Posted by Gerard N. Njofor on April 4, 2021
Mama Sio, I have waited to see if you and our God will do something better about this news; information that I can't get used to. I know you are broadly smiling back at me from the celestial realm and saying "Ge, e better for here oh, God is truly Good". I should've known you n Rev. Njofor planned an escape for heaven to gain and earth yet in another deficit. I choose easter to talk to you so that, you know I know you n the other faithfuls in our congregation PC Njib are rising with our Christ. Safe journey mummy until we meet again. You were a faithful, an Icon, a gem and a moderator and you know it. Glory to God only.
Posted by Nfonsang Stanley on March 17, 2021

Mum, I think I'm still in a nightmare. It's still like a tale in the moonlight. Your voice still echos in my ears the last time I spoke with you on your sick bed. The usual smile and laughter as if you were not going anywhere. What happened? Why didn't you tell me? Only to hear from my brother that you have gone two days later.

Do you remember the day I came home to settle a dispute at home and you had secretly arranged an SUV to whisk me away as soon as my feet touch the ground? You had arranged to take me away from evil. You have planned it without my knowing. How else does a mother protect her own? Your love is immeasurable. You showed us that unity is the bedrock of a family. You have never shown that I am different from your own kids. That last time you whisk me away to your house... You didn't allow me to see danger. You shielded me from my enemies. You protected me. You told me how important I am. You showed me love. You told me all is well. You looked after me. You advised me like no other. What have you not done for me and my siblings. Your hands so open. Your smile so contaminating. Your love so uniting.

I lack words mum. I'm yet to know that you are no longer with us. You have moved on to a better place. I can't wait to meet you there.

Much love from your son mum.

Ta'ah Nfonsang
Posted by Loveline Sigala on March 16, 2021
    I find it hard to beleive that you are dead mama. It was really fast. Even when I looked at your pictures two days back I still had Hopes that you are alive. But no, I was mistaken and even now I am still mistaken.
Posted by Shuneh Arristine on March 16, 2021
Maman , dépuis l'annonce de ton décès je très abattu c'était comme un coup de tonnerre sur ma tête et qui m'a chamboulé. Je ne m'imaginais pas un seul instant que tu pouvais t'en aller si tôt maman tu m'a laissé sans voix. A qui vais-je encore raconter mes joies et mes peines et même mes folies ? Tu étais cette oreille attentive qui savais m'ecouter et me comprendre tu étais une maman unique en ton genre même une décennie suffira pas pour que je puisse décrire dans les moindes détails la personne que tu étais vraiment. Tu as été une épouse exemplaire , une maman attentionnée , celle là voulait toujours qu'il y ait la paix la où règnait la mésentente ,une fervente chretinne et surtout la belle-mere la plus extraodinaire que l'univers n'est jamais connu. Maintenant tu t'en vas amenant avec toi toutes ces qualités et m'abandonnant dans ce désarroi. As-tu pensés à Sirri et à Yannick avant de t'en aller ? Ils ne cessent de pleurer. Je promets maman de garder en moi l'image de la bonne personne que tu étais. Va et repose en paix puisse le Seigneur t'accueillir dans sa Sainte Demeure.
Posted by Nyuywir William Banfogha on March 15, 2021
Mama just seeing your photos and listening to your voice once on phone was such a blessing,,I hoped and planned to see you but not knowing God had another plan for you, go in peace Mom till we meet again.
Posted by Mildred Shuneh on March 15, 2021
Mum you left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide. Although we cannot see you, you are always by our side. Whenever I think about you I also think how you use to push my chest back to adjust my standing. God has you in his keeping I have you in my heart sadly missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Fulu Cas on March 15, 2021
Good people do not really live long. Your short stay on earth attests to this assertion.
So we are going to miss your lovely smile? RIP.
Posted by Shu Cy on March 15, 2021
Hey always referred to me as "My husband " our uncle pa Sam, and our father pa shumandele are all gone. Now its you. We can't question the will of God. You where such lovely mother. I remember one time I came home.... came up the hill to visit you. We discussed alot about family ... you where like my husband with all these cars in this compound why did you rent a car. You took me to tah Shuneh's house .... intro me to the wife and told her who I was.
    Sometime in Dec 2020 ,I called your phone without any respect for time difference... you where just so happy . We discussed alot of things and you where ready to help me out with what I needed from you.....mummy May your soul Rest In Peace. .... You have just change but a room. You will always be in my heart. RIP mom.
Posted by Cheo Larissa on March 15, 2021
Writing this is very painful. Anytime i see you i see my late grand mother Mami Frida your late sister. You were soo sweet, kind, full of life. You said you are getting Better but didn't know God had to Say it's time .......... I Love you .Go well great Mami Frida for me tell her i love her.
Posted by Kanye Brice on March 15, 2021
Every time I see you and your pictures I always remember your dearest sister my late grandmother Mami Frida when I lost her I always see her personality in you. you always smile you were so adorable and always ready to comfort I will really miss you and may your gentle soul rest in paradise
Posted by Patty Shu on March 15, 2021
Mom,I have never expected this to happen so soon.You left without actually fulfilling the purpose of your existence.You have not even enjoy the fruit of being a mom to us.Where you are ,know that we are living and partly living because of your sudden disappearance.We love you and we thank you for being a mom for love to PA Shu Mandele nfor
Posted by Nfornuh Shu Alenwi on March 15, 2021
Mum your passing away was too soon. Who will call me and give me good food to eat. Who will be the one to tell me great stories. Who will I discuss abd laugh with? Why couldn't you wait for me to pay you back for all you've done for me? You called me your husband but you've gone too soon. Adieu mum. Forever in my heart.
Posted by Shuneh Humphrey on March 15, 2021
God made you special Mom!
With your heart of gold and your smile that melted hearts yet never fading.You fought a good fight and left an everlasting legacy through the lives you touched and inspired.I know you are by his side now smiling down on us.Shine on and rest easy mama.

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