Shared by Jeri Hesson on January 11, 2014

I may have never met her ut knowing she was part of my family makes me sad. just from the story i've been told has made me proud that she is my family. I hope to get the case reopened and solved and that i can help solve it.
melissa was a beautiful woman and had a wonderful life rest in peace melissa. 

hi sis

Shared by Allen Kessinger on December 25, 2013
Hi sis its your brother allen I miss u I just trun 30 years old yea am getting old I just want to say that I miss u and I love you so much I know you are with steve right now tell him I love him to I wish you guys can give me a sine or something and marry chirstmas I live you guys talk to you soon sis

Sad Sad World

Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on December 19, 2013
It's sad that the world revolves around money and if you don't have any they don't care to find your killer . What about love how does that not count ? Missy u are a mother , daughter, sister , aunt, cousin, neice, friend and that should count for something I'll always share the word to try and find your killer. I wish I could track them down alone but I can't. I hope one day we get justice , but you know what is justice it'll never bring you back to us I know that. I want answers why ? I wish I could talk to you and you could tell me what happened or who it was but that's not possible. Love you Missy :'/

The Final Day

Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on December 15, 2013
Christmas Eve 1991 Melissa , Nikki and I stayed at Dads for Christmas with Dad and Allen . We watched tv , we laughed , we played , we ate , we aggrevated one another. Next morning Christmas Morning we all wake 5ish so happy and excited as we were lil and Christmas used to be a happy day . We open presents afterwards Missy decides to take gifts to a friend about 5:30 am . She asked if I could go and walk with her and stay the night , dad says if I could get ahold of my mom and she says yes I could go. Well mom didn't answer so Missy left and said she would come back in a couple of hours to get me . We played all day with our new stuff , played in the snow , laughed and played with dad and everyone around. Darkness came and Missy still wasn't there . Mom came to pick us up and we kept waiting thinking she would soon return . Instead a cop came for my dad to go identify her and asked all of questions . She had been murdered in the morning and no one knew until a jogger found her laying up against a tree in Memorial Park downtown Indianapolis. This turned my world upside down set me into depression . And asking all kinds of questions why Missy , why Christmas , what if I was with her , would it of been both of us or just her , could I of ran and got help in time to save her , what if would of been just me , what kind of person does this , how did no one see or hear anything? ?? And now still questions why are they not looking for her killer , why have they never looked , is it because our family has no money ? After all these years no one keeps everything 100% secret someone knows something why not come forward? She left behind 2 beautiful children and a loving family we deserve closure .... my life will never be the same. R.I.P Missy


Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on December 15, 2013
Missy it's that time of year again, I still miss u like crazy. I can't help but cry , I wish I cud of just had the chance to say a proper goodbye. Life will never be the same without u. It hurts as if it were just yesterday u left . I imagine after 22 years and it still hurts the same it'll never get any easier. They say it gets better with time and I truly don't see it . There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of u night and day. How long will it be till I see u again ? I wish I knew the answer to that. I wish I could just see your face ,see your smile you always had a Beautiful smile high cheek bones was gorgeous , I wanna hear your voice I wish I had some video or voicemail/ recording or something with your voice , hear your laugh, I wanna hug u . I know we were probably annoying as kids and such a big age difference but I just don't understand why it had to be this way why it hurts so bad . I wish I knew why God chose u , what did he need u for , why u ?.... I could keep going with the why's but I'll never have the answer. Why did he not make visitation hours in heaven or make phone calls available it would make it easier on people especially me . I luv u babe and I'm glad ugot your Angle wings just can't wait for mine. Luv u forever and ever

A story about Missy and her Glasses

Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on January 6, 2012

A story Dad told me the other day . Dad said when Missy and Steve was younger he had to go and buy them both new glasses cost him about $200 dollars . Well not long after that he took them to the bowling alley ,well Missy went to go use the bathroom and came back without her glasses. Dad said where are your glasses and she said the fell off in the toilet and when she flushed it they went down the drain . LOL  And I guess a few days later Steve lost or broke his too .  


This is told by my dad ,I thought I would share it. 

Love you baby girl 

Dear Aunt Melissa

Shared by Heaven Ulshafer on December 31, 2011

Though I have never meet you ..... You still are family and I love you very much . The Ulshafer Family keeps you in their mind at all times , Holidays, Birthdates , and even when nothing special is going on . You are loved by Many people My mom (Crickett) finds herself thinking and will start crying when remembering how much she loves and misses you. You are very highly spoken of ... I wish you were still here therefor I know you would be a great and fun aunt to be around. I love you very much and will anyways keep you in my mind and prayers....


Sincerly, Heaven Ulshafer 


Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on December 31, 2011

After Missy was killed our Dad A.R. Kessinger wrote a song about her ,I've added it to this page .Please go to the page with audio to view it.

It's called Searching For a Dream written by A.R Kessinger and Sung by

Doug DeBaun .

My dad is blind but is able to use the computer and he writes alot of songs and books to learn more please visit If you happen to vist his website you can view books,and music available for purchase. And please feel free to leave a message on his guest book. Thanks so much.

My dad has also won International CMA Old Time Country Songwriter of the Year 2008  As you can see how proud he is in the pic I'm attatching. 

R.I.P Missy

A note to my Sister

Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on April 26, 2011

Missy , I miss you so much and wish you were here. It seems like you should still be here with us. I know your in a better place , always full of sunshine and beautiful days. You left us and we were not expecting it at all . I wish I could still hear your voice or see your beautiful smile. I'm sure you can see but Tia has grown so beautiful , and looks so much like you. We are all outta touch but I heard she's doing well . And studying to be a lawyer , and had gotton married. I hope you know we will meet again one day soon , and I can't wait. Love you Always and Forever.

Your Sister  Crickett


Shared by Crickett Ulshafer on April 26, 2011

Missy was so beautiful and loving. She was a really good sister.

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