Let the memory of Mercy Mofeade Ademodi (IyeIwa) be with us forever.
  • 91 years old
  • Born on June 20, 1927 in Ondo, Ondo, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on June 15, 2019 in Ibadan, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved, mother, grandmother, great grandmother,  Mercy Mofeade Ademodi (née Adetoye) 90 years old , born  to Marian Aina Adetoye and Chief Adetoye (a son of the Ondo royal family) in Ondo, Nigeon June 20, 1928 and passed away on June 15, 2019. Her's was a life well lived. She was a lover of Jesus Christ, a prayer warrior, a lover and blesser of everyone she came across. She was a school teacher for over 40 years. If you knew her, you knew about the power and might of her God. More importantly, she was a great mother who sacrificed everything for her children. God blessed her with 7 children, 23 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.  WHAT A BLESSED LIFE.!!! Goodnight IyeIwa, sleep in the bosom of your Lord and REST until we meet again. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Gift Lemuels on August 13, 2019
I will not be able to compress everything I want to write about Mummy because I could write a whole book. She was such a great woman!
I've met and related with a lot of women(mothers), but I'm yet to see a woman like Mummy, my great mother-in-law.
She was a loving mother, a caring mother, a role model, an epitome of Grace, a child and servant of God, a praying mother.
 She gives and cares for people even at her own detriment. She always ensures the stability and happiness of people around her. She molds people into shape! No matter who you are or where she is, once it's her prayer time, she will dismiss all discussion and start her prayer. She taught me what it means to have a prayer altar. She is a complete Mother.
 I will miss u Mum. Your memories will remain fresh in my heart. Love u loads and continue to rest on in his bossom till we meet again.
Gift Adaeze lemuels
Posted by Ademodi Olusiji on August 4, 2019
On June 20th, 1927, the supreme council of Heaven decided that a solution was needed on earth that will create a monumental impact on humanity in all spheres of human endeavour to the extent of glorifying the generalismo of Heaven and Earth, the commander in chief of the whole universe, the giver of life, the one that is greater than the greatest, higher than the highest, powerful than the most powerful; the I AM THAT I AM HIMSELF, the CREATOR WHO CANNOT BE CREATED. This solution became MERCY MOFEADE ADEMODI. She arrived on earth as an ambassador of Heaven, she lived to fulfill her purpose and she finished her race in such a glorious manner. She took her flight back on June 15th, 2019 to her original home in Heaven to continue with the angels in celebration of HE THAT WAS AND IS AND IS TO COME! She was a mother among excellent mothers and a woman among excellent women; indeed the first among equals. As one of your seeds "Mummy" I am proud of you, I am honoured to have been born by you. Given the opportunity a zillion times, i will choose to be your son. You showed me the pathway of Godliness so early in 1982, you planted me and my siblings solidly on a pathway that evil and its representations cannot overcome which is the pathway of light. Your mentorship to us was legendary as you did with sparkling example and leadership. Your prayer life was fiery till your last moments here. You were a General that the host of hell dreaded. 'Feade' as your siblings will always call you, challenges of life came in torrents to you but they were catalysts for triumphs, victories and excellence. Your signature on humanity's hall of fame is profound, everyone that met you or knew you closely have a success story to tell. TRULY YOU WERE GOD'S SIGNATURE ON EARTH. Mummy I LOVE YOU OVERLOADS, YOURS WAS A LIFE OF LOVING GOD UNTAMED! You raised a generation of God addicts and dynamites. The world cannot recover of your impact as it is written... eyes have not seen, ears have not heard...... as the earnest expectation of the creature waits for the manifestation of your GOD given biological and spiritual seeds. Missing you is an understatement, missing you is a pathological ailment to which i cannot recover ever from, your thoughts in my mind, your words echoes and reveberates hope, joy, inspiration and strength in me. Iye Iwa, Iye omo, you will deny yourself meals for us to eat and go to school, otunba woka, omo lewu osun, omo lewu woyi woyi! Le o yei
Posted by Yetunde Funmilayo Ademodi on August 2, 2019
   She was popularly called ..mummy by me ,.GRANMA ( GRANDMA ) by my children,  .
 What a mother in a MILLION! ...Although you were a mother-in-law but  
like a biological mother to me.
  You showed me the way of God, you reared my children. A nurse in a disguise, what ever medicines recommended for my children by you worked as if I have visited UCH.
 A TEACHER, no one was above or below your instructions, no wonder why I am less stressed, ....when I say Tuntunlade, Yinyinlola, etc..you have started again, they quickly
adjust. A SINGER , that's why I sing one of your loved songs....

Le o ye i,
A gun taso o lo,
Obirin ogun,
A du mara Dan,
Iya omo,
Sunre o,
RIP Mummy.

Yetunde Ademodi Funmilayo.
Posted by Yinyinlola Ademodi Fasina on August 1, 2019
Memory resurfaced after I heard that my grandma went to be with the Lord . A great teacher who took my siblings and I through a session of arithmetics and word drill each time we spent our holiday with her.
Assorted water leaf vegetable soup with snails, crayfish and smoked fish (eja olopa) was her favorite soup which I enjoyed eating during those visits.
She was a prayer warrior who set aside a room (prayer room) in her apartment for prayers and intercession for her children and grandchildren.
As I was told, she made herself available to nurse her grandchildren including me immediately after birth. Indeed she was a rare gem, although it was painful to let her go but heaven is rejoicing to have her back.
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 27, 2019
Last but not the least of a week of tributes to my mother.


My mother was a devoted mother. She was always “present” with all her children. While she may not be there physically, her mind was always on the well being of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. A case in point: Sometimes last month during a conversation with her...she was inquiring about my health, specifically...” how is the pain in your back? I know that God will heal you” she said. She proceeded to ask about my children and their spouses, she asked about Naomi, Caleb and Zion, her great grandchildren. She said “you know I am praying for all of you”. She would always end our conversations with I love you, or I love you too. Thank you IyeIwa for being you, for your FORTITUDE, your DISCIPLINE, your example of PRAYERS and WORSHIP and your DEVOTION. I thank Jehovah God for your life. So, Rest well mommy until we meet again in heaven.❤️

Facebook post from June 21st.
During this past week of her earthly death and her birthday, I decided to pay tributes to my mother each day of this week. Here is today’s tribute.
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 27, 2019
My mother was a worshipper of her Lord and God through and through. Her devotion, passion and Service to promote the Kingdom of God was her primary goal. I remember her fasting and praying for 40 days seeking God’s face as she petitioned the throne of grace during a period when she visited us in the United States. She really fought her battles on her knees. She loved and adored Jesus! Missing you IyeIwa.❤️! #tributestomymother

I posted this tribute on Facebook on June 20th, my mother’s birthday.
Today would have been my mother’s 91st birthday . She was called to heaven 5 days ago. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IYEIWA!!! Enjoy your day in the bosom of your Lord, mummy. ❤
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 27, 2019
My mother, being an “old school” teacher was a staunch disciplinarian with her children, especially on us girls including those who were not her biological children.. (The picture below was mom with her biological daughters in 2007). She would say: “I will not allow you to rotten under my watch”. Her way of intense love mixed with discipline helped to shape many lives for the better. She was one who did not have any regrets regarding spanking when necessary and on the premise that If God disciplines those He loves, she was given the authority as a parent to discipline us. I am eternally grateful for the discipline she and my dad impacted in me... I have been blessed to be able to pass such discipline on to my children as well. Continue to rest in the Lord IyeIwa. Miss you much mummy! #tributestomymotherG
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 26, 2019
Dictionary use the word fortitude to describe a person who has shown quiet strength in hardships, and you admire them for being brave, calm, and uncomplaining when they have experienced something unpleasant or painful.
This was one of my mother’s strong attributes. Simply put, everyone saw my mother as quiet and gentle even when things were hard for her. Her inner strength was admirable to say the least. She had a fighting spirit within her while she may not say much. She was laser focused on who God is and what He will do in any situation she found herself. I admire my mother’s fortitude. Love ❤️ you and miss you IyeIwa. Sleep well mummy!#tributestomymother
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 26, 2019
I posted this tribute on my timeline on Facebook on June 15th...the day my mother went to be with the Lord.
I lost my mother, Mercy Mofeade Ademodi today!. She would have turned 91 years old next week on June 20th. Her’s was a life well lived. She was a lover of Jesus Christ, a prayer warrior, a lover and blesser of people she came across. She was a school teacher for over 40 years. To know my mother is to hear about the power and might of her God. More importantly, she was a great mother who sacrificed everything for her children. God blessed her with 7 children, 23 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. WHAT A BLESSED LIFE.!!!Goodnight IyeIwa, sleep in the bosom of your Lord and REST until we meet again.❤️
Posted by Lola Ademodi Oshinowo on July 26, 2019
“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”” John‬ ‭11:25-26‬
Because I believe this scripture, I know that I will see my mother again in heaven. She believed in Jesus, so do I. A reunion to look forward to. Thank You Jesus!!!
Posted by Tuntunlade Ademodi Oluwol... on July 26, 2019
As I traveled down the memory lane, I remembered that I always look forward to spend my holidays with you and most have always been spent with you. Your utmost joy was to see myself and siblings around you. You always welcomed us with big arms in fact those refreshing periods were always full of fun with you.
Grandma, you understood our love for plantains and so you took time to cultivate them just for us to get loads of them whenever we come around, I had never was disappointed.
You were an excellent teacher even after your retirement from service you were not tired at giving your time to teach the children in the community and myself with great passion. You were always interested in my grades at the end of sessions, which were always excellent.
The love for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren was enormous. I count myself blessed to have you graced my wedding with your love written allover you.
As an intercessor and strong prayer warrior that you were, you never joked with the early morning prayers for us. You instilled in me the importance of close relationship with God and that has become part of me. I have the assurance that you have joined the heavenly triumph, looking down on us and singing hallelujah! Till we meet again, adieu, Grandma.
Posted by Baba Abdulsalam Salau on July 25, 2019
We missed you but God loved you most, May the Mercy and Blessing of the Lord be with you for ever more. Amin.
Posted by Adeoti Oshinowo on July 25, 2019
I miss you so much, Grandma! You were and are a precious light to my life!

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