You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory
  • 51 years old
  • Born on March 23, 1968 in Jasper, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on August 8, 2019 in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada.
This memorial website was created in memory of our sister, Melissa Pellerin. She will always be right there with us in our hearts and in our minds. We invite anyone who would like to share Melissa stories, pictures, or videos to feel free to post on this site, too. Join us in celebrating our awesome sister. We are adding to this when the hurt eases enough to let us. Please visit again in the future. We intend to keep building this site for a long, long time.

As remembrance services are held throughout the world, we invite those involved to please share recordings of those services in the video section of this site for others to view and appreciate.

At Melissa's request, there will be no funeral. In lieu of flowers, we prefer that expressions of sympathy made in Melissa's name go to:

Guysborough Memorial Hospital  (
or your local palliative care centers.

Guysborough Memorial Hospital's palliative care unit did an outstanding job making Melissa's last days comfortable. The nurses and doctors were caring, patient, respectful and professional. They allowed us to surround Melissa with family, love, music and laughter around the clock for over a week. 

Posted by Andrea Waltho on September 8, 2019
Melissa, Pierre and Duncan were our neighbors in Moscow; our apartments were adjacent and we shared a wall, though you had to go down, out and around to get to each other's front door. However, we did have connecting balconies and I would often cut through their apartment when Melissa and I were going to another friend, Donna's, apartment for Ladies Nights and parties. My children were really just babies when we arrived in Moscow and though I'm sure Melissa must have heard them crying at night through the wall she was always too gracious to say so. :) I had tremendous professional respect for her, as I think everyone who worked with her did. But more than that, I just found her easy to be with and to talk to and she was so friendly and welcoming. She was the kind of person who made you feel you had already known each other a long time even though it might have been just a few weeks. Their apartment is empty now and I often wish I could go knock on the window to come in for a cup of tea and good conversation. I think of her often and miss her quite a lot.
Posted by Eleanor Whiteley on September 2, 2019
My favourite memory of Mel took place about four years ago when I was a new, nervous and overwhelmed member of staff at AAS. I was supporting math classes teaching the curriculum in a way I hadn't seen before and didn't have a clue how to teach myself. Mel took me to the pub and sat teaching me how to teach dividing fractions using a tape diagram over a nice IPA (me) and a cider (her). As I got to know her and her style, it became clear that this was her way with everyone she came across - kid and adult (although no IPA for the kids). No judgement or criticism - just constant unwavering patience and a passion for helping people understand. It was an honour and an education to work with Mel and even more so being her friend. Mel's attitude to life inspired me and will continue to do so. Every time I use the handmade dish cloth she wanted feedback on to try to make her designs better, every time I walk through the forest in the snow, every time I see an adult 'playing' and appreciating their life so fully, and every time I teach.. especially fractions.
Posted by Seth Roberts on August 17, 2019
Melissa oozed competence and authenticity in everything she did. She was a true hub of every community she shared herself with. Anyone who ever work with her knows of her keen professionalism and deep respect for the people she worked with, taught, and build communities with. She was a loving mother and wife, and our families truly enjoyed spending time together. She was wise and compassionate enough to know when to share her wisdom and how to do so with maximum impact and minimum damage. She walked her talk and honestly made the world a better place.
Posted by Alice King on August 17, 2019
She was an amazing friend I had at South Dearborn High School. We grew apart as adults. You will be missed greatly by many. Rest High On That Mountain Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Libby Pickle on August 16, 2019
Melissa Pellerin was my fifth grade teacher in 2015/16, at AAS in Moscow, Russia. She taught me so much, from how much fun learning can be, to friendship, to my presentation skills. One of the first things we did in her class is we had a partner and we had to create a poster and presentation, I was terrified but looking at Ms. Pellerin’s big warming smile made me feel so much better. That’s one of many amazing things that Ms. Pellerin did for me. She will be forever loved.
Posted by Dwi Kusuma on August 16, 2019
Melissa was a very enthusiastic and inspiring woman. She was always full of energy and so warm. Melissa was a smart and dedicated teacher. I always admired and thought she could never stop thinking and working all the time like she would never get exhausted.
As a colleague and a teacher of her son, Duncan when he was in first grade, many times she would always like to have a personal conversation about life in and outside the school in a way that I felt she was a caring and considerate friend. I believe she has touched many people personally during her life wherever she was.
May you rest in peace dear Melissa. I will always cherish you in my heart. Your spirit and eternal love will always inspired me.
My prayers and thought are always with you Treh, Duncan and Pierre.
Posted by Carine Allaf on August 15, 2019
I had the pleasure of working with Melissa in Beirut at ACS. She had such a wonderful and kind energy about her - Duncan was still small and nursing and Treigh was a loving son and big brother. They were such a fun family to be around. Melissa will surely be missed in the world as she made a positive and lasting impression in every life she met, all over the world. May you rest in peace Melissa and I hope that her loved ones are celebrating her life and not missing her too much.
Posted by Stefanie Kendall on August 14, 2019
Melissa and Treh were the first people I met on the way to teach in Kuwait. We sat together at the gate in Frankfurt Airport, playing with Treh and swapping what we'd heard about the post. She was warm, curious, gentle, kind, and I particularly remember her fearlessness and powerful energy. I was a little in awe of her, that's for sure.

She and Treh carved out a space in my heart in those moments and it was always a joy to see them while we worked together, and to reconnect later on social media. Her passing is a loss, but what a beautiful legacy she leaves behind in Treh and Duncan.

My thoughts are with you, Pierre, Treh, and Duncan, and with her friends and family.
Posted by Bob Rollins on August 14, 2019
Melissa was one those students that stood out early in my educational career. She was quick to help other students succeed. If she had a less than great day, it did not show -- she was always very positive. 
Posted by Geri Branch on August 14, 2019
Melissa made a profound difference where ever she was. She was an exquisite professional, providing the best of our knowledge with compassion and caring for each little student. Her impact on colleagues as well was immeasurable. 
She was an exquisite human being, touching all of us with her grace, generosity and humor. It is no surprise that she faced death as she lived. (From ACS, Beirut)

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