Melanie Mayer Gideon
  • 52 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 20, 1960
  • Place of birth:
    Sacramento, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 8, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Monterey, California, United States
Unable are the loved to die For love is immortality. ~Emily Dickinson

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Melanie Mayer Gideon.  She wore many hats:  mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague.  We will carry her laughter in our hearts.

College for Hans and Haylee was a top priority for Melanie.  If you'd like to donate in her memory, consider a donation to the kids' college fund.  Make checks payable to Hans and Haylee Gideon, memo Melanie Gideon memorial, and send to P.O. Box 570, Moss Landing, CA 95039. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Mike Denega on 8th January 2016

"I can't imagine navigating through life without having the opportunity to encounter Melanie Mayer-Gideon, who we appropriately named the Queen of Elkhorn Slough. We met at Moss Landing Marine Lab when I was on sabbatical leave doing post graduate studies and became life-long friends. Melanie positively influenced so many people, including my natural history students from Folsom Lake College. I love the pictures at this site. Melanie's addictive smile will forever be ingrained in all of our minds.
all the best to the family
Mike Denega"

This tribute was added by Dollie Smith on 20th March 2015

"Today is your Birthday...I think that is a song.  And you are a song.  I hear you in the birds, I see you in the flowers.  Your energy is there in the universe.  I think you created a new star.  Love you.  Memories of you are an inspiration to live.  Auntie Dollie"

This tribute was added by Dollie Smith on 14th January 2015

"Melanie is missed tremendously.  We are all thankful for our chance to know her and share life with her.   She lives on in our hearts.  Auntie Dollie"

This tribute was added by Robin David on 18th February 2014

"Aloha Melanie,
Mahalo for all the great Christmas gifts.
You my friend is a true wise woman.

All GOD'S Blessings on your ohana.

Your True Friend .....Forever,
Robin Nohea David"

This tribute was added by Robin David on 18th February 2014

"Melanie my dear friend,
I give thanks to the Lord of heaven for allowing me to know you. To see your beautiful smile... Yes your smile dear one is beautiful. You were fair, smart did I mention full of love, inside of your heart and soul and outward. I know you my friend. We created a massage business together that took off. I will always pray for my dear Haley & Yon. I have watched Yon cry to me " Robin, look at me" as he took his first peddles on his bike.
But you, you Melanie grieves my soul. I Love you! You are the most commited person I know. In business, family anything. Melanie there was nothing you could not do...except RELAX my dear friend.
Tell Jesus Christ  some of your ideas. Let HIM help you. "What shall a man gain the world and loose his soul" You are in the arms of GOD!!
May our Lord protect your children and husband.
Melanie my friend, I miss you but am so glad that you are with our LORD. I'll see you soon? Later? Who knows .... See You my Friend.

Robin & Mark David"

This tribute was added by Beau Kayser on 15th June 2013

"I met Melanie when she introduced me to the field of environmental consulting. Her qualities of being smart, fair, direct, and sharing were impressed upon me. My first holiday out West, she and Yohn included me with their friends for a fun evening at the Whole Enchilada. We laughed and sang carols, Feliz Navidad being a notably raucous one. My thoughts go out to her family."

This tribute was added by Gabe Bandy on 5th June 2013

"We've cherished Melanie's welcoming hug for 8+years. That beautiful personality and infectious smile - she shared her family with us - and we got to love them. Though we were there just once-a-year Melanie made it feel like a home away from home. Her love of family, friends, and people was pure sunshine. We've truly lost a member of our family, and the world lost a treasure of a woman."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Marcus on 17th March 2013

"The first time I met Melanie was when my boyfriend surprised me with a stay at the B and B. Melanie couldn't have been more warm and friendly and made me feel so welcome. I came to learn that she is like that always, and she can make anyone feel like family. What came across most is her love for people- her children, Yohn, and friends and family alike.She was amazing and is greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Kendra Wright on 16th March 2013

"Melanie and I met when we both were 13. The memories of that time in San Mateo still bring a smile: riding bikes, camping, slumber parties, basket ball, games and crazy laughter. She'll have a corner of my heart always. My love goes out to Shirley, John, Eric, Yohn, Hans & Haylee. Big long distance hugs from South Dakota to you all."

This tribute was added by Mike Denega on 15th March 2013

"March 15, 2013:
I was a post-graduate student on sabbatical at Moss Landing Marine Lab in 1981 and 1982. It was the extraordinary spirit of MLML that made that experience a pivotal point in my professional and personal life; and it was Melanie Mayer – Gideon - that wonderful human being with that big inspirational smile – that spread an infectious joy of life and a joy of learning"

This tribute was added by david Schwartz on 13th March 2013

"Melanie was a friend of mine for 33 years. I’ll never forget her. I cherish the many days I had with her mucking around the wetlands of Elkhorn Slough in the early 1980’s. She grew up to be a major star, a hero. Like all of us, I’ll miss her dearly. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
David Schwartz, Cabrillo College"

This tribute was added by Bernadette Ramer on 10th March 2013

"I met Melanie at Moss Landing Marine Labs as we were both students. She was a very kind person with lots of energy and a smile that could light up a room. I will miss that smiling face!
She will be missed and remembered!
Bernadette Allen Ramer"

This tribute was added by Sara Gideon on 10th March 2013

"I will always remember that big glorious happy smile! We were glad you became a part of the Gideon family. Yohn loved you sooooo much and your miracle together was Hans and Haylee. They were such a gift to you! They filled your life and heart with so much joy as you did others. I treasure the cookbooks I have of yours and the note I got from you and the twins on the day you passed. Miss U!"

This tribute was added by amy brewster on 28th February 2013

"I worked for Malanie as a house cleaner when she lived in Prunedale and then later was hired as a naturalist on the Elkhorn Slough Safari.  Melanie interviewed me for the position.  I liked her from the start.  She was smart and enthusiastic.  Yahn presided over my wedding and Melanie was the photographer.  I will cherish those photos even more!  She has had a lasting impact on many of us."

This tribute was added by garett smith on 25th February 2013

""Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it's heaven on earth." I believe in this saying when I think of my cousin Melanie, an example of how to dance, love, sing and live. Starting way back, I remember her and Glenda dancing to Day Tripper over & over. And I remember the joy of graduation and the life to be...what a life!"

This tribute was added by Dan and Judy Laughlin on 16th February 2013

"Dan and I were deeply saddened to learn of Melanie's passing.  We lived across the street from the Mayer family for 23 years and watched her and Eric grow up.  They are a wonderful giving and caring family and we cannot recall ever seeing Melanie without her beautiful smile.  She truly loved life and touched the hearts of so many people including our entire family. God Bless you All."

This tribute was added by Sorrel Marks on 13th February 2013

"Melanie's passion, community spirit, and kindness always radiated from her during her tenure on the Central Coast Water Board.  I had the privilege to work with her during that time and will remember her inspiring energy.
~ Sorrel Marks, Water Board Staff"

This tribute was added by hank Smith on 12th February 2013

"Met Melanie while we were members of the Monterey County Chapter of Quail Unlimited.  She had two bird dogs, Hershey and Java, for which she needed help in training.  Observeing her smart, confident, authoritative dog training methods were a delight to behold.  So delightful in fact, I was sure a handsome, single Naval Officer would appreciate these qualities in such a very cute woman. RIP"

This tribute was added by Vida Kenk on 11th February 2013

"During her undergraduate days at SJSU, I was her advisor for her major in Marine Biology.  I have followed her accomplishments with joy and pride.  She left us much too young, but will be remembered by all who knew her.  The rebuilt MLML is a lasting memorial to her work.  May happy memories of her life eventually bring comfort to all who mourn her now, especially her family. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Jane Silberstein on 6th February 2013

"Mark and I still can't believe that Melanie is no longer here, although I am sure that she is carefully watching over her beautiful, bright and amazing kids and husband.  Melanie and I started working/playing with John Oliver out in the slough in 1984 - territoriality then friends. She was an amazingly strong, smart and courageous woman! Miss her."

This tribute was added by Carrie Bretz on 4th February 2013

"Mel was my first housemate (the house owned by her parents on Long Valley Spur) when I moved to California to attend MLML. As a newbie grad student, she mischievously guided me to join the Benthic Bubs – something for which I will be forever grateful. She certainly was a woman to be admired- strong, assertive, competent, truly kind-hearted person. A sad loss for my Moss Landing cohorts."

This tribute was added by KimLuis Solano on 2nd February 2013

"Melanie is a woman to be admired and respected. Our neighborhood is not the same without her. We extend our love and support to her beautiful children, husband Yohn and her parents who struggle to accept this tremendous loss.
Kim Solano, The Haute Enchilada & Whole Enchilada Family"

This tribute was added by Becky Suarez on 2nd February 2013

"Melanie and I worked together for the Department of Fish and Game in So. Cal. before we both moved to Moss Landing/Elkhorn Slough.  I will always remember Melanie as being smart, tough, dedicated, warm, and quick to smile.  A marvelous mix of no-nonsense and fun.  Jorge and I certainly miss her, as we keep her family close in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Daniela Maldini on 28th January 2013

"Just a couple of years ago Melanie showed me my old room in the blue house (Captain's Inn). She knew it would be nice for me to see it since I has so many memories of that place from MLML. We had our first long conversations in years since I had been away. Melanie never changed. She was still authoritative and competent as I remembered her."

This tribute was added by Daniela Maldini on 28th January 2013

"Aloka kaua Melanie,
you are one of the first people I met when I came to MLML as a young student from Italy in 1989. You were my first landlord in Prunedale and it was the first time ever I lived by myself, in a foreign country. I have fond memories of you"

This tribute was added by Carol Keiper on 28th January 2013

"I am also both shocked and saddened about Melanie. I have vivid memories of Moss Landing Marine Labs and specials cheers and thanks to Melanie for all that she did for MLML in the rebuilding and re-location. I am sure she is still there in spirit!"

This tribute was added by Allen Andrews on 28th January 2013

"Melanie's enthusiasm and persistence during the years of getting the new MLML built was positively infectious.  She fought the good fight and the MLML of today is in no small way a tribute to her talent as an organizer and friend of MLML."

This tribute was added by Gregor Cailliet on 28th January 2013

"Di and I were are both shocked and saddened about Melanie’s passing. I have known Melanie since she was a graduate student and worked with her to replace MLML on the hill. We will all miss Melanie, her fabulous warmth and personality, and her professional skills. She was a star. We wish her family the best in coping with this loss. When in Moss Landing, we will remember Melanie."

This tribute was added by Lisa Uttal on 19th January 2013

"Melanie was an anchor. When I came back to MLML in 1999 to run Friends, Melanie helped me navigate the convoluted facility permit and construction docs. I recall seeing her and Yohn several years ago at a Bed and Breakfast tour and a dream to have one of their own. That was Melanie, capable, a doer and got the job done. She lived her dream. She will be missed very much."

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"Such sad news.  I can't tell you how many people have sailed on the R/V Point Sur or the R/V John H. Martin that we have sent to her B&B for a good night sleep before departure.  Marine Ops will be there in any capacity it can to support her family and friends in this incredibly difficult time.

Such a loss for the Moss Landing family.

-Stewart Lamerdin, Moss Landing Marine Labs"

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"It is just too hard to believe.
I am full of regrets that I should visit her more often.
I thought we have much more time ahead to share our fun time!
She was the best thing I had during my MLML days and still my best friend.

- Keiko Sekiguchi"

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"That (Melanie's death) is very sad... I remember her hard work to get us back to Moss Landing when we were still in Salinas.

- Tomo Eguchi, Moss Landing Marine Labs"

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"It is very sad to hear, Melanie has been a foundation of Moss Landing for a long time.  Everyone has great memories of Melanie, one of my most vivid ones is when she beat the bushes to get as many MLML supporters as possible to attend en masse a meeting at the County offices in Salinas to support the rebuilding of the lab.

- Rick Starr, Moss Landing Marine Labs"

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"I can only, with great sadness, echo what others have said about Melanie. I have fine memories of working with her on her innovative research in the Slough. Her efforts to rebuild MLML were and continued to be exceptional, as was her service on the Water Board. She will be missed. My heart goes out to her family.
-Mike Foster, Moss Landing Marine Labs"

This tribute was added by Kamille Hammerstrom on 17th January 2013

"This is very sad news. Melanie was a great supporter of the Labs and dedicated to the Moss Landing community. She was way too young to leave this earth. She will be missed very much.

- H. Gary Greene, Moss Landing Marine Labs"

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