just one more time

Shared by Sharon Hanawalt on January 30, 2020
Still doesn't seem real,,, so many times i pick up my phone wanting to talk with you yet, reality sinks in & i can't,, I miss you so very much, so many memories i will forever cherish,, i'm so grateful for the memories ,,, wish we could have been at your memorial your Mom & step Dad & friends did for you,, we will have a memorial here for you honey, dad got the perfect Angel statue to place in our memorial garden ,, you will live on forever in our hearts that is for sure,, i will share some memories later with people but for now i just want to hold them all tight within my heart & with your Dad.  love you so very much kiddo,,, if only i could call you just one more time,,, 
Shared by Jennifer Hanawalt Kingery on January 1, 2020
I miss you so much sis. It doesn’t seem real that you are gone. I love you so much and I know you are watching over our family. Rest n peace my sweet sister.

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