Shared by Ashley Pedigo on January 15, 2019

I remember when we was little and we was sleeping on bunk beds and I was having trouble sleeping because I was waiting on the tooth fairy. But as I was laying there waiting megan rolls off the top bunk and I raised my head speechless and she gets up and asked me if i was okay. When she is the one that fell then she gets back up there and gos back to bed..

And I remember when I was in labor with maddie she was there the whole time rubbing my back and didnt leave my side till it was time to push. 

I love you sis and I miss you so much I would do anything to get you back to us. I have so many stories but I'm ugly crying right now it's to hard to see.

Shared by Tammy Bechtol on January 12, 2019

I could tell you guys alot of stories about Megan.  

Like when she was little my mom  myself and Megan was driving she yells out stop mamaw so my mom stops right there we are like what Megan was wrong she said with a straight face my dog jumped out the window. ( We didn't have a dog with us) 

 Or when she was having Adam she was holding Carl's hand she flipped him over the bed.  

Afew days before she wrecked she went shopping with me she was like a little kid throwing stuff in the cart. . I can go on and on about my baby girl.

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