My Sister

Hi , this is a little about my sister Melissa Kay Kessinger. She was born May 30,1968 to Loving Parents Alvin Kessinger and Verda Scott. Melissa had a big family of 4 Sisters  : Sherry Lovell , Sue Emler ,Sherina Ulshafer ( Crickett), Sabrina Sadler (Nikki) . She has 2 Brothers as well : Steven Kessinger , and Allen Kessinger. She also has 2 Beautiful kids Tia Kessinger and Antwon Austin.  She grew up in Indianapolis Indiana. She has 9 nieces and 4 nephews . Her nieces are : Heather White,Grace Emler,Nina Emler,Sarah Emler,Shelby Emler,Kathrine Emler,Heaven Ulshafer,Angel Ulshafer,Brianna Zavala. Her nephews are : Patrick Lovell, James Ulshafer Jr (JJ) , Stephen Ulshafer , Jose Zavala Jr ( Baby Joe). And lots of great nieces and nephews too many to name.She had a big family and is loved and missed by many.

Sadly on Christmas Day of 1991 , someone murdered her at the age of 23 .In downtown Indianapolis @ Military Park. I last seen her Christmas morning really early ,and she was supposed to come back and get me to stay the night and she didn't make it back. I was 11 then and really heart broke. It hurt so bad for her to be gone and to know she was never coming back to us. She was so beautiful. It's jut messed up that a human being would take someone's life , especially on Christmas Day. They still have never caught the person who killed her. Although I wish they would it would give our family some closure. It's hard for our family around the holidays . There' not a day goes by that I don't think of her . It still hurts and I miss her so much and wish she was still here. She didn't get a chance to see her kids grow up or meet alot of her nieces and nephews.She was taken way too young. But God was ready to take her home , he made a spot just for her.

Three years before Missy died we lost one of our Brothers to a car wreck in 1988 he was 21 (Steven Travis Kessinger). He was taken so young as well.We miss them both.