This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Maxine Baxter, 88 years old, born on November 19, 1932, and passed away on February 6, 2021. We will remember her forever.

Life to the Max!
Maxine Baxter 
broke new ground as a young Black entrepreneur.  In 1962, she opened Maxine's Lamps and Lampshades with her husband and business partner, George. This {prestigious shop was one of the first Black-owned businesses in the area.  The shop located at 4160 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, California was in business for over 50 years.  Maxine and George knew they were on to something amazing.  Together, they laid the foundation for a respected, successful profession of manufacturing custom lamps and lampshades.  The company produced over 500,000 lampshades specializing in imported silks, linens, taffetas, velvets, and designer textiles. 

Maxine worked with set decorators, prop houses, studios, and an exclusive clientele, including some of the biggest studios in Hollywood; CBS, Sony Pictures, Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, Warner Bros and host of decorators, designers and independent filmmakers.

Adam DiGregorio of the "LA Times" wrote that "Maxine, has an eye for shape and proportion equal to that of any couturier. "  What made Maxine's lampshades so unique was that each shade was custom sized and crafted by hand.  In the decorating community, Maxine's was known as "The place to go."  Maxine's lampshades received many awards and accolades including being recognized in the "National directory of Who's Who with Executives and Professionals".

Maxine and George settled and raised their family in View Park, Los Angeles.  Maxine and George were hard workers for their community and in their church, Crenshaw United Methodist.  They received high recognition in 1999 by being awarded as "Black Trailblazers".

Maxine had a passion for traveling, collecting vintage fabrics, antiques and collecting art.  She was an avid reader, a gourmet cook and a fashionista.

Maxine was born in McGhee, Arkansas.  She was proceeded in death by her husband, George and her son, Larry.
She is survived by her children, Betty, Gregory, Ronetta, George Jr., grandchildren, great grandchildren and a host of family and friends.  Maxine made her transition on February 6, 2021.
Posted by Jay Baxter on April 18, 2021
I love you granny forever and always....
Posted by Robin Aswad on April 14, 2021
We are so blessed and so highly favored to have Aunt Max’s footsteps as a blueprint. Hang on Cuzzo. We gonna be alright. I love the Baxter’s!
Rob gal, as George Jr. would say.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on April 9, 2021
I'm thinking about you Mommy as I do everyday with admiration. You and all your sisters became absolute phenomenal women. That's why I know as I start a new chapter in my life I will do as you did. First listen to GOD ✨Move forward, be fearless have a good plan be education and do my best. That is life's lessons you have taught my cousins and I. Thank you beautiful awesome mom for watching over and leading me now. I love you Mommy. You live in my heart and soul. And that's where you will stay forever. All my Love your Sissie
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on April 4, 2021
"Happy Easter Beautiful Mommy. If love could bring you back would be here with me. GOD knows best. His will be done.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on April 4, 2021
Dearest ✨MOM✨ I'm trying to be strong like u taught me to be. I still ache fill empty lonely a the hopeless feeling of dread is heavy and weighs me down.✨ I know your safe and surrounded by GODS magnificent glory. But the feelings I have is not comfort. It's emptiness. Because I cannot see your face or feel your warm touch I'm needy I want to scream and go crazy. That's not good at all. I know. I live asking GOD to help me get over these things.but I miss your soft voice ✨your comforting smile✨ and gentle shuffle all around the house. Slamming the front door locking it. The misery is so real. Like the most damn nightmare I've ever had.. what helps is .. I do things like you taught me the right way Mom. I made your fruit cake today. Thinking of you beautiful Aunt Ruth aunt Evelyn. I'm blowing kisses and love in the wind to surround you. Every star Jasmine's fragrance is for you Mom. Everyday I live my heart is filled with thanks gratefulness and enduring endless love.✨✨✨✨ for you .I love you
Posted by Jay Baxter on April 4, 2021
Missing you today... love you 
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 30, 2021
Missing your smile and your laugh... missing our meals together ... pulling those all nighters for Christmas dinner... can’t process it yet...
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 28, 2021
Dearest Mommy, Your grandchildren are here feeling your sweet spirit and love.
Posted by Raphaela Varella on March 28, 2021
I love you grandma. I wished I could hang out with you one more time. I am not sure how to process this... I love you so much
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 27, 2021
Miss you today and everyday..
Readjusting to life without your sweet granny is difficult and different... I will always think of you... your memory will forever be alive in all of our lives. You are a precious jewel now and forever... love you
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 26, 2021
Dearest Mom I know your love is here. Thank you.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 24, 2021
Mommy continue to follow me around and please never leave me.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 24, 2021
We will always love you Mommy. You are my beautiful Queen Thank you Lord for giving her to me.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 23, 2021
Dearest ✨Mommy ✨What my dear sister Rob✨ said is so true. We are all blessed to have had the most gracious phenomenal mother's to love to teach and mold us daughters "My beautiful aunt Ruth ✨taught me many things. I admired her. Rob and I saw her strength and style. How close she was to GOD. Some things you may have not gotten around to telling me Mom she told me. When I acted up she would smooth things over. I thank God for her. I miss her so.. and her advice. But she taught me alot for years and I'll never forget those life lessons. My dear Aunt Evelyn ✨was always there too. I could always count on her as well.. I couldn't ask for more loving supportive brilliant aunties than the ones the good Lord blessed me with. All of them are the best. So close to my heart My Dear Aunt ✨Mary, and Aunt Bobbie, ✨Aunt Ann ✨and Aunt Wanda✨ are all precious Jewel's to me. You Mom are my angel watching over us. I won't give up.✨✨✨ I am still crying out to GOD✨ because my pain is so deep. To help me. I pray my Lord Jesus ruler of everything to bless and keep our entire family safe healthy protected and encouraged . Our faithful Holy loving GOD . Who I continue to thank for our family. I love and miss you so much Mommy you are our light and love. Forever yours Cissy.
Posted by Robin Aswad on March 22, 2021
You are the light and love of us. I’m so glad that your love is so strong that it is felt in the hearts of your children and your family members still standing.
We will stand on your love until we meet you again. Aunt Mac, tell mom I say hello and know I love and miss you both.
You are no doubt the most loving gracious woman I have ever met and the best part is that I met you as a baby. And you loved me always just like Cissy.
I pray that your spirit will lift up my beloved big sister Ronetta, she is stronger than she knows, but knowing that you’re the wind beneath her wings brings me joy and her loving confidence.
Love you Auntie.
Rest In Peace. 
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 22, 2021
Dear ✨Mommy ✨The love is still here. You left alot The comforting love I feel around Greg, George Chris Mimi and talking to Alex is helping me to cope and live. I think we all feel the same... we need love and support from each other period. Mommy I love you so much and forever will. ️️️
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 20, 2021
Hi ✨Mommy✨ I miss you. Reality bites . I would give almost anything to see and hear your voice. You had a beautiful wonderful life. Some bumpy roads that's life. GOD never promised us things would be perfect. But what can I do or say when My precious Mom, all I've ever known is gone. Shes not here. My little Mommy. You gave her to me . Nothing could ever prepare me for this kind of lonely emptiness nothing matters much to me now. I want to scream! My life will never be as happy . Our Lord Jesus is my comforter. I'm trying. I love you Mommy. Everything I do will be like you would do. 
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 18, 2021
✨Dear Mom✨ I miss you so much. I'm trying and trying to accept all that has happened. It's hurts. I had you for 88 years. Why isn't that enough? If only I could be as strong as you Mom. I'm a mess. You and I could always depend on each other. Now it's all different..This feeling of realness and dread eats me up. Only GOD can comfort me. I know you would read your bible and pray and sing to GOD. So that's what I'll do. I Love love love you and always will. ✨your daughter Sissy ✨
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 17, 2021
I know I can talk to you when I want to.. I just like visiting this site.. seeing your pictures keeps you alive and present... I love to see your smile... love you ..
Posted by Raphaela Varella on March 16, 2021
Missing you extra today. Things have been so stressful now that I am applying to medical school on top of everything else. I know you would tell me to just keep pushing through and it will all work itself out. That is the only thing I am holding on to right now because jeez it's hectic dealing with all this earthly chaos. You are in such a better place. I love you, give us strength ok.
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 15, 2021
Love you granny miss you so much...
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 15, 2021
✨I thank you Lord for giving her to me in the first place.✨ Thank you.✨Help me dear Lord the misery in my heart is so heavy. I loved that little old lady so much.
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 15, 2021
Hi my lovely granny,
Today is Sunday the day that I usually come over and take care of you. I looked forward to seeing you. I love looking at your pictures they bring me happiness. granny I have been studying out heaven over the last few days. I want to make sure I make it there . I want to see you again. I pray we recognize each other in the heavenly spirit. I have so many questions.. I love you and miss you so much. It’s hard for me to go to your house. When I go there I peek in your room thinking maybe you will be sitting in your chair. That this is all a dream.. please granny help me. I love you. You are my angel for life.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 14, 2021
✨Mommy✨ I'm trying to be strong. I'm not nearly as strong as you. The disappointment and pain is unbearable. It's a horrible feeling I can't control. I wake up everyday. And it's only one word that comes to mind. REALITY. The reality is like lightening. It clouds my mind. I have clarity but it's hard to accept. That's my reality.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 14, 2021
Dearest ✨Mommy ✨ I see your beautiful face in my mind all the day long. It's comforting I can hear u say Sissy put your shoes on✨ the floor is cold you could get sick. And ✨Ronetta you don't have enough clothes on. It's cool outside. And of course your right ✨Mom. So I will continue to listen and do everything you always taught me and warned me about. Thank you ✨Mommy. My hearts darling I love you.✨
Posted by Raphaela Varella on March 14, 2021
I love you, Grandma. I think about you all that time. I know you are happy and in loving company. You are so missed.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 13, 2021
✨Hi Mom ✨Baby dumplings aka Aurielle was looking for you .✨ She cannot understand why your not here to sock her ball back to her. She cannot understand why her✨ ✨GGmax ✨is not here to play with. She loves to follow you around and snitch on you mom.
On sat 3/6 she cried and cried and couldn't be consoled. None of us can. ✨We cannot be consoled at this time. I think about you alot. ✨Mommy. I feel your gentle softness all over this house your voice is soothing and calling me Sissy. ✨That makes me feel better. My hearts angel ✨I love you.
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 13, 2021
Good morning granny ,
You are on my mind this morning. I have been feeling down. I am going to get out today and go walking. I had some revelations yesterday. I must keep on keeping on. We are here for a season and we must live righteously. I want to call you so we can chat. You are such a great listener and give good advice. You always take my side which is a plus! Pray your resting well.... pray you are in peace and harmony. I’m so grateful to have you in my life... love your beautiful self..
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 12, 2021
✨✨Dearest Mommy ✨✨as I walk through our house I still feel the love and warmth of your beautifulness. I miss you walking around here with me following me from room to room. All you did everyday was offer to help me no matter what I was doing. Lord knows I miss you so much ✨Mommy. I know it may sound strange but I feel so less significant. I'm not as important. Because I cannot show u things now. Or get your opinion or you tell me what u think of this or that. I'm so ordinary now. I don't like to feel this way but I do. I miss you so Mom. The void in my heart is deep like the grand canyon. The love tho is overwhelming. ✨Each day I base my thoughts on how you would do this or that. That is a good feeling. And I know your my guardian angel. You were my angel here in person and now your sweet spirit✨ follows me everywhere. I love you. And thank GOD for you Mommy.✨
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 12, 2021
Thinking of you today and everyday... I love you and miss you. I miss your cooking.. ☺️.. I know you are watching over me and the boys... please protect us... love you 
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 11, 2021
Good Morning, granny I’m thinking about you... wish you were here.. love you so much. Miss your smile and your laugh... xoxoxo
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 10, 2021
Good morning my sweetie pie...
I love you
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 9, 2021
I miss you....
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 8, 2021
Oh god I miss you so much
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on March 8, 2021
✨My loving wonderful blossom of a Mother. Darling of my heart I feel your loving spirit ✨all around me. You are my guiding light of ✨peace and courage.✨ You live in my heart and soul. Everything you ever taught me is locked in. Your words of wisdom✨ and unconditional love. Im not worried Mommy I know your in Abraham Bosom✨ Sweet Mother of mine. Please come to me in my dreams I will be looking for you ✨Mommy. I will continue to thank ✨GOD for you. ✨Mother Dear.✨ All my love your daughter Ronetta.
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 8, 2021
Good morning my lovely granny,
Today is my first day of work... I wanted to see your face .. I know you would be so proud of me. I love you now and forever. I miss you so much . I have not been able to process me not seeing your face on this earth again. I still feel like I am dreaming. I better stop now before my face looks a mess for work.. love you please take care of me today... love you granny
Posted by George Baxter on March 7, 2021
Mommy. Words can’t explain how I feel this morning. My heart is heavy but at the same time it’s full of joy for.You had such an amazing home coming yesterday with all our family and friends there. You are the most remarkable...caring... loving... unselfish... nourishing....loving person I have ever met in my life. And you’re my mom. I just thank God for allowing me to have such a beautiful mom like you for so many years. God prepared special place for you years ago when you gave yourself to him as a child. Now he’s called you home to enjoy it.  I said YOU ARE because your spirit lives forever inside of me. That will never go away. You are always with me. Always have been. Always will be. And Daddy to. Thank you Mommy.
Posted by Jay Baxter on March 7, 2021
I love this morning and every morning after this granny... I miss your smile . Today is the day I would normally come see you.. but now it is not in flesh but through the spirit.. love you
Posted by Yvorn Aswad on March 6, 2021
Coco's was my idea of a good time on a Saturday night in the 90s! I thought I was so sophisticated when the waitress would ask "soup or salad", and- child that I was- would respond "of course I want a SUPER salad!"

You and Grandmommy got a laugh of that. The two of you would talk as you did, gingerly with each other, loaded with affection and laughs and knowing glances that needed no words to explain. And I would color, even though I hated coloring, and just be content that I was in the presence of you both. And then, of course, there was the post dinner shopping excursions to Robinson's May. Again, I hated shopping, (and staying at the mall until the clerk over head announced "shoppers, we are closing in 10 minutes"). But again, I loved being in the presence of you both.

Being in your presence, Aunt Mac. Everyone has commented on your style, your grace, and your excellent taste. And indeed too, your ambition, and hustle, and acumen as a businesswoman. Yes, these things are all true and you shared them with all of us and certainly impressed them on me for as far back as I can remember.

But what's more to me is how you showed up in the ways you loved. Those trips to Cocos and the mall and all that wasn't about good food and nice things- it was about showing how adult siblings show up for each other, prioritize one another, and be each other's friends. The very fact that nearly every family event happened at your home church again shows how open you were to being a stall worth support for our family.

Having you there at some of the highest, proudest moments of my life have truly been special. And a gift I'm so grateful to God for is having had the chance to interview you and get even just a sliver of the magnificent life you've led. Oh, how I will I could hear more! You are a storied woman! A legendary lady. Regal in every capacity. The way you told and retold the tale of you, Uncle George, a Tom Collins and..."well, the rest is history" as you said. Pure gold.

I am sad, Auntie, that you are gone. I am afraid of thinking about a world where you and all these titans of my childhood- these Kimble Warriors- are but memories shared in our collective psyche. But I know we hold you in our hearts. I know your ways permeate in all of ours. I am thankful to you. Grateful for you. And love you beyond. I know your children, and grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren will be well. Because you are with them, lo until the end of days.

You are with us all. And we could not ask for a better piece of comfort.
Posted by Robin Aswad on March 6, 2021
Greetings Auntie,
As I reflect on our time together I simply count it as “joy”.
I think that our moments we shared were like diamonds in the rough. You had to polish me, lol.
I am incredibly grateful for how you poured into me and my brothers and I pray that you always knew how thankful we were. Too me you’re like the dew in the morning, so calm and gentle.
Never bothered and never rough. If I am even a quarter of the mother, wife, and women as you, then, God has truly reigned a special blessing upon me.
I’ll think of you often and I will continue to work hard to keep your sprit of gentleness within me.
Don’t worry about a thing pretty momma, (SW) because I’ll be standing on the sidelines holding my sister Ronetta up, helping her to be strong. However, strength is in her DNA because of you. Thank you and much LOVE .
Kidd’s baby girl,
Robin Gail
Posted by Steven Neal on March 6, 2021
Hello my name is Steven K Neal and I am a neighbor to the Baxter family. I was able to see Mrs. Baxter as a wife to her husband a mother to her children a dedicated business woman and grandmother to her grandchildren and a True Friend to me.. My condolences to the family.
Posted by Seante GlassFlowers on March 6, 2021
To my beautiful, snazzy, sweet, loving, always smiling Aunt Maxine ,I’m going to miss you!!! You were a pillar of style and grace. When I was a little girl you introduced me to Downtown Los Angeles!!  Eviepooh(Evelyn) , Nathala and I would accompany you on wonderful shopping adventures!! You introduced us to the dressmaker!! All my dresses were custom made!!! I loved our trips to the dressmaker followed by lunch at the Plum Tree or Cliftons restaurant. You taught me how to fine dine at a very young age!! I absolutely loved that view from your living room. As a little girl ,it was always a treat to stare out of that beautiful window in the living room, watching the sunset was the most beautiful sight to see. Watching the city change from day to night is one of the many reasons I loved coming to your house. It was So Mesmerizing!! You were always so loving and welcoming to me. Thank you for my wedding China!! Auntie you were truly a trailblazer! You inspired me to be an entrepreneur . I love love love you!! Rest In Peace Auntie
Posted by Karen Wilson on March 5, 2021
Dear Aunt Maxine, you meant the world to me. Even though there were times when we couldn’t be together. I always felt that bond between us. Those late nights when you would call to speak to mommy and she would be sleep. We would talk for hours about everything. I will always remember all the good advice about life you gave me or just something funny we shared. You added so much to my life by being my aunt. I will always love you for it. He fills my life with good things. Psalm 103:5                                 Ps We love to go shopping together but I would have to keep up with you.
Posted by Michelle Franklin on March 5, 2021
My Dearest Auntie Mac. It's no secret that ALL of My Aunties are Phenomenal and are Trailblazers. Setting standards, breaking barriers and paving the way for all of us; But you my dear are the one who stole my heart and I yours. You and Uncle George took me in and showed me something I've never seen or experienced before and it was from those experiences that I am the Woman that I am today. I remember the countless times that you would picked me on the weekends, take me to your home and we would shop and eat chinese food. I also remember the countless times that you tried to steal me and Mommy would call you and say "Mac, you can't have my Michelle bring her back home now". When Larry and I got married we rented one of your apartments and there were times when you wouldn't even charge us rent, which allowed us to save our money to purchase our 1st home. You and Uncle George believed in us and we'll never ever forget that. You both were "Some Kind Of Wonderful' and I will forever keep you in my heart. This is NOT Goodbye Auntie, but SEE YA LATER! Rest Well,
Your Shell
Posted by Barbara Smith on March 5, 2021
U will b missed more than u know. Our late telephone calls
at night.. what the family was doing. You were such a good person. Always concern about everyone. I'll also,miss your Christmas fruit cake. Just so so good. RIP. I love u.
Posted by Kimler Kimble on March 5, 2021
Auntie I will truly miss your style your flare for fashion.That’s definitely what we would talk about your love ❤️ for your family was unconditional I’m going to miss calling the house RIH!

Posted by Shannon Triplett on March 5, 2021
To My Loving Aunt,
My heart is heavy with your physical body gone but my heart also knows your with God and Uncle George, along with the rest of the family.
Your love for God was so strong, I know your shouting joy you made it to the mansion in the kingdom of Heaven.
I will miss you saying "Hon".
We've had so many great times at family events, the many casino trips and so on.
Even the last time we saw each other when you said "My Shannon" , I knew I hadn't been forgotten.
All the Sunday dinner's with you and Mom talking about moments in Arkansas are precious.
You've lived a full life and did a great job. You"ve left an imprint that will never be forgotten.
I'm so happy to be your nephew and you my Aunt.
I will always love you.
You will never be forgotten.
This is not good bye but just see you later.
Love you always your nephew Shannon
Posted by Terri Kimble on March 5, 2021
My Dearest Aunt Maxine, I’m going to miss your spirit and how much you loved your family. I will forever be thankful for the drives you took to check on my parents and also when you came to Vegas right after my mothers passing to make sure we were ok. I will miss the Christmas gifts and all the little “just because gifts”. I always enjoyed when butterfly did my hair at your house instead of the shop or her house because we had the opportunity to watch movies, eat good and listen to you talk about the family; Little did you know how comforting it was being around you; it was like being around my dad and you never failed to share a new story about him.
You were always so kind and welcoming to me and I just knew you loved me. I knew you loved your family. Being around my family; especially my aunts and uncles is always so refreshing because it reminds me of being around my parents. It saddens me that we had to lose another piece to my puzzle and I regret not thanking you enough. I’ve had this picture of you in my phone and it was from Thanksgiving at Aunt Bobbie’s house when I was trying to master my turkey recipe. I was walking around the house in sweats and the moment I seen how pretty you looked I ran in the room and tried to doll myself up. There was no way I was going to let you see me looking a mess. I’m glad I took a picture of you that day because it’s a reminder of how graceful you were and will always be in my mind. Love you Always Aunt Maxine
Posted by Raphaela Varella on March 5, 2021
You are such a beautiful woman who radiates love and compassion unlike any other. I always remember as a child when I looked up at you, holding your hand and thinking " I want to be that graceful and happy all the time like you. The way you are so present in the moment, calm in the storm, and content just being at home with family, I want to do that too. I want to cook like that feed my soul and all of those around me just like you." Generous, patient, compassionate, there aren't enough words I can think of to describe you. I will always hold you so close to my heart. Thank you for always believe in me and cheering me on. We know are you with the highest high so you enjoy, have peace, and rest easy because you have set us up here on earth with a shining example of what God's love looks like.
I love you forever through space and time Grandma,
(Raphaela Varella)
Posted by Debra Williams on March 5, 2021
Words fully cannot express what my heart feels in the love and admiration of a queen-jewel being Mrs. Maxine Baxter. She will forever be in my heart and her kindness, unselfishness, and caring ways in giving to others what God abundantly blessed her to have and to share will never be forgotten and appreciated. She was the most excellent home cook I have ever known, and her joy was to feed folks. You never left her home hungry when visiting "The Baxter Home". I love you Mrs. Baxter, and may your memory live in our hearts as you finally rest in the loving care of God's embrace.❤
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Posted by Jay Baxter on April 18, 2021
I love you granny forever and always....
Posted by Robin Aswad on April 14, 2021
We are so blessed and so highly favored to have Aunt Max’s footsteps as a blueprint. Hang on Cuzzo. We gonna be alright. I love the Baxter’s!
Rob gal, as George Jr. would say.
Posted by Ronetta Stafford on April 9, 2021
I'm thinking about you Mommy as I do everyday with admiration. You and all your sisters became absolute phenomenal women. That's why I know as I start a new chapter in my life I will do as you did. First listen to GOD ✨Move forward, be fearless have a good plan be education and do my best. That is life's lessons you have taught my cousins and I. Thank you beautiful awesome mom for watching over and leading me now. I love you Mommy. You live in my heart and soul. And that's where you will stay forever. All my Love your Sissie
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To My Daughter

Shared by Karen Wilson on March 25, 2021
Cissy, this is what  Aunt Max is saying to you when you feel her all around you..
My precious daughter I've seen your struggles and I've heard your silent tears. I cherished are time together, every minute of every year. You have been my baby girl since the day they put you in my arms. I am with you all the time in all of our memories together and my spirit flows through you.  You are my love and one of God's gifts to me. Continue to take care of the family and keep them all close for your daddy and me.  Love You Always.

Most beautiful person in the world...

Shared by Jay Baxter on March 9, 2021
Most classy lady eve
Shared by Jay Baxter on March 4, 2021
To my Granny,

I love you, I love everything about you. You are my beautiful angel. Every time I look at your face I see a real beauty.  I recall on many occasions I would sit and admire how beautiful your face is. You are my sunshine and always will be. You helped raise me and made me feel so loved. You made sure I did not want for anything. It is incredible how a person can be so selfless. You always put others’ needs before your own. Granny, the only words I can describe for how I feel are confused and broken. I just don’t understand why it was so soon granny. We were not finished yet. You were always so healthy and robust. We prayed for your healing every day, but you were still called home. After a while, my prayer changed, and I prayed that your room would be filled with angelic angels that sang to you day and night nonstop. I prayed that the holy spirit would comfort you. I prayed that our father would whisper in your ear and let you know that everything was going to be ok. Even though you were alone, you were not alone in spirit. Your family was thinking and praying for you around the clock. I never imagined that when I left you at the hospital, that would be the last time, I would see my beautiful granny. I can sit and daydream for days about all the fun we had through the years. All the traveling, the good meals, shopping sprees, fun family times. I was so blessed to have a grandmother like you. A grandmother that I could call my own. You are so special to me. You are my sunshine, my star, my rock, and now you are my guardian angel. I adore you now and forever... Butterfly