Let the memory of Melissa be with us forever.
  • 47 years old
  • Born on May 22, 1971 in Lovington, New Mexico, United States.
  • Passed away on February 22, 2019 in Odessa, Texas, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Melissa Campbell ( Brott) 47 years old , born on May 22, 1971 and passed away on February 22, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Akachukwu Nwabueze on March 3, 2019
It's true that I may not be known by your family members but still I'm the most affected person in your departure
You left a deep hole in my heart ❤️
You're the only one who really knows my secrets and success stories
I can't stop crying ever since you left me my Queen, my Bella , your King is finally lonely.
I will never believed that you will go this way
But God time remains the best .
I will continue to love you till I join you
Your book will be in my library just as I promised you my love !!!
Good night My Angel
Posted by Lisa Heald on February 28, 2019
Oh my precious Rene how I loved you. This has just broken my heart and I can hear you saying..AUNT Lisa. LOL you always put an emphasis on Aunt. Throughout the years we would lose touch but I will be forever grateful for the last time we actually spoke over the phone and not a text, messenger or FB. I loved getting some updates on the boys as they never been far from my heart. Your laugh was special and just so you! Life is truly better with laughter and you did spread that around. I can’t imagine how the Lord’s arms around you must feel but you are truly home! I will miss you until we meet again. Love, AUNT Lisa
Posted by Charissa Mauldin on February 26, 2019
I will never forget the time when my Aunt Nay came to pick me up from school . I was still in elementary at this time ... the only thing was she walked up to my school with no teeth,bra , pants ,nothing, just a white shirt with holes in it and I turn and see her and I hear her say “ CHARISSSA LETS GO !” and everyone stared at me so I took off running because I was embarrassed and a teacher asked me if I knew who this lady was and I go “nope “ and so they ask her and she goes I’m her aunt and I take off running to Memall’s house lol gotta love crazy Aunt Nay I miss and love you ❤️
Posted by Laura Ashley on February 25, 2019
I can’t believe I’ll never see you again. You always made it a mission to be the favorite aunt. You went out of your way to bond with me. You hugged me and showed love to my kids. When you first met Macy at 3 weeks old, you held her and cried cuz you thought she was so beautiful. But in that moment I was looking at you and i saw how beautiful you were. You were so passionate and loving to me. You never judged me or put me down. You saw what I needed and you told me what I needed to hear. You were my most affectionate aunt. You taught me the importance of being a great and loving aunt. I will treat my nieces and nephews with equal affection. And you will always have that legacy with me. Thank you for being you and thank you for caring so much. I love you aunt nae ❤️
Posted by Una Hernandez on February 25, 2019
To my best friend and sister i remember like it was yesturday . Long talks and texts we had i comfort you when you cried and i made you laugh and when i cried you made me laugh .i still text your phone to see if u would answer but i know you have gone to a better place.i miss you already my best friend and sister .you will always be in my heart forever sister
Love you always and forever
Posted by Tom Hudgins on February 25, 2019
Rene' .good hart loved kids , if it weren't for you I would have never known kk and jojo.thats what we had together and John. Member when kk ran under Mike car trailer all we saw was that flash of her dipper going by .never knew she could fly so fast .I know you knew God and that is good ,I know your with him in heaven. I know it in my hart .I miss the fun times we had together .I never stopped loving you.and now I know just how much I did.
Posted by Kala Furman on February 25, 2019
Aunt nay, you were my favorite aunt growing up I always loved going over to your house we always had so much fun together you were always making us laugh. I really wish I would have got some pictures of you and Bradley together before this happened it breaks my heart to think about it. I'm going to miss you so much, you always had the brightest smile and loudest laugh. I will never forget the time you took me and charissa on the ride at the fair and your teeth fell out we all cracked up laughing for hours. You were dearly loved by everyone and very much going to be missed.
Love always,
Posted by Joey Furman on February 25, 2019
Funny how time flies.. last time I saw you I was 10 years old, it only feels like yesterday when you came to pick me up in Florida because I was acting all crazy at Disney world for what reason I still don't know but I remember running around like crazy and mema, Oscar and Carissa didn't know what to do and when you came down there you just hugged me and and made me laugh until I almost peed myself. I remember when dad used to drop me and Kala off over at yours and buddies house y'all two together showed me alot some of my favorite memories were with y'all 2.. man aunt Na I'm gonna miss you a lot I wish I would have got the chance to give you one last hug and have you call me Jo Jo DiMaggio lol buddy still calls me that to this day.. I wish I could have wrote more I just didn't know what to say
Rest in peace Aunt Na you'll be missed
Love your truly Jo Jo DiMaggio
Posted by Carla Tawkoyty on February 24, 2019
Once long time ago i believe on one of her many trips to lawton okla. I had been out of town so i was just chilln bout the house in my moomoo so i calld Barbara and she said she was wanting to go visit renee as it turns out i was still in my moomoo cause we're supposed to just visit as it turnd out they wantd to go to the hitchn post to get a beer . I said yall are crazy im in my moomoo they said so we're just gettn a beer. I was telln them both bout themselves lol. Anyway me and Barbara are sittn at a table and renee was out on dance floor as usually dancing away. Im sippn on a beer Barbara is drinkn a beer also but she had this guy hittn on her that she really didnt want to talk to so she says help me. I said you owe me!!!!!!!!!!. So i say this to guy why are you talkn to my b----? He says what! It was loud in the bar. Why are you talkn to my b----? So the guy ask Barbara is she your b----? No im hers So i yell at renee dancing on dance floor renee tell this guy who iam. We're her b-----. So guy walks off but as the bar was closing the guy was upset with me and wantd to fight. Omgosh he follwd us outside to my car steady tryn to talk to Barbara but she cant she says i boldly say again shes my b. Renee yelln yes we're hers while throwing up. i race off to take them home but they had to go bathroom in a hurry so i took a back road so they can use the bathroom in a hurry because they put me through that ordeal at the bar . So i pull over i said omgosh her comes a car.renee had finished but Barbara wasnt she just pulled up her pants an continued finished peeing in her pants. I had alot of great memories of renee alot . i loved her dearly she was a true friend. Well just because she isnt here anymore doesn't stop her from being my friend ,my road dog , my sister.
Posted by Patricia Flores on February 24, 2019
Rene my beautiful oldest daughter, I am and will miss you forever. Love you always Mom

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