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White Shield Pow-Wow

July 4, 2016

It seems like every year at White Shield Pow-wow it storms atleast one day. So this year it was Sunday and the storm was coming. Sky to the west was black, wind was coming up, people were trying to secure their camps. So Mom and Glenda were putting chairs, tables, etc into the camper. Mom was in her eighties, no spring chick anymore. She was standing in the doorway of the camper. About this time, Dawn Charging and Dr. Arcely arrived and seen Glenda and Mom, they decided to help. Dr Arcely grabbed Mom and was going to put her safely into the car. Mother "dug her heels in," and tried not to budge. Dr. Arcely jerked mom out of the camper and started to run with her towards the car. Glenda said," No not that car, the other one." If you can imagine Dr. Arcely running with Mom in the wind and rain.

So storm passes. Glenda and Mom get back to the house in Parshall. Mom is in her chair in the dining room laughing at herself. She would barely quit laughing, then she would think of it and start laughing all over again. Big belly laughs, she laughed for almost  hr.

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