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I took Professor Aaron's poli sci class twice

Shared by Luis Bravo on January 22, 2021
I took his class twice back in 2008 and again in 2020. I was young and foolish in 2008 and to say i was in over my head in his class was an understatement, needless to say i was very lost at that time both emotionally and spiritually, and I failed that class. Flash forward to fall 2020 I'm completing my requirements to transfer to Cal State LA so I needed to repeat the classes I had failed when I was younger in order to remove them from my transcripts. When I signed up for my poli sci class I did not realize I would have the same Professor Aaron again. It was all virtual but I recognized him just the same. I was a bit nervous because I knew he was a no nonsense teacher. So when I submitted my first essay, I was surprised when I got a decent grade. That improvement was also reflected on every essay after that. It was the last essay that he graded when he remarked "Outstanding Paper!" I had come back full circle and I'm so relieved that I was able to redeem myself in this class and reflect back to him what he had taught us to his satisfaction. Professor Aaron was a challenging teacher and he taught those who were willing to learn to think critically. He gave the students all the resources they needed in order to learn about politics in America. He will certainly leave an indelible mark on my life. Thank you Professor Aaron.

Reflections on Melvin

Shared by Team Aaron on January 21, 2021

I was just reflecting about my brother Melvin. As I did, I felt a sense of pride. My siblings knew how gifted Melvin was. So do his wonderful sons and anyone who crossed his path. 

My brother Wil mentioned so many things Melvin excelled in. He forgot to mention Melvin could really dance on skates. Oh, he was “tough.” He could hit you with some P-Funk on wheels. I marveled at his ability to turn the corners and criss-cross his legs and then do some crazy leg MC Hammer stuff.

Melvin was an exceptional chess player too.  He won many high school chess contests. I smile when I reflect upon his giftedness and his propensity to make the complex plain and simple with so many endeavors. God blessed my brother Melvin with some tremendous gifts which he used to educate, inspire and pull others to excellence. 

Melvin had a big heart and he was sensitive to the needs of others. He would drive from the University of California at Santa Barbara in his two-toned colored Volvo and we would cruise from LA back to Santa Barbara listening to the Spinners, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh. He loved his music. 

When we arrived at his campus apartment, we would switch music gears and meditate on some John Coltrane-My Favorite Things, and Miles Davis who Ran The Voodoo Down! It was Melvin who introduced me to Jazz as a high schooler as I soon immersed myself into the likes of Ahmad Jamal, Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Monk, Rollins, and the Crusaders.

It was really “cool” hanging with my older brother who understood my boredom being the only brother still at home and still in high school.

Melvin pushed me to excel academically. He provided me a framework of thinking and insight into the complexity of major life issues affecting me personally, communally, and universally. Melvin was indeed a great thinker and I thank him for the positive influence he had in my life. I thank him for his support, motivation, and love. 

A special note-Melvin, as great as he was as a baseball player and with a cannon for a throwing arm, he could never strike me out! That makes me smile as well. Such a lasting memory.

I will miss him. I will always love him. I will always cherish the good in him. Rest in peace my brother Melvin. I love you.

Dancing with Dee

Shared by Team Aaron on January 13, 2021
Almost 8 Years ago to the day, I hit the dance floor with Dee. I thought it would be a simple 2 step with my new Father in Law....and I should have known better. As with so many things, of course Dee could dance....and so we threw our hands in air and let the music guide our steps. Smiles on our faces and in our hearts as we rang in the New Year, on the dance floor at the Ramseys in Toluca Lake, California.
To say that I'll miss him simply does not encompass all the numerous ways in which Dee touched my life. Dee was totally unfazed by my big personality, he encouraged all of my shenanigans. He reminded me to keep people from thinking they had a whole entire fool in their midst...because brilliance is a gift. He was a big part of our lives, he looked at every listing while we looked for houses to buy, helped me pick out paint and furniture for our new home, discussed politics, investing and navigating corporate America, he provided me with wise council, and told jokes that only smart people would get. He made me think deeply and critically about my choices, and he loved me like I was his own.
We really lost a real one, when the Ancestors summoned Dee home...and while there will forever be a place in our hearts that remains a little sad that he is gone... I will be forever grateful for his life.
Cheers To a life well lived. Love you Dee... Jameeka

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