Posted by Linda Torres on February 19, 2021
Dearest Minotti, I remember and speak of you often. Working for you as a young girl at Aquaduct and your beautiful amazing creatures. King Hot tot being my best friend. And your kindness to a young admirer and horse lover. Rest in peace. Linda Silano Torres
Posted by gail gallinot on February 19, 2018
Just wishing another Birthday Blessing for an Old and Dear Friend. Never to be Forgotten, Gail Drury Russo.
Posted by gihjh jhjhk on September 21, 2017
youre with melanie now. i love you both
Posted by gihjh jhjhk on September 21, 2017
i love you pop pop. forever missed. i think about you always and im so sorry for things ive done, this post will never reach your eyes, or your heart but it brings me peace. i will always be greatful for you. im sorry i didnt get too see you for a while, but you weere always my favorite.
Posted by menotti aristone on May 21, 2016
Dad its been three years now. It did get a little easier but will never be better. I miss you every day and would give almost anything for one more phone call! The kids have all grown so much! Marcus will soon pass 6ft. Miranda in year 3 at pitt U. Menotti III not like you or me graduates drexel next week with a masters in 5 years to boot. They are incredible dad! Through them you shall shine forever!!! I love you dad!
FYI you made wikipedia dad someone almost got it right. Until they said you through in the towel on the Derby after the duck got hit by a beer can. They obviously did not know you!!! It was the horse who through in the towel!!
Posted by gail gallinot on February 19, 2016
I would like to leave a blessing from both myself gail drury gallinot and stan levin. Stan and I have always kept in touch and we will always remember Menotti especially for his kindness.
Posted by gail gallinot on February 19, 2015
I'm sure this day saddens you, Philip. The years keep going so quickly. God Bless You.
Posted by gail gallinot on December 19, 2013
Dear Philip,

I see its coming to almost a year since Menotti has been gone. He passed two days before my birthday. Hope you are well. Gail Drury-Gallinot
Posted by Linda Torres on December 18, 2013
Dear Mrs. Aristone,
I was very saddened to learn of Mr. Aristone's passing. I worked for him at Aquaduct. I was a hot walker just so I could be around those magnificent creatures. I remember one day he asked if I could drive him to Kennedy airport as he would hop from one track to another. He was a very nice man. I was just a young girl who loved horses. One horse in particular loved me as well. His name was KIng Hot Tot. I told your husband that I would love to own him. He said I could for 50,000. Then smiled. I am now 65 and still love horses and those fond memories.
Take care,
Sincerely Linda Schultz-Torres
Posted by William Hunter on November 3, 2013
Dear Mrs. Aristone and family. My name is William "Billy" Hunter Executive Director of the NBA Players Association. I knew Menotti as a young boy when we often played together at Merchantville Country Club. I was very fond of him and impressed with his tremendous athletic accomplishments. He was a steelytough competitor and a great boyhood friend. Wishing you God's eternal blessing.
Posted by Judy Muir on April 7, 2013
Dear Phil, Sandy, Juju and all the Aristone family, my family and I send our love and deepest sympathies for your loss. Menotti was so full of life, one could almost think he was immortal. He is in the picture of some of mine and Nicole's fondest memories with Big City Blues, Bombay Duck, and on and on. Now, he'll be riding and partying in heaven with Jimmy! All were blessed who knew him!
Posted by Lee Pagillo on April 7, 2013
Workouts in the morning, taking you to the post in the afternoons, oh those old Liberty Bell days with your Dad and brothers. There will always be a special place in my heart for what I learned from you oh so long ago. Rest now in peace with our Lord and God bless your family.
Posted by Lisa Wilson on April 2, 2013
I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Melanie, for some reason I was thinking of you tonight so I looked for you and found this. Ironically, my dad passed on the same day as your dad. Karma can be crazy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa (Wagner) Wilson
Posted by carlos ferdinand on March 25, 2013
god bless a good man.
Posted by carlos ferdinand on March 25, 2013
god bless mr aristone.I spent all my summers in the barn when I was a kid menotti used to always make me laugh with his wit .my first winners circle picture was when menotti won with smidges boy in monmouth.may he rest in peace.
Posted by carlos ferdinand on March 25, 2013
I grew up in the barn as a kid,mennotti use to let me borrow his helmet so that I could ride sheik of barabee in the shed row.him and benny were nice people.
Posted by gail gallinot on March 6, 2013
To Philip Aristone. So sorry for the loss of you're brother. I recieved the news this morning. I can only say i always remembered him as being happy. He was good to me whenever I saw him. Well liked by everyone. God Bless you Philip and peace and love to Menotti.
Posted by Iris Zakoor on March 5, 2013
Menotti will always live in your heart, in your memories and in the way you see the world. Our deepest sympathy.
Bill & Iris Zakoor
Posted by Robert (Bob) O'Connor on March 4, 2013
Class of 1956 Saint Peters Merchantville, NJ! One in a million, we always had a great time! Remember when we made rope bridells, skipped school, and went down to sombodys farm on Church Road and rode their horses all day? Think we forgot to ask them for permission?
Posted by Michael Economides on March 4, 2013
Menotti, what a hoot. I could always count on you for a smile and a good laugh. I truly enjoyed your company at the office, and as with all the other members of your family, the care and concern you showed for me and my family will always be remembered and cherished.
Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Marie Wann on March 3, 2013
Menotti ...those were the years at St Peters. as you grew older, you lived, laughed and loved all those surrounding you. Those ponies you so enjoyed sitting there in your racing silks... life gave to you many joys and accomplishments. prayers and thoughts are with your family now that memories will be treasured. Rest in peace... Menotti
Posted by Kathleen Sucharski on March 3, 2013
God Bless and Keep you all in his Arms! Indians Mills and the racetrack will never be the same. A great Man, great Jock , great Horseman! Buone Noche!

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