Let the memory of Melissa be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on October 11, 1984 .
  • Passed away on January 4, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Melissa Skidmore-Sherrill-Adams 28 years old , born on October 11, 1984 and passed away on January 4, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Lynn Covert on 11th October 2017
Happy Birthday Red. I saw your mom, dad and Miranda Lynn last weekend. Miranda ran in the house and then back out to me and told me that she was talking to you and that you told her to tell me "hi". I'm sure you were truly there talking to her. You are missed dearly. Love you baby girl.
Posted by Lynn Covert on 21st April 2017
Red (you always let me get away with calling you that) I was thinking about you today. It's been almost a year since any tributes on this wonderful site. Miranda is growing up to be a lovely young lady. Your Mom and Dad are doing a great job raising her. She's so smart. I know your watching down and giving them your love and guidance. Love ya baby girl. Aunt Lynn.
Posted by Amy White on 1st May 2016
Dear missie. I miss you so much you were my best friend. I cant tell you how many times when I was down in the dumps and I needed someone to talk to I tried to call or I wanted to call and I realized that you weren't with us anymore the one thing I regret was not calling you the day that you passed butt my phone got shut off that day so I wasn't home but I am sorry and I will always miss you your friend Amy
Posted by Delaina Barney on 2nd April 2013
Well lil sister on easter sunday a good friend of lester gave me a free tattoo special for u... hope u like it.... love u so much and miss u... never ever forgotten ....hope ur smiling down on us and keep us safe bababy girl.... love urge big sister delaina...
Posted by Robert Townend on 22nd February 2013
u where a great mother and a friend to me and u helped us out alot
Posted by Delaina Barney on 29th January 2013
melissa i just want u to know that i wont let miranda or anyone every forget u , i miss u every single day. we all take turns taking care of ur baby girl!!!!!!love u so much and miss u alot....love always ur sister forever. love Delaina MArie Barney. RIP baby Girl!
Posted by Linda Mahan on 29th January 2013
i met Melissa a couple of times she was always so nice im sorry this has happened to u and i remember when u told me u were going to marry the love of your life im so glad u did forever yours Linda & Anthony Mahan
Posted by Nikki Huffman Daugherty on 25th January 2013
My sweet sissy I will never forget your smile or thr way you laughed. No matter what kind of mood I was you knew how to cheer me up or gave me a shoulder to cry. You saved my day by watching my babies so I could work and you didn't ask for a dime to do it even though I offered. I will always remember the stupid things we did that we thought were funny at the time
Posted by Nikki Huffman Daugherty on 25th January 2013
You were always there for me. I remember you came over to my apartment one day to go swimming I was laying on one of the lawn chairs when you dumped two big cups of pool water on me then took off running as I was trying to fill the cups up to get you back you came up behind me and pushed me in the pool laughing hysterically. I will never forget you sissy I will always miss & love you ♡♥♡
Posted by Steve Lesher on 24th January 2013
I can remember as kids, you always got upset with me calling you Red it was fun. Also i remember last summer you and Miranda came over for a cookout ,and i told Miranda@my name was Fred and she definitely ccalled me Fred all day.I also remember u wearing those Bandana's always pulling it down over you forhead. And i also remember the Funny koke u told "you always had a joke lol
Posted by Steve Lesher on 24th January 2013
Part 2 oh im not done Red lol i also remember u calling me when i was down of all i remember you as my cousin a daughterba sister a mom and a wife . In closing give grandpa Wright a hug
Posted by Angela Garrett on 24th January 2013
I remember Melissa and I drinking black velvet together she got me into that drink when she lived with us. I remember eating lunch with her sometimes at school I remember her loving her daughter so much she was a good person and loved her country music and had her phone glued to her and was always on it
Posted by Shawn Logston on 24th January 2013
She was a good friend and a mother
Posted by Demetra Mundy on 24th January 2013
U were always the cousin I was closest to growing up..I remember going to family functions and u being the first person I looked for..when aunt liz would tell us to leave cuz only adults were allowed at the table..we would always go and find somewhere to talk about how it sucked then the conversation always turned into other things. I remember in high school when we looked for each other
Posted by Demetra Mundy on 24th January 2013
in between classes..or the time u came up to my work and I gave u a ride to ur new place...and somehow we crammed almost everyone in my car..I know ur watching over all of us but its nor fair I wish u were here to give us all a shoulder to cry on. U loved life so much even though all odds were against u..I hope we can all be more like u someday.love and miss u
Posted by Sammie Snider on 24th January 2013
Meliissa there is so much i can honestly say but im going to sum it all up , I love && miss you , You were a GREAT FRIEND , MOTHER , WIFE , SISTER , NEICE , GRANDDAUGHTER && SO MUCH MORE R.I.P Babygirl <3
Posted by Desiree Mitchell on 24th January 2013
I remember picking you up not that long after I got my car.Us remembering just being silly and not having a care in the world as little kids.Going to highschool together you coming over and listening to music with us.I wish you were still here so we could make more memories.You will never be forgotten
Posted by Delaina Barney on 24th January 2013
well i remember when we was little we was wlking though aldes over by reidger school. and someone broke eggs on the floor and u didnt see it and u slipped and fell on the floor. then we had to leave and go hom e and we all just laughted at u.... butwe love u and miss u baby sister... i can do this all day... love u red aka melissa
Posted by Thomas Adams on 24th January 2013
I will never forget the day I watched you walk down the isle on our wedding day, the joy in your eyes when I took you by the hand slipped that ring on your finger. You were crying and I wiped away your tear with my finger. We were so happy that day my love, a happiness I will never forget.
Posted by Amanda Brown on 24th January 2013
I will never forget the 28 years I shared with u......The laughs and crys I hold dear to my heart.I miss u and love u my dear Angel!!!!
Posted by Amanda Brown on 24th January 2013
This is your mommy......I remember the day you was born. You came out with red hair.I started to cry the nurse told me honey dont cry.Don't you know what that is? The luck of the irish.....Now I realize the luck was all mine to have you as my babygirl!!!!!! Ill always love you..Your remain in my heart forever!!!!!!!!!! Love mommy
Posted by Amanda Spencer on 23rd January 2013
I remember when melissa needed a ride to a job interview so I picked her up and took her. The whole ride we enjoyed stories of her aunt debbie (my boyfriends mom) so melissa and kevin were cousins. She was an amazing mother and best friend. I love you melissa.

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