So kind, so brave, so precious.
We will love you forever little angel.
  • 9 years old
  • Born on July 28, 2002 .
  • Passed away on February 19, 2012 .

This site is my personal memorial to a wonderful little girl. Because I only know her family indirectly and never got to meet her in person, I have changed her name out of respect for her family’s privacy. But everything here is true about a very real and very precious little girl. I chose the names Mei and Liang because of their meaning: Mei means beautiful, and Liang means kindness. An old friend asked me to pray for Mei when she was diagnosed with leukemia in the Summer of 2011. I wasn’t praying much at that point in my life, but as I followed Mei’s battle, I came to pray harder than I had ever prayed in my entire life. I have never witnessed a more brave and beautiful human being, and she became my hero. I have no family and never married or had children. She became the first child I truly loved with all my heart.

Mei was born in China and abandoned. She was adopted by a loving couple here in the United States when she was less than one year old. As she grew, she became a delightful little girl known for her kindness and athletic ability. Everyone who knew her loved her. Just after her 9th birthday, she was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Despite her diagnosis, her bright and positive outlook was truly inspiring. As her battle grew more and more difficult, she fought harder and more bravely than anyone could have ever imagined. Even while enduring unspeakable suffering, she remained hopeful, kind and gracious toward all. Sadly, despite a successful bone marrow transplant, her precious little body was unable to withstand the ravages of multiple infections, pneumonia, intense radiation and chemotherapy. Her lungs failed, and on February 19, 2012 her little heart could take no more and just gave out. She was 100% free of leukemia when she passed away.

Mei touched so many lives, even the lives of those who never met her in person, including myself. She touched me as deeply as anyone or anything ever in my life. 
Rest in peace, precious angel. I will love you forever, and so will everyone who was so very blessed to know you.

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