his home improvements that never came to fruition despite my two year long efforts). He offered to bring me my wallet all the way to the airport when I’d left it in the apartment and needed to take a flight that afternoon. He brought me back slices of pizza any time I was over. We spent hours talking about politics, laughing about how he was always just trying to play devil’s advocate. A perfect example of his good natured ribbing is when he finally gave up and drove to New Jersey during the 2018 midterm elections and sent me an exacerbated picture of him voting asking if I was happy now (I was).

Max was carefree, lighthearted and funny and never missed a chance to make me the butt of a joke. He was also kind, and caring, and a light in this world. When I heard the news last week, I re-read all of our texts to one another and the overall theme was him doing something kind for someone. He helped me for three months to plan a surprise party for Max Mangold, ordered dessert for my own birthday party he was too sick to attend, asked my opinion on gifts for girls he was seeing, or ways to make the transition from Germany to America better for German Max. The world is a bit dimmer without him in it.

Early into our friendship, I jokingly called him my sweet petunia. The nickname stuck, and we continued the joke for two years. He will always and forever live on in my heart as someone who gave me a second home, made me laugh every day, and filled the world with kindness. Rest easy, my sweet petunia.

Shared by Ali Elkin on September 3, 2019
Max was truly the most thoughtful person I have ever known. For Valentine's day, Max created a scavenger hunt in which I had to read a clue to get to my next location that led me to the next clue. Each location was a place we had been on a date. Max had written out poems for each of the clues, describing the memory we had shared at the next location. To this day, it is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

Whenever I was having a bad day, Max would make sure he brightened it. He would send flowers, or mozzarella sticks, or an email entitled "URGENT" with nothing but a picture of a cute puppy attached.

Max was a dreamer. He was always making big plans, whether they be travel adventures or business ventures. He always talked about opening a pizza place that was specific to/specialized in breakfast pizza.

His love of life, big dreams, and relentless thoughtfulness will inspire me forever.
Shared by Kelly Myszka on September 3, 2019
I’ve tried to write this thing so many times but I’m struggling with the pain and trying to summarize 25 years of memories. We met when we were two years old {thank you Shongum Crossing} and even though I don’t remember it, Max had always been a part of my life.

We grew up together. From tots in the neighborhood to starting Center Grove all the way through graduating RHS. I am so thankful for the child/young adulthood we shared. Growing up with Max was a blessing; he made such an impact on my life and so many others in the neighborhood.

Walking home from the bus stop was when we would talk. As kids it felt miles long and as if it took forever. We would catch up on life, things happening at school, crushes, sports, you name it. Not to mention how we would try and convince our parents that CCD was cancelled; it never was. He made the never ending walk better just by being there.

When we were young he told me Santa not only came into the house on Christmas Eve, but came into your bedroom...enter all the creepy feelings here. I was petrified waiting for the holiday to roll around. My parents had to eventually tell me Santa wasn’t real. Thanks bud.

Since our birthdays are two days apart {he’s older by two days} we bonded over that and made sure to celebrate as best we could. Our 17th was my favorite because he put on a full suit to go to dinner at The Barn....It was so ridiculous and silly but I told him to look nice since we were celebrating, so that’s exactly what he did. I will cherish the memories of that night forever!

I remember driving aimlessly around town the summer before senior year just because we could. We argued who was paying for Dunkin’; he tried to explain basketball to me, and we would attempt to sing along to the radio. Simple pleasures, sure, but that’s all we needed. Max made the best of every situation.

College came & went and then I moved away so our time together was few and far between but our friendship never truly stopped. He was always there in the back of my mind. I just wish we had more time.

I haven’t talked to him in months, and I haven’t seen him in over a year and I am kicking myself for it. Life is too precious. I miss him so much. It pains me that I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Brett, Janet, and Jim: I cannot explain how sorry I am for your loss. Max was an amazing person and you should be proud of the man he was! Sending hugs, love and prayers your way.

 {Ryan} Max McDonough, you were the perfect childhood friend and I will never ever forget you. Rest easy.

Shared by Andrew Simon on September 3, 2019
I had been introduced to Max through a friend years ago, and from the very first time I met him, he treated me like I had been a life long friend of his which I will always be grateful for. One of my most cherished memories with Max was when we went down to Universal for a long weekend with his friends- I cannot remember a single moment of that trip where Max wasn’t smiling, laughing, or challenging me to chug a beer with him to see who could down it faster. Max was the type of person who never just had small talk when we met up, he took a genuine interest in every conversation we had and always brought a sincere perspective to offer. His positive outlook on life was unique was refreshing to be around. I am so thankful for having been introduced to Max, and for all the times he let me visit his apartment in NYC, especially the times I missed the last train home and he offered a place to stay without hesitation. 

To Max’s family and friends, I am so so terribly sorry for your loss. I hope to take Max’s determination, humor, selflessness, and positivity with me wherever I go in life and will always remember him. 

Shared by Danny McMahon on September 3, 2019
As a cousin, I could always rely on Max to shoot hoops in the driveway or throw the ball around in the backyard at family functions. Playing alongside my brother Brendan, Max's brother Brett and our cousin Matt, these were some of my fondest memories as a kid when the McDonough/McMahon/McGrath/Carlton clans got together.
Fast forward to us as "adults," and the backyard sports graduated to hanging out in NYC where Max and I both lived (as much as we loved basketball, the NBA never panned out given our Irish genes!).
Most recently, while Max was still living in the East Village, him and I found some time to meetup for a night at Cooper's by his apartment. For ~4-5 hours, we just hung out talking about a whole host of, comparing the spots we enjoyed visiting in the city, travel plans, college basketball (mostly his beloved Hoosiers and my hometown Maryland Terps) and most importantly our families. He was easy to talk to, personable and down to earth. He had that rare ability to make you feel like the only person in the room. I recall taking a cab home that night thinking about how great it was to have him nearby and looked forward to future outings.
The world certainly lost a great guy far too soon. 
I will miss you very much, Max.
Shared by Olivia P on September 3, 2019
I’ve known Max since I was in middle school.  Him and I had “middle school crushes” on each other - we’d talk on AIM for hours on end and exchange notes in the hallway during classes in middle school.  Friends who saw his notes to me always commented “he has to have the best hand writing we’ve ever seen” (still true years later after reconnecting)

Max and I reconnected years later after college and we had some laughs about the past.  I went to visit him quite a few times in the city and some are some of favorite memories/max moments -

-Sitting in Starbucks drinking venti iced coffees for hours and he taught he all about the stock market and about nyc (he was always a great teacher)

-Laughing about learning Italian and then he actually bought a $300 Italian fluenz learning program and kept saying “ciao! questo quello! Questo quello!” Because it was all he learned so far (and because it was hilarious)

-The “travel game” in which he said “whatever page I open and turn to will be the next place I travel to”

When I hated my job in NJ,Max talked to me for two hours to pep talk me into changing my job.  I have to say, one of the reasons I now work in NYC is because of convinced me it’s really the best place to be and never to settle.

Max was a fun loving, sensible, thoughtful and incredibly positive person.  Not once did he ever complain.  I hope to adapt more of Max’s positivity and live-in-the-moment attitude in my own life.  Sending much love to all of his family, friends and those lucky enough to know him.


Shared by Max Mangold on September 3, 2019
I’ve know Max for the past 3+ years as we’ve been roommates since July 2016, and am proudly one-third of “Triple Max”.

He was a great roommate - happy, social, positive, easy company, relaxed, un-fazeable, fun interests, enjoyed a good time and liked to joke around. He also liked to use our nice steak knives to make PB&J sandwiches, but that’s neither here nor there.

My first memory of Max was our first night as roommates. We lived in an old brick East Village tenement building (closet by non-NYC standards) and I was joining Max & our previous roommate Ryan, who’d already lived there for a yr. I moved into Max’s old room, and he upgraded to the room across the hall to get a nicer closet/ window view. Being that it was a humid July 90+ degree night, I hadn’t setup my AC unit and all I had was a bed on the floor + two suitcases of clothes, I slept naked to try to stay semi-cool. I was asleep when he returned, went into my room by habit and turned on the lights (forgetting it was no longer his room), which was met by a scream from me and the startling surprise of a naked man in what he thought to be his room. Needless to say he didn’t make that mistake again and our time as roommates improved.

Max liked to make random small improvements to the apartment to give it more character. Examples include shower shelves (2x), Christmas lights (both inside and on the patio), a juice press + magic bullet blender, colored straws and a second set of steak knives to name a few. His pièce de résistance however was painting 85% of our old living room gray, only to decide it didn’t look that good and leaving it unfinished for 6 months (was kind of an albatross, but funny nonetheless), then rushing to paint it white again the 20min before we moved out to not get charged extra. He beat the clock and got the job done.

Max was a social man with many friend groups, happy to help others and enjoyed having fun. There’s no better example of this than when he graciously helped my girlfriend plan a surprise birthday party for me for months, only to remember he’d double-booked himself by already committing to a ski trip hrs away that same weekend with friends.

I’ll remember his love for San Matteo Neapolitan pizza, Whitman’s burgers, abuse of Ateaz Cafe’s tea + free bagel promotion, Dallas BBQ frozen margaritas (not actually), East Village pizza, reciting German phrases he learned from Maximilian, working at home remotely, quick smile/ smirk followed by a witty comment, how he'd sit Indian Style on our couch when working intensively sometimes, cooking plain noodles, IPAs, PB&J sandwiches, drinking half of his fresh pressed juice concoctions, Giants football, Hoosiers basketball, Yankees baseball, the Office and his recently rediscovered enjoyment for Call of Duty 4.

He’s a great friend and man, who’s impression and lasting impact will stay with me. He’ll always be my roommate.

Sending love and strength to his family and friends, and all those who were lucky enough to know him. Hopefully we can all learn from Max and “Enjoy The Ride” of life as much as he did and would like us to.
Shared by Melanie Johnsen on September 2, 2019
It wasn’t long before Max had won my heart. He was everything I was looking for with someone to spend a future with. Handsome, kind, funny, witty, intelligent, motivated, successful career, the list goes on and on with Max... We always lived in the moment and just enjoyed each other’s company. Max loved living in the Big Apple and loved to show me around his neighborhood on the Upper East Side. Whether taking me to the local restaurants and bars, making me dinner and eating on their balcony,or The Comic Strip across the street from his apartment. Even though he liked New York better, I was able to convince him to come to the other side of the River to visit me in Hoboken (where I live). One of our favorite Hoboken spots was Cork City, a dog-friendly bar (of course) where we would play darts and obviously Max had to pet every dog that walked through the door. We often showed our competitive sides and played whatever bar games were available when we went out for a few drinks. Whether it was darts, shooting hoops, bocce, pool... we always liked some friendly competition. Although he beat me most of the time, I took pride in when I beat him because he was good at everything. Life was our adventure and we were just enjoying the ride - A motto he always lived by. We talked about all the fun things we wanted to do and started to create a checklist. A Yankee, Giants or hockey game, go karts, and a walk in Central Park were recently added to the list. Each day, I started with a smile knowing I’d talk to Max. He made each day brighter with his positivity, witty humor, and support. I already miss him dearly but will always hold him in my heart wherever I go.

Love Always
Melanie ❤️

Max the Business Mind

Shared by Danny Gluck on September 2, 2019
Max and I met at Bloomberg in 2015, both under a year into our careers. We instantly became friends and ended up on the same team together, working through problems and supporting each other as teammates. Max lived a block away in the East Village which lead us to becoming gym and drinking buddies. We liked to go to Coopers on Second Avenue to have a beer and discuss where our careers were heading and the trends we were seeing that we could act upon. Max had an incredible ability to find insight in every day actions of life and always seemed to know the right questions to uncover deeper meaning in events, all while effortlesslyfinishing his beers at twice the pace I could.

One of my most fond memories of Max is the night where he and our friend Russell came over for an evening of steaks and business brainstorming. We sat in my living room writings down our best billion dollar ideas. Max loved the idea of a pet heater for dogs and wanted to make one called “Peter the Pet Heater.” It was our best idea of the night.

I will miss you Max.
Shared by Varun Vohra on September 2, 2019
Max was a true friend and someone I couldn't imagine not having met. Growing up in Randolph would not have been the same without you. I remember we met at 7th grade track and Max's Mom was one of our coaches. We hated practice. But those track practice days led to years of playing sports all through high school with countless time spent on the basketball court, roller hockey rink, grass-fields playing football and anything else we could get into. I'll remember the long days on Max's Dad's boat in Lake Hopatcong with no worries in the world. The trips to the Shore and the one time we got our left-ears pierced and we were terrified of our parents reaction. Of course none of us had them in by Monday morning at school. Max always made everything more fun and brought that smile and laughter that was so contagious. We were similar in so many ways and connected on many different levels of life that I plan on carrying his free spirit with me forever. Love you Max

Max with Danny and Brendan at Katies Art Opening

Shared by Jeanne Mcmahon on September 2, 2019
I am so grateful that Max came to support our daughter Katie at her gallery opening in Brooklyn a few short weeks ago. He stayed after the show to spend time with us and I was struck by his dry wit and incredible sense of humor. He positively radiated happiness. All seemed to be well in his world. We laughed so much that night, it was a wonderful evening. My husband John mentioned that every memory he has of Max since he was a little guy was a boy who had a smile on his face.....always.
We will miss that smile.
Shared by Pat Johnson on September 2, 2019
Max was someone I could always look up to, laugh with about anything, and know he would be there for me no matter what I came to him about. I remember it all started when Max and I were working on a science project in middle school.  At his house for days figuring out how to make a golf ball drop down a maze into a solo cup.  Without Max, that golf ball was never making it to the cup. Then I think about us in high school starting off playing pick up basketball, baseball, football and roller hockey everyday after school. Max would have everyone going crazy when he would pull his Dr. J reverse layup from behind the backboard. Once we grew older and received our licenses, we were more concerned with grabbing a taylor ham egg and cheese before we got to first period. After school, we were always planning a trip to either play more sports or even have Max take us out on Lake Hopatcong for a relaxing day on the boat.  Max was up for any challenge and was never afraid to try something new. I think that really showed when he went off to Arizona, the furthest of all our friends, and came home with countless stories for us.  Then, he realized what he had a passion for and transferred to Indiana where he flourished into the man he was today.  It made me so happy to see him living in NYC which was both of our dreams growing up. He opened his door for me to visit whenever and I utilized it.  Max made me feel like I lived in the city with him from taking on all the touristy spots to going out for a simple night of pool. From our time spent with each other after college, we started to think about places we wanted to travel.  Every year around our birthdays we would take a trip to see our other close friends. The memories I built from Colorado, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and L.A. are abundant and I will never forget those times.  The one I enjoyed the most was renting a Mustang and driving down the PCH blasting tunes and enjoying the view with great company.  We stopped in Santa Barbara where he was reminiscing about the times he spent with his family years ago.  I am motivated to keep traveling for the both of us and see all the states and countries that was on our list, I know he would want me to. 
Max was such a great friend and I know he touched so many lives over the years.  He was special in that he could meet you once and it would be hard to forget him. His happy go lucky attitude along with his willingness to never settle and reach for the stars I think propelled him to the success he saw.  I will never forget my best friend and will carry on his memory forever. 

Shared by Maureen Carlton on September 2, 2019
I am so grateful that I had the opportunit to spend time with Max 2 weekends ago at my brother’s family beach house. We had so much fun and shared so many laughs.  I was so struck by how this once shy boy, had grown into this handsome, charismatic, funny and confident young man. But the thing I will remember and cherish the most about this time spent with Max, was how happy he was....truly happy in his life.  He was taken from us way, way too soon, but the impression he left on us all will live on forever. I will miss you my sweet, sweet nephew and I will love you always.
Shared by Kevin McDonough on September 2, 2019
My nephew Max was a superstar.  He was smart, articulate, but also a personable, warm individual.  He was fun to be around, and was very charismatic.  My heart hurts right now, because I enjoyed his company, but won't see him anymore.  Love you Max
Shared by Beth McDonough on September 1, 2019
Growing up with a cousin as wonderful as Max, it was hard to not look up to him. I admired his dedication to basketball, his cool demeanor, and undeniable wit. It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite moment with Max, but a moment I’ll forever cherish is a moment we shared a few weeks ago. Max visited our beach house for a weekend which gave us the opportunity to share many laughs, White Claws, and stories. I will never forget the stories he told while we lounged on the deck. I loved hearing about his friends and city adventures. I will gravely miss him, but am incredibly grateful for the time we had together. 
Shared by McDonough Family on September 2, 2019
Nothing fazed Max – he always rolled with the punches and carried on. We remember in high school, when he was on the basketball team and took a hard spill in one game. The coach benched him temporarily. I watched Max’s elbow swell as he sat there, although he said he was fine. It took some convincing to get him to the orthopedic doctor, who explained that Max’s elbow was broken in multiple places and put him in a shoulder-to-wrist cast. Max sat on the doctor’s table practicing imaginary shots as he waited for the plaster to dry, then put on a sweatshirt so no one could see the cast, and insisted that I drop him off at Brundage Park on the way home so he could practice his jump shots. He wore that sweatshirt for six weeks so no one would fuss over his injury.

Shared by Annette Tracy on September 1, 2019
Max was on the Resurrection Parish Seek Retreat Team in December of 2008. I was one of the adult chaperones that weekend at Delbarton. An easy-going young man with a warm smile, Max shared his Catholic Faith with the younger teens that weekend and made everyone feel welcome. He and the other team members in this photo bonded over the 8 weeks of preparation for the retreat weekend. They were a great group and the weekend was a big success. I am shocked and saddened by his passing at such a young age. May he Rest In Peace in the arms of Jesus and I will pray for his parents and family as they mourn. 
Mrs. Tracy

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