This tribute was added by Sharon Hanawalt on February 26, 2020
sweet daughter, your dad has such a beautiful Angel for our memorial garden, he will place it in the garden this weekend along with all the other angels of family members, we think of you daily, i just read your sisters msg to you i have the very same way as her so many times after my sister was killed how i wish you girls would have been able to meet her but you will anyway back to you honey, we got in all the jewerly for all of your children, dad put ashes in the jewerly & sealed the jewerly shut, also have memorial urns for all you (except Shar which your mom has ashes for her) & also for your sister, When i helped your dad i kept talking to you, dividing up your ashes made it all hit home for both dad & i, & as we did so, it felt like we were violating you somehow, but we think you would be happy that part of you will forever be with those you loved so deeply. I still have one msg of you on my phone where i missed your call, i will keep that forever so your voice can always be remembered. miss you so very much & love you so very much, of course i wish you were still here, but that is so selfish of me as you were in so very much pain, now your not in pain & have gone back to Heaven, your with family members there & i'm sure you & uncle les are keeping everyone laughing,,,, until we're together again, you live on forever in my heart & memories love you so very much sweet daughter
This tribute was added by Jennifer Hanawalt Kingery on February 10, 2020
It’s be just over 2 months since my sister Melissa left us. Everyone says it gets easier but it’s a lie. It DOES NOT get easier. I still find my self laying in bed crying because I miss her so damn much it hurts. I have moments at work where I’m happy and cheerful and then the next minute I get to thinking about u Mel and get so sad. I know you are not suffering anymore. I know god has his reasons for calling u home at such a young age. But I still sit here and ask why u and not me?? You had 4 beautiful children while I have none. I wish every day it had been me and not you. I want u back so much it hurts sis. I got the necklace with your ashes in it that mama ordered for me and after I got off the phone with mama I broke down crying because reality REALLY HIT then. Your gone. It’s not just a horrible bad dream. As I sit here typing this the tears are flowing again. I know we didn’t always get along sis but siblings always fight. I’m just so thankful we started talking again all those years ago. I know u are now in heaven keeping an eye on me and keeping me safe. I just want to hug you, hear your voice and tell you how much I love you one last time. I should have called you the week before like I had started to but I knew you were in pain from your surgery. How I regret so much not calling u on my day off the week u passed. I love and miss U so much sis. Rest In Peace and keep watch over us all.
This tribute was added by Laycie Premoe on January 20, 2020
Mama, I know we didn't always have the best of relationships, but throughout everything I loved you. I'm sorry I wasn't able to have more contact and memories with you before you left us. I can't believe you are gone. I keep wanting to call and text you, then I remember you won't pick up. I miss you so much mama. Remember? I used to call you mama bear and you'd always call me love bug or other cute nicknames. I miss you so much. It hurts knowing you aren't in the world anymore.
This tribute was added by William Wilson on January 19, 2020
Melissa and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. I cant believe the person I grew up with wont grow old with me as well. Makes my sad that she went at such a young age. I know she is now my guardian angel watching over me. Love ya lots Melissa
This tribute was added by Selina Jones McCusker Car... on January 4, 2020
I met Melissa in 2001. She was an honest person. It didn't take us long to become close. She always called me her adopted mom in Idaho. I was very proud of Melissa because with all of her heartaches and pain she never even thought of going back using. When she first told me she had Cervical Cancer we cried together. Then when she called and said they got it all we prayed together. Then she called me again and told me it was back. We cried again. I had hoped and prayed she would win this battle like she did the first one. I will miss her so very much. I loved her laugh and her calls. RIP my dear Melissa.
This tribute was added by Jennifer Hanawalt Kingery on January 2, 2020
It still doesnt seem real that your gone sis. I love and miss you so very much.
This tribute was added by Sharon Hanawalt on January 1, 2020
Mel this so don’t feel real but I know it is we sure had our ups & downs but we had one constant , our love for you never waivers  Miss you sooooo very much a part of my heart is with you in Heaven. We have so many fond memories of you that will be forever treasured. Rest peacefully  Please let our family members now with you know we love & miss them when God calls us home we will be with all of you

So many times I’ve wanted to call you then reality sits in. Khow I wish I could hear your again saying “hi momma”. So wish I would have had one more time to hear your voice, see you basically one more for everyone. Love & miss you so very miuch.  Rest peacefully sweet daughter
This tribute was added by Kimberly Kroamer on January 1, 2020
Melissa I remember when we first meet. And we became friends and sisters. Even when you moved we stayed in contact know I've lost my best friend and sister that I loved so dearly what am I going to do without you. You was always there when I had a problem as I was with you. I will miss you a lot and I'll see you one day I love you forever my best friend and sister I will miss you a lot may you rest in peace and be with the angels I love you and never will forget you
This tribute was added by Tiny Felice on January 1, 2020
We going miss u Melissa u were great friend for many years what am I’m going do with out u kicking my ass at pool anymore love u forever

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