Let the memory of M.E. be with us forever.
  • 83 years old
  • Born on March 27, 1935 in Onitsha, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 11, 2019 in Enugu, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, M.E. Muoneke 83 years old , born on March 27, 1935 and passed away on March 11, 2019. We will remember her forever. She was a woman of commitment and devotion of all things she invested her time in. She is survived by her 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys and other close relatives and in-laws. She had a passion for education that one could not deny.  Education was her life and she did everything in her surviving days to make sure she showed it. She was most recognized for being a Head Mistress of Ekulu Primary school in the 1970's. In the 1980's, she was the Head Mistress of University Primary School. Lastly, she was the Proprietress of the School of Infant Jesus & Mary.

Posted by Josie Onianwa on 18th March 2019
May our wonderful headmistress Mrs Muoneke rest in perfect peace. An intelligent, classy, elegant and loving woman. You had so much love to give and I will never forget you. You live on in my heart as you showed me soooo much love. I love you loads. Rest in the bosom of Jesus Christ. Jesus please heal the hearts of your children and family. You will be missed. Love, Jossy Isichei-Onianwa
Posted by Nkechi Mba on 18th March 2019
Tribute to my boss's mother Truly elegant and regal in bearing. Your life shaped generations of young Enugu boys and girls and I hope you got a chance to hear how much of a difference you made in so many lives I had the opportunity to be mentored by your son Ugonna at work and am proud to acknowledge him as boss and big brother, strong and resourceful, intelligent and resilient; he is a good man in any storm Good night Mrs Muoneke, may your family be comforted
Posted by Dylan Thomas on 18th March 2019
Mrs M.E.Muoneke...... Where do I really start from? Apart from being a relative of mine. You were principled but also loving ( full of empathy) You were educated not on the surface but also deep within( an educationist par excellence) You were a moralist but also truly a love of Christ the proofs are written all over your life ( deeply spiritual) You were a conservative but also a fashionista, your dressing woo and wowed lots of people ( your combinations where just incredibly perfect ) You were beautiful both inside and outside, it was clear for all eyes to see.... And today........"Aunti" as I remembered calling you, we shall miss you immensely but we talk solace knowing you rest with the one you love so very much, Jesus Adieu Aunty rest on in the bosom of your Maker !
Posted by Ijeoma Edim on 18th March 2019
You were excellence and elegance personified,no wonder the breed of the world's most excellent young men and women all over the globe today that had their educational foundation birthed through you.. Not just missed ,but you will remain unforgettable. Aunty Muoneke you were fondly called ,mama by some of us close. You were a one woman army,who knew the route to excellence and you took us all through it,made persons like me believe we could take on the world. A woman who loved Jesus so much that prayer was like breath to her,no wonder her strength and indomitable spirit. Aunty closer than blood;you were a personal person to the family, a counsellor,a teacher,our instructor,you stood up for me..you encouraged me uncountable times..that morning you passed on,you came to mind,I thought it strange,thought of calling my mum to ask after you,then 2days later I heard this. I wish I had seen you in your last days. You shall always remain blessed in our hearts..We will always Love you mama.
Posted by Chizoba Anyaefiena on 18th March 2019
I remember clearly like it was yesterday, the days at Ekulu Primary school. You were a disciplinarian, you were firm, you loved your pupils. You encouraged boldness, talent. No parent could mess with you. You instilled in us courage to face the world. We will miss you. You lived well. We need more people like you in the education sector. Adieu Ma!
Posted by Chibuzor Olaniyan on 18th March 2019
Haa! Mrs Muoneke! Beauty, elegance and class. A mother and a disciiplinarian. You were my head mistress at Ekulu primary. You made us know 1st cor 13 the love chapter. You prepared me for life and am glad i passed through you. Rest in peace ma.
Posted by Afam Okeke on 18th March 2019
Thank you for all your efforts in raising me and all the disciplinary actions shaping us. May the mercies of God see you through.
Posted by Ogedi Amaechi Akabueze on 18th March 2019
Rest easy and rest well in the arms of the Lord Mrs ME Muoneke. I am a product of University Primary School Enugu Campus and I am all the better for it. The discipline and tutorship that I got under you can never be forgotten and formed a major foundational stone in my life. We were proud to be part of that school and all that it stood for. Thank you for being part of my early development. May the Lord surround your family with peace and succor.
Posted by Queens Enuguwestcoast on 17th March 2019
She left a great and indelible legacy through the many lives she touched as an Educator.
Posted by Chichi Bib on 17th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke, my beautiful and elegant headmistress at University Primary School, Enugu - May God bless your soul. You are indeed a legend even in death. You made an indelible positive impression to every pupil who passed through you notwithstanding the fact that you were the overall head and not a class teacher. At that young age, i knew you had a poise, you were eloquent, very intelligent and indeed absolutely beautiful. You did not in anyway settle for less and that made the school quite enviable at the time. We were the best in all - 'Morning Information', match-past, debates and quizzes. These were achieved as a result of your underlying effort. Your aura and impact was so evidently visible even to the blind in the school. You had time for every parent, pupil and indeed all the teachers. You were never discriminatory and never failed to strongly reprimand where necessary without fear or favour. It's really amazing how some memories just stick! I remember very well your tactful intervention when i was given an overboard punishment by my class teacher in primary four. This was more than thirty five years ago. My dad lodged the complaint and you instantly stood up to it and did the needful. I have always remembered you and wondered where you've been on earth. It would have been better celebrating you in life or probably dropping these lines as a birthday wish. However, life is full of circumstances and opportunities do not come so often. Therefore, at this very moment ma, I wish you a safe journey to our maker, Our Lord Jesus Christ. You have made great impact on several lives and the best gift i can offer you now is my continuous prayers. May your soul rest peacefully. Amen. God bless you and your lineage. Chinyelu Chukwuemeka (nee nebuwa).
Posted by Nkiru Jibuaku on 17th March 2019
I can never forget the drilling we received in Grade 6 at University School Enugu Campus under your watchful eyes to ensure we passed the Federal Government college common entrance examination. You knew us each individually and knew our capabilities. You laid the foundation for my siblings and I to take on this world. You were a rare breed indeed. RIP Mrs Muoneke.
Posted by Ebele Okere on 17th March 2019
Mrs muoneke my headmistress at Ekulu primary school you will surely be missed!! Am amazing woman disciplinarian to the core. Adieu mama. Ebele okolo okere
Posted by Ifeoma Egonu Green on 17th March 2019
I remember you so well Ma.. Because of you I know 1st Cor 13.The most excellent way. You were my headmistress at Ekulu Primary school. You were such an iconic woman. May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Anthony Agunobi on 17th March 2019
I want to start by thanking you, for helping me become who I am today. You always looked out for me, you called my late mother to come and register me in University Primary School, you where the best, you always showed my parents love. Thank you so much, I wish I was able to see you before you passed. I will always remember you in my prayers, you thought me how to pray, some of the prayers you thought me helped me a lot in my life, I appreciate every effort you made to help make me the man I am today. Thank you again... Rest in the Blossom of the Lord. You will always be remembered
Posted by Awa Amadi Awa on 17th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke was my Headmistress at Ekulu Primary School. A firm disciplinarian and warm hearted mother. Always there for her pupils. May her wonderful soul rest in perfect peaceAmen
Posted by Onyi Nkwonta on 17th March 2019
Good morning Mrs Muoneke, Good morning teachers, good morning my fellow students....morning information. you will surely be missed. You will always be remembered in our hearts for your great leadership..RIP Ma..
Posted by Cj Ceej on 16th March 2019
A Rare Gem Mrs. Muoneke, a great woman of substance. You were indeed one of a kind. I remember our morning assemblies and the delivery of your speech of responsibility and attitude though powerful was all so gentle. You laid the best life foundation for most of us (Enugu kids). A timeless icon!!! May your gentle soul rest in perfect. Adieu!!!
Posted by Ngozi Mbonu on 16th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke was also my headmistress in primary school, Great spirit, she was kind hearted , dedicated and a disciplinarian , she did not condone nonsense and she set the standard high for my primary school. University Primary School , Enugu , which happened to be one of the best primary school as at the time she was there. She dressed classily and inspired every child with her words. She stood for excellence and she was our icon. You will be surely Missed Mrs Muoneke . God guide you as you join the angels in heaven. Adieu Mrs Muoneke .
Posted by Chioma Agu on 16th March 2019
You were a great woman, a mantle of leadership to all of us who attended university primary school at the time you were head. You pushed us towards becoming great people. Thank you so much for having such great impact in our lives. Rest in the bosom of our Lord ma..
Posted by Ada Ordor on 17th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke, dynamic headmistress of Ekulu Primary School, Enugu, my alma mater, who made it a beacon of excellence, may you rest in the LORD.
Posted by Chinelo Ubah on 16th March 2019
I owe so much of the discipline I have as a woman today to Mrs Muoneke. She was a disciplinarian to the core. She disciplined the students, teachers and even parents! She gave University Primary School a pride of place in Enugu just by the standards she set. As a growing child, I was scared of her but I remember her personal letter to me in 1988, delivered by my mother, when she wrote to express her joy for my sterling performance in the First School Leaving Certificate Examination of the previous year! I loved the fact that I impressed her! I never got a chance to meet you as requested but you were one positive influence in my life I can't forget. Thank you for those challenges of reading and reciting news items during assembly times. How those helped in building up our confidence and eloquence! Thank you for everything and now, may your gentle soul rest in peace!
Posted by Chito Nnadi on 16th March 2019
You were an Amazon, a woman of valour, you groomed us both in Character and learning, May GOD rest your soul, Evergreen in our heart, .
Posted by Prof Felix N Madubuike on 16th March 2019
Mrs Emmy Muoneke was the wife of our foremost beacon, Chief V N Muoneke,The Onunaekwuruoha of Isseke, who passed on just recently. For the sake of love, Lolo Emmy Muoneke in spite of all the soft life provided by her loving and caring children, had to follow her dear husband. She was kind hearted, ever cheerful, and very generous. The Royal Cabinet, and infact the entire Isseke Ancient Kingdom, will surely miss her. While we urge the children to bear this great loss with fortitude, we pray for the peaceful repose of her noble soul.
Posted by Onyedika Akaolisa on 16th March 2019
May God rest your peaceful soul. Say me well to Mrs. Mabel Akaolisa, my mother, your bossom friend. Praying for your happy repose. - Fr. Onyedika Akaolisa.
Posted by Chukwuma Igwebike on 16th March 2019
Rest in peace. You will forever be remembered by the legacy you created at University primary school.
Posted by A Obu on 16th March 2019
Good night Ma - rest in peace.......
Posted by Uju Ogbunude Udeogaranya on 16th March 2019
Mrs Mouneke was my headmistres at University Primary school, Enugu Campus.She was a disciplinarian, she taught us how to work hard.The solid foundation she and her teachers gave us have continued to be a spring board for us to achieve greater heights. I remember her favourite song in those days, Infant Jesus!May her soul rest in peace! Accept my sincere condolences.
Posted by Amaka Chidozie Mbanefo on 16th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke was my headmistress at University primary school Enugu campus. She was a disciplinarian . She was a mother to all. I really thank her for instilling discipline in me. We will surely miss her, our fashionista.
Posted by Amaka Nwosisi on 16th March 2019
Mrs. Muoneke was an icon. She was revered by all and her teachers had the utmost respect for her. She made University Primary School number one in Enugu. Our school band was awesome, we were first in everything, marchpast, quizzes and all. She was a perfectionist and had too much class and sauce. She would personally inspect our uniforms and finger nails and white socks and brown sandals. Policemen taught us how to march and play the band and so we were the best for as long as I can remember. Our marching uniform was different and it was serious business, the teachers (Mrs. Ojukwu, Mrs. Amaka and Mrs. Away all of blessed memory) who coordinated the marching were always on point, as smart as ever and took the activity very seriously because they knew our headmistress would not accept a second position. Little wonder a good crowd pulled their children from Ekulu Primary School to University Primary School when she took up the new role as headmistress. She made us pay attention to the news and recite morning information at morning assemblies and because she was a true Christian and a staunch Catholic she made everyone learn St. Paul's teaching on charity and Prayer to Angel Michael. She would say "excellent" to the pupils who did well on assembly and to those who mumbled or forgot their lines she would say "ask her/him to.....? And the pupils would all respond "go on". Next time you would come better prepared. She taught us to bow our small heads at the mention of the Name Jesus whenever we sang the school anthem. Mrs. Muoneke or Emmy Brown as my mother called was a legend in life and now in death. When I compare my primary school under Mrs. Muoneke to what we have these days I shake my head knowing that it is a far cry from what we had. Latecomers would pick every trash round the school as punishment and to an extent she knew most parents and would contact them if she saw a need to do so. I can write a whole book about my beautiful headmistress. For now it's good night and never goodbye. Rest in peace aunty.
Posted by Ifeoma Igah Amobi on 16th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke was my headmistress per excellence at ekulu primary school. A good disciplinarian, a role model... She was Infact a goddess, she had this aura surrounding her that you can't fail to notice.. You helped mould a lot of people into who they are today, including me.. May God grant your soul eternal repose..
Posted by Onyinye Okoye on 16th March 2019
She was my headmistress in University Primary School Enugu. She had an excellent spirit! I remember the first encounter I had with her was during morning assembly. She took me out and asked why my uniform didnt have a badge. As little as i was...i couldnt explain it. So she authorised a 3 days suspension letter and sent for my parents! I was in tears! Then I didn't understand it but now I do! That single act made me become very cautious of my uniform and my dressing till this day! And im sure my parents learnt their lessons too. I loved Mrs Muoneke! Thank you ma for showing us the light and the right way to grow as little children. Thank you for giving us a great foundation as kids. Thank you for impacting our lives with values that has moulded us into who we are today! Thank you for your kind heart! I know you are resting in Heaven! You will be missed ma!
Posted by Chuks Okorafor on 16th March 2019
I left University Primary School in 1997 & I'm glad I attended such a Great School, suffice it to say that Mrs Moneke's input made it so! Oh! How comely and brilliant she was! I could still remember how the atmosphere used to be when you hear that Mrs Moneke is coming or passing; as quiet as a grave yard! Like she was a goddess! How disciplined and dedicated she was in the discharge of her duties as the Head Mistress. I remember the march past right from our classes to the gate at the close of school, the wonderful songs we learnt and sang, the morning assembly, so much brilliance she brought in that we all benefited from, enabling us have a strong foundation as kids. Honestly, Mrs Moneke is a rare personality, I really wish I got to meet you as an adult ma'am but I trust we'd meet at the resurrection morning. Until then.... Adieu! Rest well!
Posted by Chyomsie Gregory on 16th March 2019
Oh seeing this picture brought back memories, as a young child in university primary school, every time I see her,I feel like a goddess just passed, her glittering gold teeth were the first I ever saw, her discipline,passion and dedication to education was exceptional and that translated in the kind of teachers who worked under her and the quality of pupils she produced. My value and foundation is tied to her in more ways than one. The education sector and world at large has lost a rare gem. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace,Amen
Posted by Adaobi Ikwueze on 16th March 2019
Awwwww. More than 20 years after leaving University primary school seeing her brought back fond memories. She was indeed a great woman!! I remember she introduced the prayer of St Michael's the archangel every morning in school. She had Class. She was a great leader. She recognised and championed the cause of good education. She was dedicated and disciplined. I am glad for the opportunity to have been trained under her watch. Rest in perfect peace Mrs M.E. Muoneke
Posted by Igwe Chioma on 16th March 2019
Yes..she was my headmistress..i left in 1998. may her soul rest in peace
Posted by Chime Chinonso Simon on 16th March 2019
Mrs. Muoneke was my headmistress at University Primary School Enugu campus . I attended from 1997 to 2003. She left sometime in 2000 or so. I remember her making us sing songs like "Abide with me" and "Anyi agbagba na nchedo gi" May her gentle soul rest in peace. She is indeed a great woman.
Posted by Shirley Grace Ntima on 16th March 2019
She was discipline, beauty and class personified. Mrs Muoneke the great headmistress of my primary school Ekulu. You raised pupils who are making a difference in the world today. May God console your lovely family. The legacy you have left should also be a source of strength for them always. May your gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by Maria Kaine on 15th March 2019
My headmistress at Ekulu Primary School and years later my son's headmistress at University Primary School. She was awesome! She set high standards! May the Lord welcome her home.She ran an excellent race.
Posted by Jennifer Izuora on 15th March 2019
Mrs. Muoneke was my headmistress at university primary school and she was amazing. Thank you for all the positive contribution you made to our development. Rest in peace.
Posted by Chynelo Uchendu Ben-ezene... on 15th March 2019
Mrs Muoneke was my headmistress par excellence at Ekulu Primary School.She was an epitome of a true lady.she had the carriage,the finesse,the command,the beauty,the decorum,the aura,the confidence,the courage,the control,the respect.Everything that made her Special in the eyes of a young under 10 years pupil.An impression that has lasted nearly 40years.She helped shape me.Oh she was so beautiful and elegant and her carriage and personality was unique.God bless her soul.i am truly blessed to have known her.i admired her alot.sad she is gone but I am holding onto the beautiful memories I have of her.To Lota&Nwamaka my sisters for life&other family members I say take heart.mum was an institution and anembodiment of everything Education.Hold unto the memories of mum and remain strong.we mourn with you and share in your grief.She will be Sorely missed.My Special headmistress may the Angels of the lord bear you safely to heaven.Eternal rest grant her oh lord.Adieu Mrs Muoneke.God bless your soul

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