Shared by Caty Henson on April 7, 2016

There is so many stories I could tell that me and her had in only a little bit of time. She was an amazing women. I love and miss you more than ever. She was always there for me, she made me laugh and smile whenever I needed it.. I could talk to her anytime and she would be right there. She was more than just my step mom she was my Bestfriend. If I ever needed anything she was right there no matter what it was. I love you and miss you❤️

Spring Break- Our Junior year

Shared by Kristina Waite on April 7, 2016

 We had such a good time. So many good friends. Some crazy moments...I remember us putting all the patio furniture in the pool!!! And when we got hungry I wanted my Cajun Mc Chicken from McDonald's and it better have extra mayo! Lol Atleast I didn't have a break down that time and embarrass the hell out of you! :-) and i dont think we ever made it to the beach to actually lay out..... :-)Thinking of you......

My Heart

Shared by Kristina Waite on April 6, 2016

  There are entirely to many memories to write about right now. I just want you to know that I love you and miss you more and more each day. When you left me, you took a piece of me that I will never be able to get back. My other half, my heart, my sister! 

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