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An angel named Melissa

Shared by becky t on July 4, 2021
I met Melissa, in Puerta vallarta, with my daughter. We hit it off right away. As we spoke, she said I am going to fly to Coeur d Alene Idaho to visit you for Christmas, we took a limo and went to a 10 course meal. We had alot of fun. Melissa, is beautiful, kind, gentle, and a lot of FUN!!
We will always think of Melissa with the fondness of memories. She is always in our hearts.
Melissa was one of a kind person. She loved people and they loved her back.
We now know she is in Heaven with God, her father, and she is looking down on us with a big smile on her face. Dont worry she is with you always. I know its hard now but as time goes by and you read the bible, you will find answers. God Bless You and your family.
If you ever need to reach out to us please do. Mellisa is a rock star.........

My Dear Friend

Shared by crystal W on July 4, 2021
Oh, Morgan and Judy & Family,
My heart just aches for you all. Melissa was one of the best people I have ever met. I just loved her zest for life and her love for traveling and meeting new people. I met Melissa in Puerto Vallarta and we quickly became friends. She flew out to visit me in Idaho over that coming Christmas and I visited her other times in Colorado. We lived it up and had a great time. We got stuck in a horrible storm after going to the hot springs one winter and it took us about 12 hours to get home. She made that time so fun we were grooving to the 80s and we always enjoyed going to the hot springs. We went white water rafting and we were in the front riding the wild river and I will cherish each memory made each visit. I remember going to one of her students birthday party and visiting her school she just loved all the kids and they loved her so much. She tought them business skills by making soaps and essential oils and she used that money for excursions for the kids. I felt like I knew Melissa my whole life and I definitely have never met anyone quit like her. She was a true Christian she took me to her church and it was wonderful! She is definitely Gods child. I know she is in Heavan and doing wonderful things there as well. Melissa touched so many hearts and helped so many people she was genuine and loved people she was a one of a kind girl for sure. I had talked to her that very afternoon and we were planning on a trip coming up soon. I will miss all the many more many excursions we were to have. I miss you Melissa and I cant wait to see you again. I will celebrate her birthday coming up doing something she would of loved and celebrate her as she would of wanted. God Bless her whole family and friends and let us continue celebrating her in memories made together.


Shared by Lexus Haak on June 1, 2021
Melissa was the most kind-hearted person I have ever met in my entire life. She always put others first, and was so caring and selfless. From a young age I looked up to Melissa and admired everything about her, from her love for animals to her love for helping others. I love you and I will miss your beautiful soul -Your little cousin

Middle School Memories

Shared by Jocelyn Steinke on June 1, 2021
Melissa was such a lively and honest friend. In middle school we had so many sleep overs. I remember playing dolls, watching movies, and talking for hours. I always thought it was so cool her parents owned the Falling Rock Bar and we could hang out there when I was over. This is so sad and my heart goes out to her friends and family members. 
Shared by Jessica Larsen on June 1, 2021
I have so many memories with Melissa when we were kids, including the summer memories we made when she stayed in South Dakota with me, and when I visited her in Wisconsin. I’ll never forget crushing cans at Falling Rock bar, swimming in my ditch after it rained, overtaking the upstairs so we could play Barbies or all the times she was tired of me and threatened to runaway and go back to Wisconsin. Most recently, Melissa gave me words of encouragement when I was going through some personal stuff. My heart is so heavy! Love and miss you, my beautiful cousin!

My sister

Shared by Susan Lemke on May 31, 2021
I loved my sister we were close. She loved me. I have hundreds of photos and memories. Its not enough. I will miss her so much. Melissa I love you. Sue

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