Maxine Odom
  • 93 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 13, 1922
  • Place of birth:
    Charleston, West Virginia, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 23, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Walnut Creek, California, United States
To the world you are a mother, but to your family you are the world...

Maxine's Memorial will be July 24 at 10am at Hakone Estate and Gardens in Saratoga, California.  (  Services wiill be outdoor from 10 to 11, so you may wish to dress warmly.  If hot, perhaps a hat, walkways are gravel.

Hakone Estate and Gardens
21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA
Phone: 408.741.4994

Graveside services at 11:30am at Madronia Cemetery in Saratoga. Madronia is located at 14766 Oak St, Saratoga, CA

Lunch 1:00pm at Gardino Ristorante Italiano in Los Gatos at 51 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos CA (408) 354-8788

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Pamela Deane on 14th March 2017

"Remembering how special you always made our birthdays mom. From dress up to Queen of Hearts, I will forever treasure the memories. Love you and miss you mom"

This tribute was added by Mary Harnish on 13th March 2017

"Thinking of all of the Deane Family today and every day.  Love you ALL!!!

-Mary Harnish"

This tribute was added by Pamela Deane on 24th June 2016

"Missing you every day."

This tribute was added by Michelle Maffeo Fehrmann on 23rd June 2016

"I'm thinking of you today, Aunt Maxine, as I do often.  

We visited Aunt Maxine in the 1970s and she was like Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore), a confident and beautiful working woman who was accomplished and blazing a path.  Even as a young child, I was able to see there was something extra-special about her.  Her home was very sophisticated; my young Midwestern eyes viewed her exotic pieces from Japan with the wonder of it and of her.  And she had actual fruit growing in her yard on a tree!!  I remember exactly the tree and its placement in the side yard near a window.  It may seem a rather prosaic memory, but I had never met anyone like her, or been in such a home, or seen a produce producing tree, other than apples, of course.  It is a kaleidoscope tapestry, all combined to embody this woman, my mother’s sister, my Aunt Maxine.  

She visited us in Maryland when I was in high school, I had a memorably bad incident.  It was more than just the typical teenage angst and her words to me that day were abundantly reassuring and insightful.  She sent me a dozen red roses for my sixteenth birthday, it was the first time I had received flowers and I remember how important I felt, how valued.  

Aunt Maxine’s visits “back East”, especially the last one after her stroke, showed her love and commitment to her family.
She is from the greatest generation, and that was proven in spades by her love of country, family, and her tangible dedication to them all.  Her loss is felt by many and God willing, we will all be united one day with great joy."

This tribute was added by Jim Conran on 23rd June 2016

"Blessing to you and all those you have left behind.  Our prayers are for you and them.  Hugs"

This tribute was added by Mary Harnish on 23rd June 2016

"Dear Mrs. Deane:
Growing up, you were an elegant influence in my life, with Pam, and the gang.  You always put up with our shenanigans with grace and humor.  Forever missed always...


This tribute was added by Terry Deane on 13th March 2016

"Missing you today Maxine, you're forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Pamela Deane on 13th March 2016

"Happy 94th birthday mom.  Love you always and forever."

This tribute was added by Marvis Maffeo on 8th July 2015

"Maxine was a very generous, loving and caring older sister- who was always there for us during our childhood and beyond- a source of maturity and strength- even though she was young too.

More than that, a sincere, thoughtful sister who gladly worked "overtime" to fill a place in our lives when problems came up, which had an important impact on my life via the devotion she showed to me, Marcella and Lew.

As I remember in my early teen years, Maxine was always so  glamorous, pretty and very popular- out to night clubs on dates- she loved dancing.I loved the image and couldn't wait to wear her high heels and nail polish.

She bought me my first bicycle and also my first watch when I graduated from high school. She had good taste and always bought the most appropriate and thoughtful gifts.

She became an excellent hostess- any time we visited she rolled out the  "red carpet" to welcome and entertain us no matter how brief or long the visit- from the Monterey/Pebble Beach beach house to the Napa/Somoma Silverado condo or the in-town home- all was done first class for her family. Glad Tom and I were able to visit with Maxine and family in July 2014- a wonderful experience.

Even though she lived on the West Coast she always made it a point to make the trip back East -   no matter her age or health problems- to attend important events so she could join in and enjoy seeing and being apart of the family on the East Coast- a real trooper.

Another feather in her cap and showing her maturity and goodness- was assuming responsibility for care-taking Mother, through good and bad times- a real burden and extra work. But, Maxine and Mother lived through quite a few life experiences and loved and appreciated each other. Mother looked to Maxine for support and reassureances.

It is so sad to know I can't pick up the telephone and talk to her and yet I know her spirit will always be with me- as will Mother's- two very special people in my life.

Yes, she was very special, persevering, generous, gracious, loving and happy- a perfect sister  who I will miss forever- even though I feel she continues to be here with all of us.

Love you always, Maxine.  From your sister Marvis

My wife Marvis has said, in her tribute, our mutual feelings about Maxine- she was a "  Best Human"

But I would be remiss if I personally didn't thank Maxine for her involvement in
the most important event of my life.

It is very likely our marriage these last 59+ years might not have happened. In 1955, Maxine talked Marvis into visiting me, as well as driving her there,
in the hospital- without her "push" Marvis may well have moved on without me.
Thank you Max for my marriage, it's resultant great family and the happiness
it brought me these last 60 years.

God Bless You--Tom"

This tribute was added by Marnie Brimm on 8th July 2015

"As a you child I spent a lot of time with my Grandmere, she adore me when I needed it the most. As a grown adult today with my own two child I can still feel her love and hear her calling my name "Marnie Leigh".  She will forever live with me in spirit."

This tribute was added by Fleta Herb on 7th July 2015

"I just looked at every!  She was a gem!"

This tribute was added by Fleta Herb on 7th July 2015

"Maxine lived in our community, Atria Valley View, for quite a few years.  She was always impeccably dressed and very proud to show her beautifully decorated apartment.  I will always remember the joy she took in pointing to the WW2 airplane her husband flew called "the Maxine."  She was a treasure.  She will be missed by all of us and remembered fondly."

This tribute was added by Mary Harnish on 6th July 2015

""I grew up knowing Maxine as the Mother of one of my dearest childhood pals, Pam.  She was kind, loving, understanding, supportive, and tolerated all of our childhood shenanigans with a big smile on her face.  I will never forget our dress-up party, complete with vintage outfits, hats, and pearls (don't forget the heels).  She was the seamstress for our flag-girl outfits, and Variety Show get-ups, year after year, always with that beautiful smile on her face.  She was always the symbol of class and elegance on Vickery Avenue.  To Pam, Marvis, and have my deepest sympathies and I will keep you tucked away in my heartpocket and I am sending you all a huge ihug from the Harnish Family.  Much Love,  Mary Harnish"

This tribute was added by Hannah Stuebgen on 5th July 2015

"It's impossible to know where to start when speaking about my grandmother. She carried so much grace in everything she did and was incredibly kind to everyone she met, no matter the circumstance. She was overly generous, and without her I wouldn't be living the life I do now or have the education I am lucky enough to have. She never hesitated to help when we needed it, and I am incredibly grateful for all she has done for me and my family.

One of my favorite memories is when my brother and I were at her house after school one day, around the beginning of when smart phones were becoming popular. She had watched the news that morning and learned all about sexting: what it was, how it was done, and the consequences that came from it. She immediately told Kurt and I all of what she had learned and told us never to do it, ever. That information stuck with grandma, and even at college age, we knew not to joke about it, if we did we would undoubtably get a lecture (as well as some side-eye).

M grandma taught me so many lessons and inspired me in so many ways, I only hope I can carry with me half the compassion and kindness she possessed (some of her humor and sass wouldn't hurt either). I love you so much grandma and I miss you everyday."

This tribute was added by Jim Conran on 5th July 2015

"With Maxine's passing we lose another of the "greatest generation".  She lived a life that covers amazing events and times.  She went through the great depression and served in the military during the Second World War.  Lived and traveled around the world.  She raised a family and had the good fortune to blessed several grand children.  I saw her while she was in the hospital.  She never complained about her health or condition.  Maxine was of a generation that valued manners and modesty.  I had to be persistent to encourage her tell me about her experiences during and life in Japan after the War. Her stories were amazing. She was full of grace and "southern" charm and humor.  Her loss is difficult for her family and those who knew her.  I only wish I had known her better.  She will live on with the lasting memories she gave her family, friends and acquaintances"

This tribute was added by Pamela Deane on 2nd July 2015

"Everyone who knew mom and was a beneficiary of her love, knew a love that was absolute, all encompassing and unconditional. My mother was everything to me, my teacher, my counselor, my Girl Scout leader, the typist for my college papers (when papers had to be done on typewriters) my cheerleader, she taught me to sew, she was my confidante; but most of all my friend. She gave me a copy of Emily Post when I was 10 for Christmas and told me I should memorize it. She came from that genteel southern background that cherished good manners and hospitality. She was generous to a fault and would give away her last dime to her children or grandchildren rather than spend it on herself. She gave her grandchildren the most precious gifts of all; her time, her love and financial assistance to attend college.

She taught me a lot about strength and endurance. I cannot believe how she flew through the indignities thrown at her in old age. Surgery after surgery, amazing her family, the doctors, the nurses, by living through the pain with a shrug and a smile. Bouncing back from every illness with vitality and sheer determination.  I gave her strength, but she gave me more.

The kind of love she felt for me was an absolute love. She may not have approved of everything I did, may not have liked some of the decisions I made, my relationships with others, but she didn't lecture, she didn't judge. She just kept loving me, letting me know that she was there and if I ever needed her, I could count on her to listen, to comfort, to help.  I was the most important person in the world to her. She lived to make my life better and was proud of me.

To think that mom felt that way about me,  makes me feel blessed. I can never forget that there is a part of her in me, something that she gave to me and asked nothing for in return.

Money can be wasted and property ruined, but what I inherited from her cannot be damaged, destroyed or lost. It is permanent, and it keeps her from becoming just a wonderful memory. It allows her in so many ways to remain just as alive as always through me.  Maybe I can learn to be more compassionate as she always knew that I could. Maybe then she won't seem quite so far away.

I hope she is smiling, knowing all of her children and grandchildren will take her wherever they go because her spirit and strength lives on in each of us and in the lives that she touched. So, for your wisdom, your humor, tenderness and compassion, your understanding, your patience and your love; thank you, mom. You were an inspiration to me.

I hope that family and friends add to this, because your obituary, while seemingly so final, is actually just a first, rough draft of your utterly amazing life story.

I love you mom, always and forever."

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